Newton History Trio




This is a group of three booklets about the history of Newton. First is Around the Green by Kevin Wright, a 26 page booklet about the history of Newton accompanied by photographs and descriptions of some of the earliest buildings. Second is A Penny A View….an album of  postcard views: Newton NJ  a 50 page booklet by Wayne T. McCabe and Kate Gordon.

The photographic history series “A Penny A View” started in 1993 with the book about  Lafayette Township in Sussex County. The concept for this series is to use the massive postcard collection that one of the authors has assembled as the basis for depicting what communities and subjects looked like from 1900 to 1950.

Each book is about a municipality or a subject in Sussex County and is formatted to provide a tour of that community. The images are set up in a sequence that provides the reader with a logical go from one image to another, as if it were a walking or driving tour.

Last we have Newton, New Jersey illustrated by E.E. Bice with an historical sketch by Judge Henry Huston. This 60 page booklet is a 2001 reprint of the original 1897 booklet which was sponsored by the members of the town’s business community in order to foster the economic development of Newton. In addition to the text describing the features of the town, there are many photographs of Newton from the 1890’s.



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