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COE, James of Wantage. 3396S – W. 11 Jun 1864; Filed 20 Sep 1866. Wife: Adalade. Son: George W. COE. Others: Father, William W. COE. Executors: Wife, Adalade COE, son, George W. COE and friend, Levi SHEPHERD. Witnesses: Alpheus HOWELL and J. A. WHITAKER.

COLE, Abraham of Wallpack. 767S – W. 27 Sep 1797; Filed 27 Jun 1798. Wife: Deborough. Others: Neice, Sarah CLARK; nephew, Abraham JAMASON; brother, Isaac COLE; brother, Jacob COLE; Abraham JAMISON (rel not stated). Executors: Wife, Deborah COLE and brother, Jacob COLE. Witnesses: Lewis FORTNER, Isaac COURTIGHT and Jacob ROSENCRANCE.

COLE, Abram of Hardiston. 1494S – W. 21 Dec 1815; Filed 3 Feb 1816. Sons: Joseph. Daughters: Phebe w/o Jacob HUSH and Mary COLE. Executors: George BUCKLEY and Joseph COLE.Witnesses: George GIVANS, John DEGRAW and George BUCKLEY.

COLE, Andrew of Walpack. 622S – W. 21 Nov 1795; Filed 31 Dec 1795. Wife: Christina. Sons: Hermanus, Leonard, Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Daughters: Eldest dau, Catherine, 2nd dau, Cornelia, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jane, Lenah and Margaret. Others: Gr-dau, Catheinre COLE. Executors: Sons, Leonard, Isaac and Jacob. Witnesses: Lewis FORTNER, John DIMON and Jacob ROSENCRANS.

COLE, Benjamin of Mansfield. 1551S – W. 12 Dec 1817; 2 Jul 1818. Wife: Mary. Sons: John, Daniel and Benjamin. Daughters: Eleanor (not yet married). NOTE: There are other daughters not named, all married. Executors: Johnson DUNHAM. Witnesses: Benjamin C. McCULLOUGH, Silas COOK and Elisha R. JOHNSON.

COLE, Dorothy of Wantage. 3264S – W. 3 Feb 1860; Filed 16 May 1864. Sons: George Pierson COLE, Asa R. COLE and John COLE. Daughters: Osa BOWERS/POWERS? w/o George and Mary Elizabeth COLE. Executor: Son, George Pierson COLE. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD and J. A. WHITAKER.

COLE, Gideon of Wantage. 2575S – W. 28 Aug 1840; Filed 19 Feb 1849. Wife: Eleanor. Sons: John. Daughter: Hannah w/o John CRAWFORD. Executor: Friend, Samuel COLE. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, John A. WHITAKER and Solomon BRINK.

COLE, Hannah of Wantage. 1816S – W. 21 May 1817; Filed 22 Mar 1825. Sons: Peter, Moses and Samuel. Daughters: Hester. Others: Grand-daughter, Hannah Willson. Executors: Sons, Peter, Moses and Samuel. Witnesses: Moses WILLSON, George BACKSTER and John McCARRICK.

COLE, Hester of Wantage. 2789S – W. 14 Jan 1851; Filed 10 Nov 1854. Named: Bro, Samuel COLE and his sons, John, George Pierson and Asa COLE. Executor: Bro, Samuel COLE. Witnesses:John TITSWORTH, Dewitt TITSWORTH and Horace CORTRIGHT.

COLE, James R. of Montague. 3520S – W. 6 Mar 1850 – Filed 7 Sep 1868. Wife: Jane. Sons: Jacob (dec’d) and Martin. Daughters: Catharine, Diana, Hannah Jane, Maria w/o Elijah ROSE and Ellinor w/o James CLARK. Others: Grson, James Irving COLE s/o Jacob and grdau, Hannah Jane d/o Jacob. Executor: Son, Martin COLE. Witnesses: Martin RYERSON, Abraham VANAUKEN and Abram C. VANAUKEN.

COLE, Jeremiah of Wantage. 2032S – W. 8 May 1832; Pr. 2 Jun 1832. Wife: Lydia. Children: Sons and daughters all minors, not named. Executors: Wife, Lydia and Emanuel COYKENDALL.Witnesses: James McCANN, Eliakim EVERITT, and James R. HAZEN.

COLE, John, Sr. of Wantage. 1227S – W. 6 Oct 1809; Pr. 11 Jan 1810. Wife: Mary. Sons: Eldest son, Archible, James and John. Daughters: Nancy. Others: Gr-dau, Polly DENNIS. Executors: Wife Mary and son James COLE. Witnesses: Vantile COURSEN, Patrick HAGGERTY, Jr. and Sally COURSEN.

COLE, Martinus of Montague. 1817S – 1825. Wife: Ellinor. Son: James R. (only child). Executors: Wife, Ellinor and son, James R. Witnesses: James STOLL, Peter BROSS and Ephraim ROSENKRANS.

COLE, Moses of Wantage. 3128S – W. 18 Jul 1861; Filed 9 Aug 1861. Wife: Mary. Children: Unnamed plus his wife is expecting. Others: Niece, Maria BOWMAN; Charles M. WESTFALL (rel not stated) Executors: Wife, Mary COLE and friend Dr. Charles A. COOPER. Witnesses: Moses D. RODGERS, Nathaniel CASTERLINE and James H. ELSTON.

COLE, Peter of Wantage. 2292S – W. 9 Jan 1838; Filed 19 Aug 1842. Named: Bro, Samuel COLE, Peter PERRY (a minor) s/o Hannah PERRY “late Hannah WILLSON”. Executors: William VAN SICKLE and William COLE. Witnesses: Amos TITSWORTH, Peter WYKER and James L. COLE.

COLEMAN, Israel of Wantage. 1405S – 1814. Wife: Martha. Daughters: Elizabeth COLEMAN and Sarah BELL. Executors: Eliakim EVERITT, wife, Martha and daughter, Elizabeth. Witnesses: Edward TABOTT, Benjamin WELLS and Thomas EVERITT. Note: For some reason, this is not listed in the Sussex Co. Will Index.

COLEMAN, Joshua of Wantage. 2742S – W. 1 Jun 1849; Filed 28 Dec 1853. Wife: Sarah. Sons: John T. (dec’d), Ezra,
William D., Joshua Y., Alfred, David S. and James N. Daughter: Abigail J. Executors: Son, Joshua Y. COLEMAN and wife, Sarah COLEMAN. Witnesses: William GIBSON, Jesse CARPENTER, Jr. and Mordicaie W. ELSTON.

COLONY, Walter A. of Frankford. 2431S – W. 2 Mar 1849; Filed 13 Oct 1849. Wife: Frances. Daughter: Frances Augusta COLONY (a minor). Executor: Wife, Frances. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, Isaac ALWARD and Abram BEEMER.

COLTS, Isaac of Newtown. 523S – W. 31 Jan 1791. Wife: Sarah. Son: Isaac. Daughters: Rachel SMITH, Hannah McNEAL and Martha WILLIAMS. Executors: Son-in-law, Edward McNEAL and Samuel MEEKER. Witnesses: Hannah POOLE, Robert ADAMS and Hannah ADAMS.

COLTS, John of Frankford. 2240S – W. 10 Jun 1836; Filed 5 Sep 1840. Wife: Elizabeth, d/o John KISHPAUGH. Son: John Martin. Daughter: Barbara Elizabeth. Executors: Wife, Elizabeth and friend, Jacob STRADER. Witnesses: Silas YOUNG, George H. McCARTER and Robert McCARTER.

COMPTON, David of Wantage. 2446S – W.11 Jun 1844; Filed 23 Mar 1846. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Jacob, John Russel, David and Andrew. Daughters: Sarah QUICK, Phebe CROEL, Esther COYKENDALE, Charlotte DECKER, Elizabeth RUSSELL, Mariah RUTAN and Catherine DEWEY (dec’d). Other: Gr-dau, Nancy PERRY. Executors: Jacob COMPTON and Henry J. COURSAN. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, Enoch A. AYRES and Enos BRINK.

COMPTON, Jacob of Wantage. 3218S – W. 24 Jul 1846; Filed 7 Apr 1863. Wife: Elizabeth. Named: After the death of his wife the bulk of his estate goes to Enoch AYRES, Jr. and Janson H. BEEMER – relationship not stated. Also named, Rev. Peter KANOUSE. Executors: Enoch AYRES, Jr. and Janson H. BEEMER. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD, Jonathan WHITAKER and William DECKER.

CONDIT, Cyrus of Hardiston. 1346S – W. 13 Oct 1813; Filed 21 Nov 1813. Wife: Phebe. Others: Brother, Jaduthen CONDIT; ‘my boy’ Martain K. SOULS. Executors: Wife, Phebe and friend, Ebenezer CONDIT. Witnesses: Byram PITNEY, Abraham LAWRENCE and Lucretia VANCE.

CONGLE, Philip of Hardwick. 1347S – W. 3 Nov 1813; Cod. 23 Nov 1813; Filed 29 Dec 1813. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Oldest son, Philip, and Israel. Daughters: Eliza, Anna and Maria. Note: Children all minors. Others: Late father-in-law, Jasper KYSER. Executors: Henry HARTER and wife Catherine CONGLE. Witnesses: William TRACY, George KEEN and John SHUSTER.

CONKLE, Matthias of Hardwick. 1402S – W. 21 Feb 1814; Filed 10 Aug 1814. Wife: Christeen. Sons: Peter, John, George. Daugthers: Catherein, Margit and Susannah. Executors: Wife, Christien CONKLE, John WASS and Aaron HAZEN. Witnesses: Isaac REED, Samuel LANNING and Conrad KEEN.

CONKLIN, Rachel of Vernon. 3328S – W. 14 Mar 1865; Filed 14 Apr 1865. Named: Sister, Mary Jane CONKLING; Clara PERRIGO, Eunice DEWITT, Hannah A. BISSETT and Caroline M. CONKLING (possible sisters also); David OWEN, Thomas CONKLIN, Peter H. CONKLING and Benjamin C. CONKLING (relationship unknown); parents still living but not named. Executor:Lewis DUNN. Witnesses: Lewis DUNN, Harriet L. DUNN and Catherine THORNTON.

COOK, Daniel of Hardwick. 1570S – W. 28 Nov 1820; Filed 20 Jan 1821. Wife: Pheby. Sons: Abraham N. and Gideon L. Daughters: Elizabeth, Rachel, Mary w/o James BENNETT, Lydia, Margaret, Sarah, Elenor and Ann (last four minors). Others: Brother, James COOK. Executors: Wife Pheby and brother James COOK. Witnesses: John ARMSTRONG, Nathan COOK and Ananias C. WILLETS:

COOK, Elisha of Hardwick. 812S – W. 25 Jan 1799; Filed 2 Nov 1799. Wife: Abigal. Sons: Consider, Simeon (dec’d), Levi, Daniel, Abner (dec’d), Elisha and James. Daughters: Hannah HAGARMAN, Tabitha HUNT, Experience LANDON (dec’d), Rebekah HOWELL, Phebe BUNDY, Lydia VOUGHT and Mary EDWARD. Others: Dau-in-law, Ann COOK wid/o Simeon; Simeon’s three ch, Alex, Elisha and Rebeckah. Executors: Friends, George ARMSTONG and William COOK. Witnesses: Daniel CURLIS, David ALBERTSON and George CURLIS.

COOK, George R. of Green. 2790S – W. 21 Jun 1854; Filed 9 Sep 1854. Wife: Delilah. Sons: Watson, Elsha, George D. and Alpheus. Daughters: Henrietta, Almira, Sarah Elizabeth, Mary Catherine and Amanda. (Note: 9 children – some minors)Others: Bro, James COOK. Executor: David THOMPSON. Witnesses: James L. BARTOW and Lewis BELL.

COOK, James A. of Frankford. 3170S – W. 12 Oct 1861; Filed 16 Sep 1862. Wife: Clarisa M. Executor: Wife Clarisa M. COOK. Witnesses: Ira HOFFMAN, Thomas N. ROLESON and Horace D. HOFFMAN.

COOK, Nicholas A. of Stillwater. 2633S – W. 17 May 1850; Filed 12 Aug 1850; Proved 8 Nov 1850. Son: David L. Daughters: Martha and Josephine. NOTE: His ‘three children‘ are all minors.Executors: Abraham H. COOK of Warren Co., NJ. Witnesses: Robert McCARTER, Walter JOHNSON and Thomas N. McCARTER.

COOK, Timothy H. of Green Twp.. 3087S – W. 28 Feb 1860; Cod. 6 Mar 1860; Filed 27 Jul 1860. Sons: Mark L. COOK, Green C. COOK, Timothy Thompson COOK and Talmadge C. COOK.Daughters: Sarah STINSON (dec’d); Mahala Ann w/o John BERRY; and Mary Adaline COOK. Others: Sarah’s ch, Isaac Whitfield STINSON, Lydia Ann STINSON, Mary Josephine STINSON, Sarah Adlaid STINSON, John STINSON, Lewis F. STINSON and Deborah STINSON. Executors: Son, Timothy Thompson COOK. Witnesses: David THOMPSON and N. DRAKE. Cod. Wit:David THOMPSON and John B. STINSON.

COOL, William of Knowlton. 1461S – W. 6 Jan 1815; Filed 21 Dec 1815. Wife: Mary. Sons: William, Adam and Paul. Daughters: (6) Anna RAUB, Mary LINNABURY, Catherine SWAYZE, Christianna COOL, Elizabeth TEEL and Margaret FREES. Executors: Son, Adam COOL and s-n-l, Andrew TEEL. Witnesses: John LINEBERRY and Gershom BARTOW.

CORNER, Amy of Wantage. 1407S – W. 4 May 1814; Filed 23 Jul 1814. Son: Michael A. Others: Gr-daus, Abeline CORNER and Belsora CORNER, and gr-son, Ira CORNER (all minors).Executors: Abrahm DUNNING and Gideon WICKHAM. Witnesses: Abraham S. GALE, Samuel BEEMER and Joel BEAMER.

CORSEN, John of Harwick. 142S – W. 7 Jan 1769; Filed 27 Feb 1770. Wife: Not named. Sons: Peter, William, Abraham, Van Tuyl and Richard (all minors) and Jacob, Isaac, Benjamin and John.Executors: Moses AYRES and Samson DILDINE. Witnesses: Eph. DARBY, Joseph REEDER and Rachel REEDER.

CORTRIGHT, Isaiah of Sandiston. 2241S – W. 2 Aug 1840; Filed 8 Sept 1840. Wife: Miream. Sons: Thomas. (Other children, some minors, but not named.) Executors: Wife Miream and son, Thomas. Witnesses: Roger MYERS, John LAYTON and James B. ARMSTRONG.

CORTRIGHT, Jane of Sandyston. 3172S – W. 6 Mar 1856; Filed 26 May 1862. Named: Grdau, Ophelia CORTRIGHT (a minor) d/o dec’d son, Vincent CORTRIGHT; bro, Samuel D. CORTRIGHT. Executors: John S. JAGER. Witnesses: John D. EVERITT and J. F. ARMSTRONG.

CORTRIGHT, Samuel of Sandyston. 1921S – W. 25 Apr 1822; Filed 7 Aug 1828. Sons: Daniel, Reuben and Aaron. Daughters: Lydia w/o Willhelmus BENNETT, and Ellen w/o George WESTFALL. Executors: Sons, Daniel and Reuben CORTRIGHT. Witnesses: Sanford CLARK, Nancy L. (T?) VAN DEUSEN and J. L VAN DEUSEN.

CORY, David of Sparta. 3649S – W. 1 Jan 1869; Filed 24 Oct 1870. Wife: Martha. Sons: Job CORY, Thomas CORY, Charles CORY and Samuel CORY(dec’d). Daughters: Martha MORROW, Jane EASTON, Eliza ROE (dec’d) and Mary ROE (dec’d). Others: Grson, Francis EASTON; grdau, Martha & Mary EASTON; grdau, Charlotty CORY d/o Samuel; Eliza ROE’s ch, George, Francis and Charlotty; grson, Zophar & Samuel CORY; grdau, Caty ROE (a minor) d/o Mary; ch/o Job CORY – Francis, William and Zeany (all minors)Executors: George B. BEATTY, James L. MUNSON and grson, Francis EASTON. Witnesses: Benjamin BRADBURY and Jacob S. Shuman. (Note: 3 others are noted on my abstract notes but not sure if they are among the executors or witnesses, i.e., Robert Mabee, Daniel Stillwell and Philip Kinney.)

CORY, Jane of Sparta ‘in Hardyston’. 1990S – W. 10 Jan 1830; Filed 26 Jan 1830. Sons: David, William, James and Silas. Daughter: Ruhama WADE w/o Sering. Others: Gr-dau, Jane DENNY d/o Thomas DENNY; blackboy, Tom. Executor: Son, Sila CORY. Witnesses: John W. BARNES, Joseph LINEY and Mary VANKIRK.

CORY, Job of Hardiston (Sparta). 1765S – W. 25 Mar 1824; Filed 22 Apr 1824. Wife: Jane. Sons: (4) David, James William and Silas. Daughters: Mary w/o Thomas DENNY, Lorhamy w/o Siren WADE and Elizabeth w/o Francis W. MIRIAM. Executors: Wife Jane and son William. Witnesses: Peter VANKIRK, James JORELMAN, Jr. and John JORELMAN.

CORYELL, John of Independence. 853S – W. 20 Feb 1799; Filed 7 Jan 1800. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: John, Imanuel (oldest son), and Joseph. Daughters: Elizabeth w/o James FLEMING, Sarah LANING (oldest dau), and Amelia PRAWL. Others: Amelia CORYEL wid/o John and their four children; gr-son, John LANING; gr-son John s/o Imanuel CORYEL; negro man, James. Executors: Son, Joseph and son-in-law’s, John PRAWL, Jr. and James FLEMING. Witnesses: John Christian TILL, Abigail SMITH and Robert LANING.

COSS, John of Frankford. 2878S – W. 19 June 1849; Filed 22 Apr 1854. Wife: Mary. Sons: John and Jacob A. Daughters: Jane w/o Thomas BATSON, Christian, Barsheba, Rhoda and Emily.Others: Almira COLE d/o Jane. Executors: Sons, John and Jacob A. COSS. Witnesses: Phillip WYKER, Martin RYERSON and Walter JOHNSON.

COSS (GASS), Peter. 131S – 6 Feb 1769; Filed 2 Mar 1769. Wife: Cattern. Son: Peter. Daughters: Only names youngest, Barbary. Executors: Peter CLECKNER and Gorg RASER. Witnesses: John SNUKE, Johannas KANOFF and Japeth BYRAM.

COSS (GOSS?), Peter . 1563S – W. May 1821; Filed May 1821. Wife: Mary Ann. Sons: (5) Phillip, John, Peter, George and Abraham. Daughters: (4) Polly, Elizabeth, Susannah and Sarah. Others: Poly COSS d/o John. Executors: Sons, John and Abraham COSS. Witnesses: David COOK, Joseph J. BEEMER and Vantile COURSEN.

COTONCH, John of Hardwick. 1138S – W. 8 May 1807; Filed 18 Jun 1807. Daughters: Charity and Catherine. Executor: Barnabas SWEAZY. Witnesses: Vancleve MOORE, Isaac SMITH and Absolom SMITH.

COTTNAM, George of Oxford. 728S – W. 16 Nov 1792; Filed 29 Sep 1795. Wife: Sarah. Others: Sister, Martha HOOPS; bro-in-law, Robert HOOPS; step-mother, Elizabeth Ann COTTNAM; bro Warrell COTTNAM; negro man, Tom and negro girl, Delia. Executors: Robert HOOPS and James HYNDSHAW. Witnesses: John HOUCK, Jr., John HOUCK and Caty BELL.

COULT, Isaac of Frankford. 2164S – W. 16 Feb 1829; Cod. 14 Dec 1831; Cod. 25 Apr 1834; Filed 4 Sep 1837. Sons: Joseph, Isaac Jr., and John (dec’d). Daughters: Abigail HETZEL w/o John m., Lucy MATTISON w/o Nicholas E., Anna NORRIS (dec’d), and Elizabeth BRYANT. Others: Gr-ch, James, John and Isaac NORRIS s/o Anna; James BRYANT; Isaac, William, Joseph, Joshn, James, Sarah and Elizabeth COULT ch/o John; John HETZEL. (Gr-son, Isaac COULT later referred to as ‘of Paterson’.) Executors: Son Joseph, S-n-L Nicholas E. MATTISON and Major John HOUSTON of Warwick, Orange Co., NY. Cod. Ex: Gr-son, John HETZEL. Cod. Ex: Gr-son, Isaac COULT. Witnesses: Francis DONLEVY, Samuel HOUGH and Ellis ________. Cod. Wit: Thomas McINTIRE, Thomas ALLASON, Wm. T. ANDERSON. Cod. Wit: Pettit BRITTON, William B. DEY, Wm. T. ANDERSON, John J. COX. Cod. Wit: David ABLE, William CRANE and Robert PRICE.

COULT, Joseph of Frankford. 3037S – W. 26 Apr 1859; Field 29 Jun 1859. Wife: Hannah. Sons: Joseph, Jr. and Isaac. Daughters: Elizabeth Ann ROE w/o Charles and Abigail J. COUSE wid/o John P.. Others: Jane E. COULT w/o son Isaac. Executors: Sons, Joseph COULT, Jr. and Isaac COULT. Witnesses: George LANTZ and Mary LANTZ.

COURSEN, Abraham of Hardiston. 1403S – W. 22 May 1814; Filed 2 Jul 1814. Wife: Jemiah. Sons: George, William, Jacob, Richard, John, David and Andrew Bray. Daughters: Sarah. Executors: Vantile COURSEN and John VAN DERAN. Witnesses: Samuel LYON, Jonathan CUMMIN and Noah KING.

COURSEN, Hannah H. of Newton. 3521S – W. 8 May 1868; Filed 13 Oct 1868. Son: Jacob A. COURSEN. Daughters: Mary C. COURSEN and Martha J. COURSEN. Executor: Son, Jacob A. COURSEN. Witnesses: Joseph COULT and Ludlow McCARTY.

COURSEN, Henry J. of Frankford. 3399S – W. 27 Jul 1866; Filed 19 Nov 1866. Wife: Mary. Sons: Samuel J., Jr., Henry B. and John B. COURSEN. Daughters: Adalade CASE, Margaret SIPLE, Sarah A. CLAY, Zillah COURSEN and Olivia(?). Executors: Son, Samuel J. COURSEN, Jr. Witnesses: Geo. H. COURSEN and Joseph COULT.

COURSEN, Jacob of Hampton. 3463S – W. 18 Oct 1866; Filed 26 Nov 1867. Son: John S. COURSEN. Executor: Son, John S. COURSEN and s-n-l, Henry C. NORTHRUP. Witnesses: Aaron GRIGGS and Daniel S. ANDERSON.

COURSON, Allen of Hardwick. 1493S – W. 6 Dec 1815; Filed 31 Jan 1816. Wife: Charity. Sons: John Cummins COURSON and William Nixon COURSON. Others: Father-in-law, Matthias CUMMINS. Executors: Wife Charity and f-n-l, Mathias CUMMINS. Witnesses: Joseph J. ROY, Samuel F. CLARK and Peter SMITH.

COURSON, Richard of Newton. 1876S – W. 10 Apr 1826; Pr. 3 Mar 1827. Wife: Rachel. Executor: Wife, Rachel COURSON. Witnesses: Sarah HAMMILL, Charles HAMMILL and Mary POST.

COURTER, Peter of Vernon. 1845S – W. 8Mar 1824; Proved 24 Apr 1826. Wife: Hannah. Sons: Nathan, Peter, David and Jonathan. Daughters: Peggy (youngest dau), Ann w/o Abraham RUTAN, Mary w/o ______ RUTAN, Jemima w/o Elias ORSBORN, Elizabeth w/o Andrew SPRINGER, Sarah w/o Henry RUTAN, and Hannah w/o Oliver SIGLER. Executors: Peter COURTER and William RICKY. Witnesses: Seely EDSALL, John VANDERHUFF, and Thomas DEKAY, Jr..

COURTRIGHT, Christopher of Wantage. 2932S – W. 6 Nov 1856; Filed 4 Jun 1857. Wife: Mary. Son: Jacob B. Daughters: Sarah, Phebe w/o John VANSICKLE, Mary Jane w/o Zenas STANABACK, and Ann w/o Horace DAVENPORT. Others: Grdaus, Miranda COURTRIGHT dau/o Mary Jane, and Lydia E. COURTRIGHT dau/o Sarah. Executor: Son, Jacob B. COURTRIGHT. Witnesses: Joshua Y. COLEMAN and Horace BRINK.

COURTRIGHT, John Sr. ‘now of Wallpak’. 341S – W. 31 Jan 1783; Filed 14 May 1783. Sons: John, Christopher (dec’d), Elisha and Abraham V. Daughter: Elizabeth. Executors: Abraham VAN CAMPEN and Robert LOCKERBY. Witnesses: Moses VAN CAMPEN, Aaron VAN CAMPEN and Garret VAN CAMP.

COUSE, Henry of Frankford. 1007S – W. 8 Dec 1804; File 28 Dec 1804. Wife: Margaret. Sons: John, Peter and Henry. Daughters: Mary w/o Daniel STRUBLE, Margaret w/o John WINTERMUTE, Elizabeth w/o Henry SNOOK, Jr., and Eve w/o Peter KIMPLE. Executors: Son, John COUSE, Daniel STRUBLE and William ACKERSON. Witnesses: John LANTERMAN, Anthy BRODRICK and Henry JACKSON.

COUSE, John of Newton. 2400S – 21 Sep 1844; Filed 26 Apr 1845. Sons: Henry (dec’d), William, David, Peter (dec’d) and John. Daughters: Catherine w/o Benjamin HALSEY, Ann Margaret w/o William H. JOHNSON, and Susan WELCH (dec’d). Others: Gr-children, John P. COUSE s/o Peter, Evaline OSBORNE d/o Peter, Mary Emily, John C., Phillip, Jacob and Caroline WELCH, c/o Susan. Executors: Surviving sons, David COUSE, William COUSE and John COUSE. Witnesses: David RYERSON.

COX, John . 127S – W. 24 Jun 1767; Filed Feb 1769. Wife: Marey. Sons: Jacob, Samuel, Phines, John, Benjamin and William. Daughters: Marey, Dorcas, Elizabeth and Mariey. Executors: Wife, Marey COX and Moses AYRES. Witnesses: Ephraim DRAKE, Benonia ASTON and Phillip HOFFMAN.

COX, John of Wantage. 2242S – W. 2 Jul 1830; Filed 2 Mar 1840. Wife: Experience. Sons: Martin and Nicholas I. Daughters: Rebecca BRASTED, Hannah TEASDALE, Ruth CUDDEBACK, Elizabeth CUDDEBACK, Experience POWHEL, and Asenath McCARRICK. Other: Gr-son, John C. HULSE. Executors: Sons Martin and Nicholas I. COX. Witnesses: Simeon McCOY, Heman ALLEN and Andrew ALEXANDER.

COX, Redmond S. of Lafayette. 3038S – W. 2 Sep 1858; Filed 14 Jul 1859. Others: Bro, John B. COX. Executor: Joseph STRADER. Witnesses: William HOWELL and Abraham A. RICHARD.

COX, Shipman of Newton. 2263S – W. 26 Apr 1841; Filed 31 May 1841. Wife: Caroline. Children: Apparently one of more children – not named. Possible wife is expecting. Others: Father, Arthur COX, borthers, Munson L., John C. and Thomas COX. Executors: Friend, Edward D. WARBASSE. Witnesses: Benj. HALSEY, Emily F. HALSEY and Wm. T. ANDERSON.

COYKENDALL, Jonathan of Wantage. 1922S – W. 1 Aug 1828; Pr. 28 Oct 1828. Wife: Mary. Sons: Levi and Moses. Daughters: Ruth, Susan, Lydia, Ann and Mariah. Others: Gr-daus, Jane and July Ann LONGCOR, ch/o Ruth. Executors: Sons, Levi and Moses COYKENDALL. Witnesses: David COOK, David COMPTON, Thomas I. LUDLUM and Joseph QUICK.

COYKENDALL, Levi of Wantage. 3651S – W. 12 Jul 1862; Filed 20 Aug 1870. Wife: Esther. Sons: Jonathan and Decker COYKENDALL. Daughters: Ruth BOCKOVER w/o John. Executors:Sons, Jonathan and Decker COYKENDALL. Witnesses: Alexander LINN, E. A. STILES and Levi SHEPHERD.

COYKENDALL, Samuel D. of Wantage. 2166S – 9 Sep 1837; Filed 21 Sep 1837. Wife: Huldah. Sons: Ellis A., Simeon M., and Adam D. (all minors). Executors: James C. ADAMS and Elijah COYKENDALL. Witnesses: Simeon McCOY and Alexander LINN.

CRABTREE, William of Vernon. 3034S – W. 15 Nov 1858; Filed: 5 Apr 1859. Wife: Eliza. Others: John, James, William, Margaret, Jane, Harriet GAMER (Gardner) w/o Charles, Julia DUNNING w/o Jacob, Hannah ARVIS w/o Charles, Maria TOMPKINS wid/o Evi S. (probably all children but not specified). Executor: Son-in-law, Charles ARVIS. Witnesses: Levi SHEHERD & J. A. WHITAKER.

CRAIG, Robert of Knowlton. 1305S – W. 13 Sep 1812; Filed 27 Oct 182. Wife: Not named. Son: William. Daughters: Four daughters living at home (not named) and Mary ALBERSON. Others: Brother, William CRAIG. Executors: Brother, William CRAIG and son, William CRAIG. Witnesses: James RAMSAY, John CRAIG and James B. WILKINSON.

CRAIG, Thomas of Greenwich. 389S – W. 22 Jun 1785; Filed 17 Aug 1785. Sons: (5) Two eldest, Robert and James, David, John and William (last two minors). Daughters: Martha, Mary VANHOCK, Elizabeth McILHANY, Sarah, Hannah and Susannah SHENCK. Executors: Sons, Robert and James CRAIG and Edward HUNT. Witnesses: Joseph DAVIS, Daniel JAQUET and Jacob HIBBLER.

CRAWFORD, William of Montague. 1463S – W. 6 Jun 1812; Filed 28 Nov 1815. Wife: Catherine. Sons: William and Moses. Daughters: Hannah, Polly, Elizabeth and Amy. Executors: Son, William CRAWFORD and James STOLL. Witnesses: John SMITH, Adelaide HULL and Samuel HULL.

CREVELING, Henry of Mansfield-Woodhouse. 320S – W. 14 Feb 1782; Filed 10 Aug 1782. Wife: Sarah. (5 Children) Son: William (a minor). Daughters: Anna, Christina, Elisabeth and Sarah.Executors: Wife, Sarah CREVELING and William CREVELING. Witnesses: John VLIET, William ADAMS and John FORRESTER.

CREVELING, William of Mansfield. 1348S – W. 29 Mar 1813; Filed 29 Apr 1813. Son: John. Daughters: Mary ALP (sic), Elizabeth HENDRICKSON, Ann HENDRICKSON, Christine EVEANS(sic), Sarah FITTS/FRITTS and Margaret BAYLOR. Note: ‘Children by 1st and 2nd marriage’. Others: 3 gr-daus, Catrina, Catherine and Mary d/o John; gr-dau Margaret WOOLEVER w/o William and d/o Christine EVEANS. Executors: Son, John CREVELING and s-n-l, John ALP. Witnesses: Michael BAYLOR, Jacob LAREW and William RUNKLE.

CRILL, Joseph of Vernon. 2701S – W. 7 Jul 1851; Filed 17 Feb 1852. Sons: Frederick and Mane. Daughters: Susan, Margaret MEEDLAN, and Catherine w/o Sylvester CARD. Executor: Son, Frederick. Witnesses: Adam SMITH, Ezra H. DAY and James DOUGHERTY.

CRISSMAN, George of Wallpack. 2703S – W. 24 Mar 1851; Filed 19 Jan 1852. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Ira and Cyrus CRISSMAN. Daughter: Lucinda STOLL. Others: Grsons, George C. CONGLE and George C. STOLL. Executors: Ira CRISSMAN and Henry STOLL. Witnesses: Benjamin HULL, Daniel DEPUE and Calvin DECKER.

CROELL, John of Montague. 3267S – W. 13 Nov 1864; Filed 12 Dec 1864. Wife: Mary. Son: Sidney. Others: Grandson, Hyram DECKER. Excecutors: James VANSICKLE and Charles A. COOPER. Witnesses: Evi C. BEEMER and Lewis F. R. GREGORY.

CROUSE, John of Stillwater. 2146S – W. 2 May 185; Filed 10 Oct 1835. Sons: George, Casper and Henry. Daughters: Ann w/o Henry KISE and Margaret SIPLEY (dec’d). Others: D-n-L, Margaret Ann w/o George and gr-son, John CROUSE s/o George. Executor: Aaron HAZEN. Witnesses: William SNYDER and Isaac B. SMITH.

CROWELL, Elizabeth of Wantage. 2832S – W. 11 Apr 1848; Filed 9 Mar 1855. Names: Israel AYRES, Jr. h/o grdau Easter AYRES, formerly Easter CROWELL. Executors: Israel AYRES, Jr. and John LINN of Deckertown. Witnesses: William BST(sic), William T. HOCKENBERRY and Jno. LINN.

CROWELL, John of Wantage. 390S – W. 19 Nov 1783; Filed 3 Sep 1785. Sons: Joel and “two youngest sons and one unborn child“. Executors: ‘Friends’, Benjamin WILLSON and Samuel CROWELL. Witnesses: Benjamin WILLSON, Samuel CROWELL and Jonathan WILLSON.

CROWELL, Samuel of Wantage. 407S – W. 14 Sep 1785; Filed 16 Jan 1786. Son: Samuel. Executors: Joseph DENNIS and Silvanus ADDOMS. Witnesses: Thadeus BAILY, Samuel WOODRUFF and Sarah WILLSON.

CUDDEBACK, Daniel. 3589S – W. 10 Dec 1868; Filed 27 Dec 1869. Wife: Elmira. Executor: Wife, Elmira CUDDEBACK. Witnesses: Joseph J. VANNOY and Daniel E. WESTBROOK.

CUDEBACH, James of Wantage. 1670S – W. 09 Oct 1819; Filed 08 May 1820. Sons: John, Richard and James. Daughters: Mary ADAMS, Susannah ABERS, Elinor SHELLEY and Sarah CATCHIM . Others: ( Grandchildren) Cudeback ABERS (son of Ebenezer), James ADAMS, James CATCHIM, Charles and Sybott CUDEBACK, sons of John, Nicholas and Henry Cudeback, sons of Richard; Beardslee and Ruben F. Randolph Cudeback, sons of James Jr.; Ebenezer and Cudeback ABERS, sons of dau Susannah; James ADAMS & two sons of dau Mary; James and Ford SHELLEY, two sons of dau Elinor; Daniel and James CATCHIM, sons of dau Sarah. Executors: George BACKSTER, Ebenezer ABERS and son, John CUDEBACK. Witnesses: John McCOY, John MABEE and Simon McCOY.

CUMMINS, Catherine of Independence. 729S – W. 13 Dec 1796; Filed 21 Feb 1797. Sons: Phillip, Christian, Daniel and John. Daughters: Catherine HASLET and Elizabeth BEATY. Others: Son-in-law, Joseph GROFF; Michael CUMMINS (rel not stated). Executors: Sons, John CUMMINS and Elizabeth BEATY. Witnesses: Montgomery READING and Sarah LAWRENCE.

CUMMINS, Christian of Mansfield-Woodhouse. 305S – Filed 10 Mar 1781. Wife: Catharine. Sons: Philip, Daniel, Christian, Mical, Jacob and John. Daughters: Catherine HAZLET, Mary DAVIS, Ann CROFT and Elizabeth BETTY. Executors: Wife, Catherine CUMMINS, and sons, Philip, Daniel and Christian CUMMINS. Witnesses: James HILL, Daniel RICKEY and Barnet ANDRES.

CUMMINS, Robert of Mansfield. 1108S – W. 13 May 1806; Filed 21 Jul 1806. Wife: Hulda. Others: F-n-l, Andrew BRAY; brothers, James, John and Charles; Watson BRAY (rel unknown); Robert Cummins SHAW; nephew, Robert CUMMINS s/o sister Jane; James EGGBIRD (sic)Executors: Wife, Huldah and nephew, Robert CUMMINS. Witnesses: James RUSLING, Stephen SMITH and William HANKINSON.

CURRAN, Chloe of Vernon. 3269S – W. 1 Oct 1861; Cod. 19 Jan 1863; Filed 15 Mar 1864. Named: Daus, Ruth w/o William UTTER and Catherine BISSETT; grch, Sarah Elizabeth, Ellis A., Ira B. and Mary Evaline UTTER all ch/o Ruth. Executor: David ROSENKRANS of Wantage. Witnesses: John H. FORGERSON and Jacob W. CONKLIN. Cod: Dau Ruth had another child, Cyrus L. Whitfield UTTER b aft 1 Oct 1861 and Ruth’s dau, Mary Evaline died before 19 Jan 1863. Cod. Wit.: Sarah J. ROSENCRANS and Susan ROSENKRANS.

CURRENT, Charity of Andover. 3270S – W. 18 Jun 1864; Filed 16 Sep 1864. Children: Abraham, Thomas, Jacob, Delilah, James, Mary Elizabeth and Esther. Executor: John ILIFF. Witnesses:Oliver D. REEVE and David ANDERSON.

CURRENT, James of Sparta. 2580S – W. 4 Jun 1849; Filed 6 Aug 1849. Wife: Mary. Sons: Abram, James, Joseph, William, John and George. Daughters: Lucy w/o Henry MOTT, former w/o J. C. COX, Besheba w/o Jacob STRADER, Ann McKINNEY and Phebe SLOCKBOWER. Others: Gr-dau, Sarah Ann HILL d/o Basheba. Executor: George M. RYERSON. Witnesses: George M. STRUBLE, Simeon J. STRUBLE and David W. STRUBLE.

CURRENT, John of Newton. 3128S – W. 27 Jul 1861; Filed 12 Dec 1861. Wife: Charity. Children: George, Abraham, Thomas, Jacob, Delila, James (youngest son), Mary Elizabeth and Esther (some minors)Executors: Son, George CURRENT and Daniel S. ANDERSON. Witnesses: Jacob STRADER, William STRADER and Daniel S. ANDERSON.

CURRY, Benjamin of Newton. 3329S – W. 14 Mar 1864; Filed 9 Sep 1865. Wife: Hannah Ann. Named: Sarah A. STRUBLE (rel unk); nephew Edwin M. CURRY. Executors: Nephew Edwin M. CURRY and Isaiah WALLEN. Witnesses: Daniel ANDERSON and Thomas RYERSON.

CURTIS, Elijah of Hardyston. 2180S – W. 12 Nov 1827; Filed 7 Sep 1838. Wife: Margaret. Executor: Wife, Margaret. Witnesses: John McCARTER, Lewis SHUMAN and James YOUNGS.

CYMER, George. 1519S – W. 31 Dec 1816; Filed 30 Jan 1817. Wife: Abbe. Sons: John, Peter, Adam and George. Daughters: Susan RUTAN and Anna SCHOFIELD. Executors: Sons, Peter & Adam CYMER and Joel CROEL. Witnesses: Jesse GUSTIN, Jonathan BEDELL and Richard AYERS.

CYMER, Henry of Wantage. 919S – W. 3 Apr 1802; Filed 13 Aug 1802. Wife: Mary. Daughters: Eldest dau, Pheby DECKER, 2nd dau , Mary BAGLY, Anny BIRD and Elizabeth DILLISTON.Executors: Wife, Mary and Michel DECKER. Witnesses: Vantile COURSEN and Jacob BOCKOVEN, Jr.

CYMER, Peter of Wantage. 1410S – W. 9 Mar 1813; Filed 16 Feb 1814. Others: Elder brother, George CYMER; eldest sister, Christeen; George’s four sons, Peter, Adam, John and George; Mary BOCKOVEN w/o Jacob; Daniel RUTAN and Peter RUTAN s/o Samuel; Lewis s/o Anna CYMER. Executors: Jesse GUSTIN and William TUTHILL. Witnesses: Samuel HOUGH, John BEDELL and Benjamin TUTHILL.

CYPHERS, Andrew of Walpack. 889S – W. 12 Jan 1800; Filed 14 Apr 1801. Others: Christina Maryen d/o David and Margaret Maryen (sic), relationship not stated. Executors: Samuel WESTBROOK and Abraham BROKAW. Witnesses: Daniel DECKER, George DUSENBURY and Catrine SCHOONOVER.