About SCHS

Mission Statement

The purpose of the SCHS is to promote public knowledge and interest in the history of Sussex County, New Jersey, and surrounding areas by:

  • Compiling, publishing and disseminating information;
  • Collecting, preserving and studying historical, genealogical and archaeological records, documents, papers and artifacts;
  • Maintaining a public museum;
  • Promoting the preservation and protection of buildings, cemeteries and other sites of historic interest and co-operating with other organizations of similar interest.

Executive Board

Wayne T. McCabe President

Jay Docherty Vice President

Tammy Satter Treasurer

Lisa Holder Recording Secretary

Dr. Peter N. Chletsos Corresponding Secretary


Christine Cassidy

Richard Crawn

Ron J. Dupont

Alex Everitt, Jr.

Kiyoshi Hamada

Nancy Madacsi

Mario Poggi

Myra Snook

William Strait

Ruth Ann Whitesell

Wendy Wyman

*The Board of Trustees and Officers are annually elected on the first Tuesday in April.