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#TombstoneTuesday The Cemetery Committee has completed three more gravestone repairs in the Old Newton Burial Ground. The gravestone of John Cox was repaired. The gravestone of Nathaniel Pettit was reset and repaired. Finally the gravestone of Caroline W. Nelden was repaired.

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Just a follow up on Catherine Hudak's presentation at Hill Memorial on Oct. 14th....interesting info here.

Museum Monday #3 - "Moe" the mastodon is on display upstairs in the Hill Memorial Museum. This partial skeleton was discovered in 1962 during the dredging of a bog at Camp Auxilium in Hampton Township. Originally found were the skull, upper jaw and about a dozen ribs. It was not until 1965 when his five-foot tusks, weighing 50 pounds, were recovered along with a few minor bones. Check back next Monday to learn more about this museum.

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Don't forget this event!

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