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Museum Monday #10 - As you enter the Lobby of the Hill Memorial Museum you will find a display about Mining in Sussex County. Northwest New Jersey’s mining history extends back into the late 1600’s. Throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, Sussex County’s economy was largely centered around agriculture and the mining of iron and zinc ores. In the mid 18th century several entrepreneurial colonists began mining iron in and around Andover, Hamburg, and Franklin. They established forges and furnaces to create pig iron and bar iron. Stop by and find out more about our mining history...there are 3 cases...and don't forget to check out the fireplace in the Sussex Room...will we be using a black light to show off it's colors during our Christmas Party...Dec. 14th, 6-9pm. The Hill Memorial is open on Fridays from 9-1.

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The latest from the Sussex County History Alliance’s Facebook page…

Come out to the Sussex County Historical Society this Friday, December 14th at 6PM and have a look around at the amazing displays. There will be free refreshments.

Fellow SCHS Trustee Ron Dupont put on a presentation at Vernon Township HS.

This is a great place to visit and support.