Horton Mansion Meetings

The Board of Trustees of the County Community College will meet

on Monday, June 23rd

Conference Room in the Administration Building. It is anticipated that the

Board will be discussing the results of the bids that will be submitted on

Thursday, June 19th

past practices of the Board, they will most likely award the contract for the

demolition of this historic building as they have been pushing to have the

mansion taken down as soon as possible. Despite the fact that the college

has stated publicly that they are short of funds, they are bent on spending a

large sum of money to wipe the mansion off the face of the map. The cost

estimate prepared by the college’s engineer called for allocating $ 175,000

for the demolition. In a recent newspaper article college President Mazur

said that they anticipated $250,000 to $300,000 to be the figure from the

bids to be submitted. It is apparent that the college is trying to ramp up the

figures in anticipation of high bid numbers.

at 5:00 PM in the second floor Administrative

for the demolition of the Horton Mansion. Based upon

The Newton Town Council will be meeting on Monday, June 23 at 7:00

PM at the Newton Municipal Building – 39 Trinity Street. Early in the

meeting the Council will be holding the second hearing on the ordinance

to deny the Horton Mansion the protection that the local designation

of a site as a historic building would afford it. This effort to derail the

unanimous recommendation of the Town Historic Preservation Commission

to designate the Horton Mansion is being lead by Mayor Joseph Ricciardo,

with the support of two other members of the Council. Deputy Mayor Kevin

Elvidge and Councilwoman Sandy Diglio strongly support the designation

of the mansion.

Your attendance at both meetings is critical to try and prevent the waste

of taxpayers money and the demolition of this significant historic structure.

We cannot permit the College and the Newton Town Council to rob the

public of yet another part of our past – our heritage. Lend a hand and

come out to the meetings and speak up. Let your voice be heard !

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