Double Decker: That Ancient Trail & Then and Now: Forty Years in the Schools




Amelia Stickney Decker and Ralph Decker are well known in Sussex County. Amelia was a historian and Ralph was an educator. Ralph wrote Then And Now: Forty Years in the Schools of Sussex County. He gives a history of Sussex County schools up to 1940 as well as histories of individual school districts. Included are many photographs of early Sussex County school houses. This is a recent 3rd edition reprint by the Byram Township Historical Society.

Amelia Stickney Decker wrote That Ancient Trail.

Beautifully bound and reproduced as it was originally published in 1942 (Pre Tocks Island), this locally popular book by Amelia Decker explores the discovery, settling and early life along the Old Mine Road. It captures in text and photographs some of the homes, churches, cemeteries and genealogies of some of the earliest settlers in this area, in addition to narratives on the Native Americans of the region.

The second part of the book takes the reader on a tour of some of the connecting roads and “Century Old Houses” in Walpack, Sandyston and Montague Townships. An Index to family and place names is also included. Reprinted in 2003 by the Sussex County Historical Society.

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