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DACKERS, Daniel of ‘Dochue”, Sussex Co. 408S – W. 8 Jun 1786; Filed 17 Jun 1786. Sons: Jeremiah, Moses, Daniel and Aaron. Daughters: Sarah GREEN, Mary WILLIAMS, Charity & Temperance. NOTE: Charity and Temperance were minors – see Petition for Guardianship – 409S. Executors: William THOMPSON & Evey ADAMS. Witnesses: Benjamin DUNNING, Robert BOYS and Hannah SHEPARD.

DALRIMPLE, Elenor of Frankford. 1495S – 6 Jun 1812: Filed 3 Jan 1816. Sons: John, Ben/Burr?, James and Isaac. Daughters: Jane w/o Benjamin DRAKE, Elizabeth w/o John PHILLIPS, Anna w/o Wm. PHILIPS. Others: Gr-dau Lucetta BRIANT; gr-dau Fanny HORTON, gr-daus Margaret and Anna PHILLIPS daus /o John; gr-dau Mariah DRAKE; gr-dau Mariah DALRIMPLE d/o son Isaac; and gr-son Joseph SYLCOCKS (a minor). Executors: William A. RYERSON. Witnesses: John B. BEACH and William ROE.

DANDY, James of Knowlton. 1767S – W. 12 Mar 1819; Cod. 28 May 1823, Filed 1824. Wife: Johanna. Sons: Wilson (a minor), Richard, James, Israel and Jeremiah. Daughters: Lydia(dec’d) and Joanna JOHNSON. Others: Sarah DURNHAM (relationship not stated) , a widow; s-n-l, Anthony JOHNSON. Executors: Son James, Anthony JOHNSON and William TINSMAN. Cod. Ex: Samuel WILSON replaces William TINSMAN, and Anthony JOHNSON(dec’d) replaced by James DEWITT and George FLUMMERFLET. Witnesses: James DEWITT, William D. CLAYTON and Thos. H. KERR. Cod. Wit: James DEWITT, John BLAIR, Jr. and George HAYES.

DAVENPORT, Isaiah. 3819S – W. 1 Nov 1870; Filed 18 Oct 1873. Wife: Catharine. Sons: Levi C. Daughters: Harriet and Margaret. Executors: Wife, Catharine and son, Levi C. DAVENPORT.Witnesses: Levi BEEMER, M. C. CARPENTER and Edgar POTTS .

DAVIS, Daniel of Montague. 1878S – W. 8 Oct 1822; Pro. 5 Jan 1827. Others: Gr-dau, Mary QUICK w/o Simeon; gr-dau, Elizabeth EVERITT d/o Mary EVERITT; gr-gr-dau, Mary Thomas (a minor) d/o gr-son, Daniel THOMAS (dec’d). Executors: Gr-son, John D. EVERITT and James STOLL. Witnesses: Francis McCORMIC and James B. SAYRE.

DAVISON, Robert of Oxford. 366S – W. 20 Apr 1782; Filed 6 Aug 1784. Sons: Tomas, John and James. Others: Presbyterian Church of Oxford; gr-dau, Mary DAVISON; gr-son, Robert DAVISON s/o James. Executor: James DAVISON. Witnesses: Robert PATERSON, Sarah PATERSON and Wm. REA.

DEAZLEY, James of Newton. 3088S – W. 10 Aug 1860; Filed 27 Aug 1860. Wife: Sarah R. Son: David N. DEAZLEY. Daughter: Louisa S. DEAZLEY. Others: Grson, George James HAINES.Executor: Joseph GREEN. Witnesses: Thomas RYERSON and Sophia GUSTIN.

DEBAUN, Peter of Newton. 1671S – W. 13 Jul 1820; Filed 14 Nov 1820. Daughters: Five daughters “being all the children that I have” – Margaret FOX w/o Henry, Nancy ACKERSON w/o Charles, Ann DEMOREST w/o Peter D., Mary ACKERMAN w/o John, and Hannah DeBaun. Executors: Sons-in-law, Charles ACKERSON, Peter D. DEMOREST, John ACKERMAN. Witnesses: Vancleve MOORE, Henry WINTERS and Arthur COX.

DE CAMP, Hannah L. (widow of Lemeul) of Newton. 2502S – W. 18 Aug 1845; Filed 20 Mar 1847. Sons: Albert L. Daughters: Amanda M. (not yet married) and Caroline w/o David C. WHITE.Executors: Son, Albert L. DE CAMP and friend, Simon McCOY. Witnesses: John S. BRODRICK, Jane BRODRICK and Martin RYERSON.

DECKER, Aaron N. of Green Twp. 2933S – W. 9 Jul 1857; Filed 1 Sep 1857. Wife: Ann. Sons: Job J., William H., Alpheus and Thomas A. Daughters: Rachel N. w/o Calvin COATES and Sarah Angeline DECKER. Executors: Sons, Job J. and William H. DECKER. Witnesses: Robert HAMILTON, Andrew W. SHAW and William S. BURN.

DECKER, Abram of Wantage. 2833S – W. 26 Nov 1853; Cod. 14 Jul 1855; Filed 5 Dec 1855. Named: Elizabeth WESTBROOK wid/o Frederick; grson, James Abram McMAHON; grdau, Sarah Ann HOWARD; grdau, Mary LEDDY. Executors: James Abram McMAHON & Samuel WICKHAM. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD and Nelson DECKER.
2nd Cod: 17 Jul 1855. Witnesses: Edward S. BRADY, N. J. KILPATRICK and Samuel SCHOFIELD.

DECKER, Andrew D. of Walpack. 2545S – W. 19 Feb 1848; Filed 4 Apr 1848. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: John W., Henry and Moses. Daughters: Nancy OVERFIELD, Sarah LITTS, Sallache DUNN, Peggamariah WITTEN and Levina LABAR.. Executors: Daniel D. DECKER. Witnesses: Abram DECKER, Calvin DECKER and Benjamin HULL.

DECKER, Bowdewine of Wantage. 2743S – W. 2 Jun 1848; Filed 21 Apr 1853. Sons: John B., Frederick (dec’d), Josiah (dec’d) and James (dec’d). Others: Grdau, Naomi DECKER d/o Frederick and w/o Edward N. LINN; grdau, Jane d/o Josiah; grdau, Margaret d/o Josiah; grson, James s/o James; grdau Mary w/o John LOOMIS and grson, Frederick. Executor: Son, John B. DECKER. Witnesses:Levi SHEPHERD, Simeon M. COYKENDALE and John BEEMER, JR.
Cod: 23 Aug 1849. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, Sedon M. BRONSON & Robert T. SHAFER.
Cod: 1 Jun 1850. (Grdau Jane now the w/o Marcus S. HAYNE) Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, C. A. COOPER & Samuel SNOOK.

DECKER, Coe of Wantage. 3710S – W. 27 Nov 1871; Filed 27 Dec 1871. Wife: Amanda. Executor: Wife Amanda and bro, Abram J. DECKER. Witnesses: Lewis S. MARTIN and Charles A. WILSON.

DECKER, Daniel of Wallpack. 1349S – W. 19 Feb 1813; Filed 20 Mar 1813. Sons: John, eldest son Henry, Thomas and Aaron. Daughters: Sarah, Hannah and Jane. Others: Negro wench, Dean.Executors: Sons, Aaron and John. Witnesses: Jonathan JONES, Jonas P. SMITH and Jacob SMITH.

DECKER, Elias of Wantage. 1580S – W. 16 Apr 1820; Filed 24 May 1821. Sons: Henry. Executors: Henry DECKER and Isaac POPPINO. Witnesses: James LAZEAR, Peter RIGHT and Silvester STINARD.

DECKER, Elanor of Newton. 3401S – W. 21 Feb 1866; Filed 18 Apr 1866. Others:: Rebecca DRAKE w/o Nathan of Newton ( relationship not stated but she received everything). Executor: John R. STUART Witnesses: Thomas ANDERSON and John R. STUART

DECKER, Elizabeth of Wallpck.. 3888S – W. 31 Mar 1873; Filed 22 Jun 1874. Son:Moses DECKER. Executors: Son, Moses DECKER . Witnesses: A. J. JONES, Moses D. TAYLOR and Jonas K. SMITH .

DECKER, Jacob of Wantage. 233S – W. 20 Jan 1777; Filed 23 Jan 1777. Others: Nephew, Moses DECKER s/o brother, Joel DECKER; nephew, Peter DECKER. Executors: Brother, Joel DECKER and William THERKA. Witnesses: Jonathan ELMER, James CORY and Uzal CORY.

DECKER, James of Wantage. 2296S – W. 20 Feb 1841; Filed 14 Feb 1842. Sons: Joel, Eben M. and Stephen. Daughters: Phebe, Mary w/o Daniel VAN AUKEN, Leah w/o James SHARP and Milly w/o John CLARK. Others: Grson, Edward A. DECKER s/o Eben. Executors: Sons, Joel and Eben M. DEKER. Witnesses: Levi SHERHERD, Martin HOLMES and Samuel A. EVERITT.

DECKER, James of Sparta. 3176S – W. 16 Aug 1855; Filed 25 Feb 1862. Wife: Mary. Sons: James L. and John. Daughters: Mary w/o Ezekiel DENNIS, Harriet w/o Sering B. MUNSON, Caroline w/o James S. MUNSON and Cornelia w/o Gabriel B. POST. Executors: Sons, James L. & John DECKER and son-in-law, James S. MUNSON. Witnesses: Thomas RYERSON and David ?

DECKER, Joel of Wantage. 2834S – W. 5 Sep 1853; Filed 4 Sep 1855. Wife: Jane. Sons: Peter V. and Jefferson. Daughters: Marzilla DECKER, Nelly/Eleanor Ann DECKER, Maria LEWIS w/o Jesse and Martha WELLS w/o Richard. Others: Grson Gibson DECKER s/o dec’d dau, Sarah w/o Halsey DECKER. Executors: Wife Jane DECKER and sons, Peter V. DECKER & Jefferson DECKER. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, and Jonathan WHITAKER.
Cod.: 15 Jun 1855. (Son, Jefferson now deceased) Witnesses: Daniel D. GOULD and S. Henry POTTER.

DECKER, John of Wantage. 965S – W. 12 Feb 1803; Filed 20 May 1803. Wife: Rachel. Children: 2 children, Sarah and Eleanor. Executors: Wife, Racher DECKER and Bowdewine DECKER.Witnesses: Samuel BARCLAY, Joseph WILLSON and Berrit HAVENS.

DECKER, John of Wantage. 2349S – W. 14 Sep 1842; Filed 8 Jan 1844. Wife: Mary. Sons: ” Eldest son” David, “2nd son” John L., Peter, Abraham and Coe. Daughters: Hester, Lynche, Huldy, Hannah Maria, Sarah, Margaret and Jane. Others: Grandson, William. Executors: Son, John L. DECKER and s-n-l, Andrew McNISH. Witnesses: Richard DECKER, William BENJAMIN and Jos. CHANDLER.

DECKER, John L. of Wantage. 2350S – W. 28 Jun 1844; Filed 29 Jul 1844. Wife: Lucy. Sons: David and Evi. Daughter: Mary. Others: Andrews McNISH appointed guardian of his two oldest children; father-in-law, Evi DEWITT. Executor: Andrew McNISH. Witnesses: Jacob W. DEWITT, Giles VANNRIPER and David DECKER.

DECKER, John S. of Wantage (Deckertown). 3222S – W. 16 Sep 1863; Filed 20 Nov 1863. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Walter E., Lewis H. and John E. Daughters: Elizabeth HENDRICKSON w/o Moses and Mary E. (Some of the children minors). Executors: Mordicai WILLSON, Jr. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD and Alexander LINN.

DECKER, Josiah of Wantage. 2071S – W. 8 Sep 1830; Filed 25 Oct 1830. Wife: Hannah. Sons: Oldest son, Frederick. Other children but not named. Others: Brother, Frederick (dec’d) and his father, Bowdewine. Excutors: Wife Hannah and father, Bowdewine DECKER. Witnesses: Henry PURDY, John TITSWORTH and Samuel LAZEAR.

DECKER, Josias of Wantage – 1417S – Filed 24 May 1814. Wife: Elisabeth. Sons: Abraham, William, Bowdwain and Simon. Daughters: Unnamed dau, w/o Robert EVANS, Pheby KILPATRICK and Peggy WIKAM. Others: Gr-son Moses DECKER s/o dau Pheby KILPATRICK. Executors: Sons Abraham and William DECKER and gr-son, Moses DECKER. Witnesses: William YOUNG, Peter WINTERMUTE and Jacob BOWMAN.

DECKER, Marcilla of Wantage. 3590S – W. 5 Dec 1868; Filed 6 Apr 1869. Others: “Only” brother, Peter V. DECKER; father, Joel DECKER. Executor: Bro, Peter V. DECKER. Witnesses:Simeon M. COYKENDALL and Fred M. CAUSCON(sic).

DECKER, Martin of Wantage. 2155S – Filed 24 May 1836. Wife: Julia Ann. Sons: William (a minor). Others: Martin DEWITT (relationship not stated). Executors: B-n-L, Andrew McNISH.Witnesses: Isaac TUTTLE, Richard DECKER and Stephen TITSWORTH.

DECKER, Stephen of Wantage. 774S – W. 18 Oct 1798; Filed 13 Dec 1798. Wife: Phebe. Sons: Peter, James, Frederick, Jacob, Wilhelmus and Joel. Daughters: Catea DECKER (a minor), Nelly CATTERLIN and Jeane WELLSON. Executors: Wife, Phebe DECKER, Benjamin COYKENDALL and son Wilhelmus DECKER. Witnesses: William BRADY, Joseph DECKER, Jr. and Robinson BRADY.

DECKER, William of Wantage. 2147S – W. 22 Jun 1835; Filed 10 Jul 1835. Wife: Persellia(sic)Sons: Isaac, Gideon, Abel and William. Daughters: Lydia TERRY, Harriet BRASS, Lusetta and Mary Ann. Executor: Brother, Braddock DECKER and David C. REDFIELDS. Witnesses: Jas. CHANDLER, Wm. HEMINGWAY and Rosanna KNOX.

DECKER, William of Wantage. 2671S – W. 14 Aug 1847; Filed 29 Jan 1851. Sons: Richard, Oscar and John D. Daughters: Eliza w/o Dewitt C. TITSWORTH, Maud w/o Andrew J. WILLSON and Ellen w/o Fenton DECKER. Executor: Son Richard. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, John BEEMER, Jr. and Simeon M. COYKENDALL.
Cod: 2 Oct 1850. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, Wm. BENJAMIN and Simon KILPATRICK.

DECKER, William H. of Andover. 3465S – W. 2 Jul 1866; Filed 11 Jul 1866. Wife: Sarah F.. Others: Bro, Job J. DECKER. Executors:: Bro, Job J. DECKER Witnesses: George F. ROSE and _____? MILLER.

DEKAY, Charles of Vernon. 2893S – W. 2 Aug 1856; Filed 6 Sep 1856. Sons: Charles, Henry and Harrison. Daughters: Catherine ROBINSON and Julia GODFREY. Others: Grdau, Clara GODFREY. Executors: Harrison DEKAY & Julia GODFREY. Witnesses: Theodore H. COOPER, David HEYNARD and Thomas B. DEKAY.

DEKAY, Hannah of Vernon Twp. (widow of Thomas). 2546S – Filed 7 Apr 1848. Sons: Charles, Thomas B. and William (dec’d). Daughters: Sarah EDSALL, Catherine Jane McCAMLY, Mary WELLING, Julia WINANS and Frances HYNARD. Others: Gr-ch, Hannah DEKAY d/o Charles, Hannah DEKAY d/o Thomas B., Hannah Malvina HYNARD, Anna Maria SLY and Thomas DEKAY s/o William. Executor: Thomas B. DEKAY. Witnesses: Rodman McCAMLY, Lewis G. PRICE and Elias L’HOMMELIEUX.

DEKAY, Mary of Vernon Twp.. 1686S – W. 11 Nov 1815; Filed 06 Feb 1821. Daughters: Julia KIMBLE, Jane JONES, and Christian WHEATON(?), Sarah BAIRD and Mary MAYBEE. Others: Grandchildren, Susan and Frances KIMBLE. Executor: Seely EDSALL. Witnesses: Phebe M. ROE, Jos. HOUSTON and Isaiah HALL.

DEKAY, Thomas of Vernon. 1993S – W. 24 Nov 1829; Pro. 6 Apr 1830. Wife: Hannah. Daughter: Catherine Jane DEKAY. Others: Son-in-law, David HYNARD; the heirs of Charles DEKAY (dec’d); Thomas B. DEKAY; Julia WINANS; the heirs of Hannah DEKAY, (dec’d); David HYNARD. NOTE: Charles DEKAY, Thomas B. DEKAY, Julia WINANS and Hannah DEKAY are probably his children, but they were not identified as such. Executors: Thomas B. DEKAY and David HYNARD. Witnesses: J. YOUNG, Enos MEAD and Patrick WELSH.

DEKAY, Thomas B. of Vernon. 3223S – W. 17 June 1861; Filed 19 Sep 1863. Wife: Sarah E. Sons: Thomas S. & Henry B. Daughters: Elizabeth (dec’d), Frances WINANS w/o William M., Sarah TRUSDELL w/o Bernard H. (not sure these are daughters or daughters of his daughter Elizabeth) , Christina. Others: Sarah & Clarissa DEKAY, ch of dec’d daughter, Elizabeth; Ferdinand, Sibilla and Clarissa WELLING, the ch/o dec’d dau Clarissa. Executors: Wife, Sarah E. DEKAY and friend, John RUTHERFURD. Witnesses: David HYNARD, Jr., Alexander LINN, John H. BROWN and Sarah J. WELLING.
Cod.: 10 Mar 1863. Witnesses: David HYNARD and John LINN.

DELL, Charles S. of Stanhope 3819S – W. 1 Oct 1874; Filed 11 Mar 1875. Wife: Mary. Children: Not named. Executors: Wife, Mary DELL and J. Seward WILLS . Witnesses: Aaron S. WILLS and Alvin H. ROBERTS.

DEMAREST, David of Frankford. 1822S – W. 10 Sep 1821; proved 6 Dec 1825. Sons: Eldest son, James, Peter, Nickolus, Samuel, John, Henry, Cornelius and Gilliam. Daughters: Eldest dau, Mary w/o Paul ATKINSON, Catherine, Hannah and youngest dau Margaret. Executors: Son, Samuel, daughter Catherine and b-n-l Gilliam DEMAREST. Witnesses: Peter P. CAMPBELL, Aaron ATKINS and Peter DEMAREST.

DEMAREST, David of Newton. 3177S – W. 19 Feb 1861; Filed 26 Jun 1862. Wife: Hannah. Son: John. Daughters: Hannah Jane w/o Edward STACKHOUSE, Margaret Ann, Mary Ellen and Sarah Emma (some minors). Executor: Wife, Hannah DEMAREST. Witnesses: David THOMPSON and Samuel WILLGUS.

DEMAREST, Gileyamm, of Lafayette, 2894S – W. & Cod. 1856; Inv. 1856. Wife: Martha. Sons: Peter G. , Samuel and James. Executor: David THOMPSON. Witnesses: O. D. MUFORD, Charles MAXWELL.

DEMAREST, Martha of Lafayette. 3130S – W. 4 Apr 1857; Filed 2 May 1861. Son: Peter G. DEMAREST. Executor: Son, Peter G. DEMAREST. Witnesses: Daniel GUNDERMAN and David THOMPSON.

DEMAREST, Peter G. of Lafayette 3405S – W. 21 Feb 1866; Filed 4 Apr 1866. Wife: Agnes. Sons: John. Daughters: Martha w/o Peter WASHER; Hannah wid/o George B. STOLL, Emeline DEMAREST and Mary Ellen DEMAREST. Others: Charity ACKERSON wid/o John. Executors:: Son, John DEMAREST Witnesses: Lewis VAN BLARCOM and C. P. ARMSTRONG.
Cod.: 27 Feb 1866. Witnesses: Lewis VAN BLARCOM and James ACKERSON.

DEMOREST, Peter, of Newton, 1412S – W. 29 Nov 1814; Inv. 1814. Wife: Martha. Sons: (Six) Samuel, David, Peter, Cornelius, Daniel and Giliyam. Daughters: (Four) Hannah, Caty, Margaret and Sarah. Granddaughter: Sarah, daughter of Daniel. Executors: Son, Gilyam DEMOREST, Robert PRICE. Witnesses: Jason PAYNE, Sally PAYNE.

DEMOREST, Peter of Warwick, Orange Co., NY. 2182S – W. 19 Oct 1838; Filed 8 Dec 1838. Others: Brothers, Cornelius D., Samuel Jr. and David D.; sister, Margaritta DEMAREST; friend, Margaret SHUVERT/SHEWERT(?). Executor: Maurice HOYT. Witnesses: Samuel LAZEAR and Maurice HOYT both of Warwick, Orange Co., NY.

DENNIS, Elizabeth of Lafayette. 2503S – W. 19 Mar 1847; Filed 14 Aug 1847. Daughter: Sarah MALETTE (a minor). Executors: Abraham KEEN of Warren Co., NJ. Witnesses: Andries DENNIS and John MOORE.

DENNIS, Jacob of Knowlton. 921S – W. 6 May 1802; Filed 19 May 1802. Others: Mother and father, Nicholas and Catherine DENNIS. Executors: Brothers, John and Abraham DENNIS, Andrew NICE and Christopher RUGHF(sic)Witnesses: Joseph LUDOM, Richard FRENCH and Thomas GREEN.

DENNIS, John T. of Wantage. 3274S – W. 7 May 1864; Filed 14 Jun 1864. Wife: Zilla. Others: Bro, Andrew J. DENNIS; bro Joseph DENNIS, his son John W. DENNIS; John D. SHORTER s/o David SHORTER; Theodore & John T. DENNIS s/o dec’d bro, David DENNIS. Executors: Friends, William HOCKENBERRY & Levi SHEPHERD. Witnesses: Lewis WHITAKER and John C. LEWIS.

DENNIS, Joseph. 143S – W. 29 Sep 1767; Filed 7 Apr 1770. Sons: Joseph, Ezekiel, Nathaniel and John. Executors: Sons, Joseph and Ezekiel DENNIS. Witnesses: Hugh HAGARTY, Joseph BARTON and Patrick HAGARTY.

DENNIS, Martha (widow of Jesse). 2584S – W. 6 Oct 1836; Filed 6 Feb 1849. Sons: John, Lewis and Jesse. Executors: John DENNIS. Witnesses: Abraham CLAY, Joseph DENNIS and Simon McCOY.

DENNIS, Nathaniel . 224S – W. 26 Apr 1776; Filed 28 May 1776. Others: Eldest bro, John DENNIS; sis Hannah w/o Joseph DENNIS and her dau, Nancy; ‘cousin’ Ezekiel DENNIS s/o bro Joseph; ‘cousin’ Jesse DENNIS s/o bro Joseph. Executors: Ezekiel DENNIS and Jesse DENNIS. Witnesses: Joseph DENNIS and Jos. BARTON.

DEPEW, Henry of Wantage, 1647S – W. 20 Aug 1810; Filed 16 Feb 1819. Others: Sister, Susannah ROGERS, and her son, Moses ROGERS. Executors: Henry TUCKER and Moses D. ROGERS.Witnesses: Job GOULD, Charles SHOTES, Ichabod SPENCER.

DEPUE, Daniel of Wallpack. 554S – W. 11 Sep 1786; Filed 23 Mar 1793. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: John and Moses. Executors: Wife, Elizabeth and son, John DEPUE. Witnesses: Abraham DECKER, Garret VAN CAMPEN and Robert LOCKERBY.

DEPUE, Henry of Newton. 234S – W. 25 May 1777; Filed 26 Jun 1777. Wife: Sary. Sons: Benjamin, David, Henry and John. Daughters: Mary , Rachel, Sary, Lanney SWENNEY and Katy.Executors: Wife, Sarah DEPUE, William CREGAR and John DEWITT. Witnesses: John TIMBS, Isaac DEWITT and Zachariah PRICE.

DEPUE, John Jr. of Wallpck. 2264S – W. 10 Aug 1840; Filed 8 Apr 1841. Wife: Sarah. (Childrned not named> Executors: Wife, Sarah DEPUE and fried, Philip J. SMITH. Witnesses: Daniel SHOEMAKER and Mary SHOEMAKER.

DERNBERGER, Frederick of Oxford. 1630S – W. 11 Apr 1814; Filed 13 May 1818. Wife: Munlins (sic)Son: Jacob. Others: 3 gr-sons, John, Frederick and Isaac DERNBERGER. Executors: Son, Jacob DERNBERGER and GEorge HILES. Witnesses: Andrew MORGAN, Peter HAVENS and H. M. MILLER.

DEWITT, Abraham Sr. of Greenwich; 1646S – W. 08 Jun 1814; Filed 07 Aug 1819. Wife: Mary. Sons: Abraham and Ruel/Paul? Daughter: Catherine. Other: Grandchildren, John Dewitt (son of son Abraham), William, Elizabeth and Abraham Dewitt (children of son Ruel), and Mary w/o Peter VOUGHT, Margaret w/o George LANCE and John SMITH (children of dec’d daughter Catherine w/o John SMITH, Sr.) Executor: Son, Abraham Dewitt Jr. Witnesses: Barnet DEWITT, Christian SHARPS, and John METZ.

DEWITT, Henry of Wantage 3944S – W. 12 Jun 1875; Filed 7 Jul 1875. Others: Cousin, Jacob W. DEWITT; Abby S. HOUSTON and Hannah DECKER (relationship not stated); bro, Jacob DEWITT; sis, Elen A. D. MAPES. Executors: Jacob W. DEWITT. Witnesses: Hannah E. CARR and Lewis J. MARTIN .

DEWITT, Henry Jr. of Rochester, Ulster Co., NY. 2673S – W. 22 Jun 1850; Filed 18 Jul 1851. Wife: Elizabeth Children?: Ann w/o Herman ROSENKRANS, Jane wid/o Jacob E. HORNBECK, Jacob DEWITT, John DEWITT (dec’d), John H. DEWITT of Ulster, NY, Henry DEWITT and Cornelius DEWITT both of Milford, PA and Peter DEWITT of Walpack. (NOTE: John Henry referred to as youngest son) Grch: Henry, Peter and Cornelius DEWITT sons of dec’d son John. Executors: S-n-l, Jacob E. HORBECK & Lewis D. Bevier & grson, Henry DEWITT. (NOTE: The names mentioned seem to contradict each other. Confusing to read.) Witnesses: ?

DEWITT, Isaac of Frankford. 1351S – W. 28 Jul 1811; Filed 9 Feb 1813. Wife: Jerusha. Sons: John and Isaac. Daughters: Ann, Caty , Elisabeth, Mary now Mary JAMES (INNES?), and Jersuah.Others: Children of Jerusha – Jemiar (sic) Sara, Lucy and Zubah. Executors: Wife Jersusah DEWITT and son, John DEWITT. Witnesses: Hannah COURSEN, Susan COURSEN and Vantile COURSEN.

DEWITT, Jacob of Wantage. 922S – W. 7 May 1802; Filed 22 June 1802. Wife: Laiah(sic)Sons: Jacob, Saferine, Moses and Samuel. Daughters: Mary and Margaret. Others: Gr-ch, Samuel MASTERSON, Jacob MASTERSON and Leah MASTERSON. Executor: Capt. Samuel VAN FLEET. Witnesses: William ELSTON, John WINTERMOOT and Benjamin MIDDAUGH.

DEWITT, John H. of Walpack. 1847S – W. 11 May 1827; Proved 25 Jun 1827. Wife: Cornelia. Sons: Henry, Peter and youngest son Cornelius (a minor). Executors: Doctor Jacob HORNBECK and George W. NYCE. Witnesses: Simon ROSENKRANS, Dinah Maria WYNKUP, and Mary ROSENKRANS.

DEWITT, Moses of Wantage. 2297S – W. 4 Feb 1834; Filed 21 Dec 1842. Sons: Moses Jr., Aaron (now living in Susquehanna, PA), John, Jacob W., Jeswell, Cherwick and Evi. Daughters: (6) Olivy TITSWORTH w/o Amos, Maria w/o John ADAMS, Elizabeth w/o Edward LEWIS, Margaret w/o Samuel G. SMITH, Neoma w/o John DECKER and Catherine w/o Jacob SWARTS, JR. Others:Hannah w/o Aaron DEWITT. Executors: Sons, John and Jacob W. DECKER. Witnesses: Abraham DECKER, Peter SWARTZ and Francis DONLEVY.

DEWITT, Peter of Frankford. 1520S – W. 22 June 1811; Cod. 27 Dec 1816; Filed 1 Jan 1817. Sons: Phillip, Abraham, Peter Jr., James and John. Daughters: Ellinor, Lidia, Mary w/o George ZABRISKI, and Anna w/o Doctor DUNN. Executor: William A. RYERSON. Witnesses: Lucius W. STOCKTON, Daniel JAQUE and Abraham BRAY.

DEWITT, Peter of Wantage 3276S – W. 12 May 1857; Filed 15 May 1864. Wife: Sally. Sons: Gideon M., Joseph D., James and William L. Daughters: Jennett L. JOHNSON w/o John; Sally Ann CONNER; Mary NICKER wid/of AUSTIN; Susan TRAINOR. Others: “Childen & other heirs.” Executor: Lebius MARTIN. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD & J. A. WHITAKER

DILDINE, Henry of Newton. 3891S – W. 7 Feb 1874; Filed 15 Dec 1874. Wife: Lydia. Others: John S. PEMROSE; sis, Martha & Abigail; bro, Ralph and Abram T. Executors: Ralph DILDINE.Witnesses: Martin ROSENKRANS and David COUSE, Jr. .

DILDINE, Sampson of Hardwick. 235S – W. 3 Mar 1777; Filed 27 Apr 1777. Wife: (Deceased). Sons: Uriah (oldest, Abram, Samuel, Richard, John, Thomas and Ralph. Daughters: ‘ Oldest dau’, Abigail and Sarah (‘youngest dau’). NOTE: Some of the children are minors. Others: Brother, Uriah DILDINE; bro-in-law, Jacob DODDER. Executors: Uriah DILDINE, Jacob DODDER and John ROY. Witnesses: Richard HUNT, Joseph KER and Thomas HUNT.

DILDINE, Uriah of Hardwick. 1274S – Filed 9 Jun 1811. Sons: Samson L. and Uriah. Daughters: Elizabeth w/o Moses McCOLLUM, Rebecca, Rachel and Nancy. Others: Gr-son, Joseph CORWIN.Executors: Sons, Samson L. and Uriah DILDINE. Witnesses: Isaac B. SMITH, Richard ARMSTRONG and Gabriel PAYNE.

DILLESTON, John of Frankford. 3770S – W. 19 Feb 1872; Filed 3 Dec 1872. Wife: Nancy. Sons: Alfred and Edward Ellis. Daughters: Lucy Ann w/o Charles L. BEEMER; Mary Eliz. w/o John C. HUNT. Others: Grson, John M. DILLESTON s/o Alfred. Executor: Sons, Alfred and Edward Ellis DILLESTON. Witnesses: William A. THOMPSON and David THOMPSON.

DILLS, William of Knowlton. 590S – W. 7 Jun 1793; Pro. 23 Sep 1794. Wife: Rachel. Sons: Henry, and 3 oldest sons, John, Adam and William. NOTE: Mentions ‘all my children’ but only names the above 4 sons. Executors: Sons, John, Adam and William DILLS. Witnesses: Caleb HOPKINS, Nathaniel HARNED and Mary SWAZY.

DIMAN, Jonathan of Walpack. 3178S – W. 31 Aug 1856; Filed 26 Apr 1862. Wife: Hannah. Sons: Jacob N. V. Daughters: Sarah J. M. & Lidia C. E. Executors: Jacob N. V. DIMAN. Witnesses:Bowdewine VAN AUKER, Nathaniel VAN AUKEN and Benjamin T. SHOEMAKER.

DIXON, Michael of Byram. 1056S – W. 6 Jul 1805; Filed 14 Aug 1805. Wife: Sarah. Others: Sister, Ann DIXON. Executor: Wife, Sarah DIXON. Witnesses: Simeon DICKERSON, Samuel JOHNSON, and Nicholas BYRAM.