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CADMUS, Cornelius of Wantage. 3125S – W. 23 Mar 1861; Filed 12 Apr 1861. Wife: Delilah. Sons: James & Dewitt. Others: Son James’ wife, Unis S.; bro-in-law, Henry DEWITT. Executors:Henry DEWITT & Samuel M. COYKENDALL. Witnesses: Samuel CHRISTIE, James R. HARDEN & Simeon M. COYKENDALL.

CAMPBELL, Joel of Lafayette. 3763S – W. 14 Jul 1868; Filed 25 Jul 1872. Wife: Rebecca. Son: Joel, Jr. Daughter: Amanda KIMBLE, w/o David H. Executors: Wife, Rebecca and son, Joel Jr.Witnesses: W. I. ROSS, James J. TERWILLIGER & Eias P. DEMAREST.

CAMPBELL, Robert of Greenwich. 231S – W. 3 Oct 1776; Filed 28 Apr 1777. Wife: Not named. Sons: (3) Daniel, and two unnamed. Daughters: Not named. Executors: Daniel CAMPLE and John BARBER. Witnesses: Andrew SHEEP, John HORSE and Rachel CAMBILL.

CARD, Henry (of Vernon). 3703S – W. 30 Oct 1870; Filed 4 Jan 1871. Wife: Julia. Children: Not named. Executors: David HYNARD. Witnesses: David HYNARD, James LUSK and Henry B. DeKAY.

CAREY, Isaac of Hardiston. 1109S – W. 21 Feb 1806; Filed 3 Mar 1806. Wife: Unis. Sons: John and Mahlon. Daughters: Martha DEGRAW, Phebe, Mariah, Ann, Hannah and Amaline. Executors: Wife, Unis, Morrison BEARDSLEE and Samuel BEARDSLEE. Witnesses: Martin RYERSON, Jesse SQUIRE and Elizabeth EASTMAN.

CARHART, Cornelius of Mansfield. 1226S – W. 11 Feb 1806; Filed 18 Jun 1810. Wife: Willimpy. Sons: Cornelius, Robert, Samuel and John. Daughters: Mary w/o Robert McSHANE, Sarah w/o John DUSENBERY., Lydia w/o James BOWLBY, Willimpy w/o Benjamin LACY and Phebe w/o John COLEMAN. Others: Gr-sons, John D. and Daniel CARHART. Executors: Son, Samuel CARHART and Samuel SHERRERD. Witnesses: Robert PIERSON, William WELLER and John SHERRERD.

CARMER, Abraham of Sandyston. 2738S – W. 9 Apr 1853; Filed 6 Sep 1853. Wife: Jane. Executor: Wife, Jane CARMER. Witnesses: Aaron CLARK, Isaac LOSEY, Jr. & John D. EVERITT.

CARMER, James of Sandyston. 1733S – W. 9 Jan 1823; Filed 19 Jul 1823. Sons: Isaac. Daughter: Cornelia. Others: Cornelia’s son Jacob. Executors: Son, Isaac CARMER and Aaron CLARK.Witnesses: Andrew CARMER and James BEVANS.

CARMER, Mary wid/o Andrew ‘late of Litchfield, Bradford Co., PA’2831S – Filed: 28 Nov 1855. Son: William. Daughters: (7) Lydia BELL, Catherine, Rebecca, Abby, Elizabeth, Maria BENNETT (dec’d?), and Susan McCORMICK (dec’d). Executor: Son, William CARMER. Witnesses: John D. SNOVER and John LAYTON.

CARMER, Mary of Sandyston. 3585S – Filed 10 May 1869. Named: Sis, Cornelia CARMER; sis, Christian COMPTON. Executors: Two sisters named. Witnesses: A. B. CARMER & John D. EVERITT.

CHARMICHAEL, Susan of Sparta. 3645S – W. 31 Mar 1870; Filed 2 Sep 1870. Son: Charles P. Others: Father, Abraham VANSYCKLE, mother Catherine (now dec’d); cousin, Sarah C. VANSYCKLE (dec’d); nieces, Harriet & Susan L. VANSYCKLE. Executor: Son, Charles P. CHARMICHAEL. Witnesses: W. H. DICKERSON & John A. POTTER.

CARPENTER, Jacob of Greenwich. 1709S – W. 03 Aug 1818; Filed 19 Feb 1822. Wife: Anna Maria Elizabeth. Sons: John and Jacob. Daughters: Elizabeth w/o Abraham YOUNG and Mary w/o W. FINE. Executors: Sons, John and Jacob and S-n-L Abraham YOUNG. Witnesses: Robert DEPEW, Abraham WATTE and Geo. KLINE.

CARPENTER, Joseph of Greenwich. 339S – W. Jun 1783; Filed 30 Aug 1783. Sons: Abraham, Jacob, Balthouser, Philip and John. Daughters: Elizabeth, Margaret and Catherine. Others: Three children of Jacob MICELS (sic), not named, rel unknown. Executors: Sons, Balthouser and John CARPENTER. Witnesses: John SPANGENBERG, Frederick SHOUSE and Peter NURGESSOR.

CARPENTER, Lebeus L. of Wantage. 3642S – W. 9 Mar 1870; Filed 15 Apr 1870. Wife: Rebecca Jane. Children: Not identified by name, some minors. Executors: Wife, Rebecca Jane and friend, Ira D. HOFFMAN. Witnesses: Moses STOLL & Floyd NORTHRUP.

CARR, David of Vernon. 809S – W. 30 Mar 1799; Filed 26 Jun 1799. Wife: Jane. Sons: Edsill , Absolam, Robert, John and David. Daughters: Julia, Abigail, Polly and Elizabeth. Executors: Wife, Jane CARR and brother, William CARR Jr. Witnesses: Mathew LOUNSBERRY, Hannah EDSALL and Joseph HOUSTON.

CARR, Robert of Wantage. 1552S – Filed 9 Oct 1821. Wife: Mary. Sons: David and George Clinton. Daughters: Mariah, Juliann and Hannah Milly. Others: S-n-l, Joseph WILLSON. Executors: Son, David CARR and s-n-l, Joseph WILLSON. Witnesses: James S. ARNOUF, Sylvester AUSTIN and Christopher SIMI(N)SON.

CARREL, Robert of Hardwick. 1708S – W. 08 Mar 1821; Filed 22 Aug 1822. Daughters: Mary SHAVER, Rebekah D. HARRIS and Anna FLEMMAN. Other: Grandson, Robert C. SHAVER (son of Abraham SHAVER) and grandaughter Rebecah C. SHAVER. Executors: Abraham NEWMAN and John STINSON. Witnesses: Levi LUNDY, James LUNDY and Jonathan LUNDY.

CASAD, Jacob of Wantage. 2183S – W. 4 Jun 1838; Filed 18 Jul 1838. Wife: Not named. Sons: Joel, Samuel and his two youngest sons Jacob and John. Daughters: Catherine TURNER, and his two youngest dau’s, Caroline and Maria. Others: Catherine’s oldest son, Jacob TURNER. Executors: Son, John Casad and Frederick LEWIS. Witnesses: Henry I. COURSEN, Coursen LEWIS, Elijah BEDELL and John FISHER.

CASAD, Jacob of Wantage. 2445S – W. 11 Aug 1846; Filed 18 Nov 1846. Wife: Hannah C. Daughters: Mary E. and Sarah Ann. Executors: Wife, Hannah C. CASSAD and Gabriel DUNNING.Witnesses: John B. ADAMS, Levi SHEPHERD and William DECKER.

CASAD/CAZAD, Job of Frankford. 1462S – W. 8 Aug 1812; Cod. 9 Aug 1812; 2nd Cod. N/D; Filed 25 Sep 1815. Wife: Hannah. Sons: Job, Nathaniel and Elihu. Daughters: Anna w/o Peter FISHER, Phebe and Hannah w/o John ALLET. Others: gr-son Job Cazad ALLET s/o Hannah; William ALLET also s/o Hannah. Executors: John GUSTIN, Leonard STRUBLE and William HOUGH. Witnesses: Benjamin ROE, Jr., William ROE and Peter L. STRUBLE. Cod. Wit.: Same. 2nd Cod. Wit.: Jacob CARY and Daniel PREDMORE.

CASAD, Thomas of Wantage. 1164S – W. 29 Oct 1808; Filed 2 Dec 1808. Wife: Abigail. Sons: Abner, Thomas (a minor) Anthony and Isaac. Daughters: Christan, Caty, Mary and Lydia. Executors: Son, Abner CASAD and brother, Jacob CASAD. Witnesses: David COMPTON, Thomas LEWIS and Tobias SMITH.

CASE, Daniel H. of Andover. 3516S – W. 16 oct 1868; Filed 24 Dec 1868. Wife: Elizabeth. Children: (probably in order of birth) John, Mary w/o John QUACKENBUSH, James P., Jane w/o Anthony LONGCOR, George B., Cathereine, Phebe w/o Daniel MARVIN, Walter R., Emma, Daniel H. & Elizabeth. Others: Grch, James A. MAINS & Mary MAINS. Executors: Sons, James P. & Walter R. CASE. Witnesses: Lewis ADAMS & David THOMPSON.

CASE, Daniel P. of Newton. 3395S – W. 29 Jan 1866; Filed 20 Feb 1866. Named: Peter HAVEN (relationship not stated); dau-in-law, Hannah Ann CASE grdau, Harriet O. HENDERSHOT.Executor: Daniel S. ANDERSON. Witnesses: Elias HATHAWAY & Mary SIDMAN.

CASE, George of Stillwater. 3219S – W. 27 May 1863; Filed 11 Jun 1863. Wife: Mary Son: Harry. Executors: Wife Mary CASE and friend, Joseph H. COURSEN. Witnesses: Silas CASTERLINE & John S. MAINS.

CASE, Moses. 3643S – W. 1870. Daughters: Phebe Diane CASE, Nancy SMITH w/o James, Electa Jane HENDERSHOT w/o Michael and Sarah TOWNSEND w/o John. Executors: Bro, Peter M. CASE & David THOMPSON. Witnesses: Susan THOMPSON & David L. FOSTER.

CASE, Nancy, wid/o John of Andover. 3517S – W. 5 Mar 1866; Filed 20 Feb 1868. Sons: Peter M. Jr., George B., Daniel H., John O. and Moses Jr. Daughters: Ann POTTER w/o Ephraim. Others:Grdau, Phebe Jane CASE d/o Peter; grdau, Nancy Jane POTTER d/o Ann. Executor: Daniel S. ANDERSON. Witnesses: David HEDDEN & Daniel P. HOWELL.

CASE, Peter M. of Lafayette. 3704S – W. 20 May 1871; Filed 22 Dec 1871. Wife: Margaret. Others: Nephew Peter M. CASE, Jr. son of bro, John CASE (dec’d); Mary M. STOLL w/o Joseph, formerly Mary M. FITCH; Phebe A. CHRISTIE; Peter M. C. TOWNSEND; Jane TOWNSEND; Amanda TOWNSEND. Executors: Cornelius D. ACKERSON & Joseph H. CASE. Witnesses:Walter I. ROSS and Charles W. RANDOLPH.

CASKEY, Margaret of Wantage. 2829S – W. 7 Mar 1839; Filed 23 Aug 1855. Son: Alvah. Executor: Son, Alvah CASKEY. Witnesses: James EVANS, Samuel LAMBERT & John EVANS.

CASSIDY, John of Newton. 1669S – W. 20 May 1818; Filed 7 Jul 1820. Wife: Ann. Sons: William, John Jr., James and Patrick. Executors: Wife Ann and son James. Witnesses: James SMITH, Elias RUNDLE and Francis DONLEVY.

CASSIDY, John of Newton. 2031S – W. 20 Jul 1832; Pr. 21 Feb 1833. Sons: Samuel, Andrew, James and John (last two minors). Daughters: Mary, Clarrissa and Elizabeth wid/o Aaron McCULLOUGH (dec’d). Executors: Son, Samuel and daughter, Mary. Witnesses: James CASSIDY, A. BAYLES, and D. C. ADAMS.

CASTERLINE, George of Wantage. 2667S – W. 19 May 1851; Filed 29 Dec 1851. Wife: Living but not named. Sons: Nathaniel, James, George C., Thomas, William D. & Robert (not clear whether they are all sons)Daughters: Harriet BRINK, Hester WESTBROOK, Margaret MANDEVILLE & Eleanor MEAD. Others: Grch, Wanor(sic) S. CASTERLINE, George CASTERLINE, Elizabeth HOWEY & Mary HOWE. Executors: Son, George C. CASTERLINE and son-in-law, Henry MANDEVILLE. Witnesses: Moses D. RODGERS, Abraham COOPER & Philitus R. COOPER.

CASTERLINE, John of Wantage. 1556S – 28 Mar 1821: Filed 4 Jul 1821. Wife: Hannah. Sons: Evi, Moses, Simeon, and ‘older sons‘, George, James and John. Daughters: Hester WESTFALL.Executors: Wife, Hannah and Son George CASTERLINE. Witnesses: Robert CARR, Frederick GUNDERMAN and David DECKER.

CASTERLINE, Silas of Stillwater. 3325S – W. 31 Jan 1861; Filed 20 Mar 1865. Son: William D. CASTERLINE. Daughter: Hannah E. SHAFER w/o Abraham. Executors: Son William D. CASTERLINE and son-in-law, Abraham SHAFER. Witnesses: Alpheus GUSTIN & Susan F. GUSTIN .(Note: Susan F. GUSTIN became Susan F. EDWARDS)

CAYWOOD, Joseph of Wantage. 226S – 23 Mar 1780: Wife: Hannah. Children: Not named. Others: Oldest bro, Resiah CAYWOOD. Executors: John COLLINS and Evi ADDAMS. Witnesses: Peter SNYDER, John VANSICKEL and Cornelius VANSICKEL.

CAYWOOD, Resiah of Wantage, 1644S – W. 08 Jul 1816; Filed 09 Mar 1819. Son: John. Daughters: Sarah WOODWARD, Charlotte JONKSON. Other: Grandchildren, Resiah WOODWARD, Elem WOODWARD,and Asher WOODWARD (sons of dau Sarah); Johannah CAYWOOD (dau of son John), unnamed daughter of Sarah. Executors: Bowdiwine DECKER, Andrew ROGERS.Witnesses: Sylvester AUSTIN, Solomon AUSTIN and Isaac SMALLEY.

CHAMBERS, Abigah of Byram. 887S – W. 18 Feb 1801; Filed 11 Aug 1801. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Two youngest, Robert and Daniel; James, Abijah, Isaaac, William and Joseph. Daughters: Elizabeth, Phebe, Mary and Deborah. Executor: Son, Robert. Witnesses: John MASSIKER, Darius COE and Simon DICKERSON.

CHAMBERS, Joseph. 1050S – W. 13 Jul 1805; 3 Sept 1805. Son: Samuel (a minor). Others: His father, Samuel CHAMBERS of Walpack; Margaret MARVEL (rel not stated); Christeen MARBEL (rel not stated); sister Jane ROBINSON; bro, James CHAMBERS, and James’ son, Joseph CHAMBERS. Executors: Aaron DRAKE and Margaret MARVEL. Witnesses: John DEPUE, Jr., Daniel ENNIS and Aaron VAN CAMPEN.

CHAMBERS, Samuel of Walpack. 258S – W. 14 Apr 1778; Filed 9 Nov 1778. Wife: Sarah. Sons: William, Benjamin, John, Peter, Joseph and James. Daughters: Jean, Christina (dec’d) and Mary.Executors: Daniel DECKER and Harmanus COLE. Witnesses: R. LOCKERBY, Abraham DECKER and Nicoles BRINK.

CHANDLER, Anna E. of Lafayette. 3646S – W. 16 Aug 1870; Filed 24 Oct 1870. Husband: Theodore L. CHANDLER. Sons: John F. & George E. CHANDLER. Others: Sisters, Fanny INGERSOLL & Emma INGERSOLL. Executor: Friend, James B. HOUSTEN. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD & Oakley B. PELLET.

CHANDLER, Joseph of Minisink. 3647S – W. 8 Mar 1863; Filed 3 Feb 1870. Wife: Ellen. Sons: Nathaniel H. & Samuel. Daughters: Rachel w/o Charles BUCKLEY & Frances. Others: Grson, John CHANDLER, s/o Nathaniel. Executors: Sons, Nathaniel & Samuel CHANDLER, and Simeon M. COYKENDALL. Witness: John C. WISNER.

CHESTNUTWOOD, Jacob of Independence. 675S – W. 13 Mar 1793; Filed 3 Jun 1796. Others: Mary WILLETS; Martha WIDDIFIELD; Robert WILLETS; bro, Sebastian CHESTNUTWOOD; Abraham CHESTNUTWOOD; 2 sisters, Barbary and Elizabeth. Executors: Jonathan WILLSON and Moses WILLSON. Witnesses: Elihu WILLSON, Margaret WILLSON and Jonathan WILLSON, Jr.

CLARK, Isaac of Montague. 3127S – W. 13 Nov 1859; Filed 2 Apr 1861. Sons: William & James. Daughters: Experience WOOD w/o John H., Ellietta (dec’d). Others: Grsons, Isaac, Soveryne, George Y., William V. and Joseph HORNBECK, all ch/o dec’d dau Ellietta. Executors: Son William CLARK, son-in-law, John H. WOOD, & Issac HORNBECK. Witnesses: Lewis HOWELL & John LINN.

CLARK, Mathias of Sandyston. 1302S – W. 21 Feb 1812; Filed 11 Mar 1812. Sons: Bethuel, Calvin and Luther. Daughter: Deborah w/o Cornelius ENNES. Others: Gr-sons, Aaron CLARK and Jeptha CLARK. Executor: Son, Luther CLARK. Witnesses: Samuel Jno. FIELD, Isaac CARMER and Anna PROBASCO.

CLARK, Roger of Montague. 1582S – W. 14 Mar 1817; Filed 18 Mar 1817. Wife: Amy. Others: Nephew, Sanford CLARK of Mount Pleasant, Wayne Co., PA; black girl, Elizabeth and negro boy Stephen. Executors: Sanford CLARK and James STOLL. Witnesses: Christopher LONGSTREET, George CLARKE and Elizabeth VANNETTA.

CLARK, Sanford of Montague. 1875S – W. 28 July 1827; Filed 21 Dec 18127. Wife: Sarah. Daughters: Nancy and Catherine. Others: Father, John CLARK; uncle, Roger CLARK; blackgirl, Joan.Executors: Wife, Sarah CLARK, James WALLACE and Josiah FOSTER. Witnesses: Jonathan DOOLITTLE, James EAGOR and John ABER.

CLAUSEN, Abraham Jr. of Hardwick; 1645S – W. 08 Aug 1819; Filed 16 Oct 1819. Wife: Elizabeth. Other: Children mentioned but not named. Executors: Wife Elizabeth and “friend” Amos Shiner.Witnesses: Joseph DRAKE, Andrew SHINER.

CLINE, Lodeways of Greenwich. 677S – W. 11 Jul 1796; Filed 16 Aug 1796. Sons: Lodeways and Michal. Daughters: Sarah STEELSMITH, Margaret DEMOND, Elisabeth TEAL, Mary BRINK (dec’d), Catherine TEAL (dec’d), Elizabeth KITHTER (dec’d). Grandchildren: Mary’s 4 children, Catherine’s 3 children and Elizabeth’s 4 children (none named). Executors: Son, Lodaways CLINE and s-n-l, Peter DEMOND. Witnesses: George ARMSTRONG, William ERWINE and Caty ERWINE.

CLOUSE, Albert. 3706S – Filed 3 Apr 1871. Wife: Not named. Children: Not named. NOTES: died 9 Feb 1871. Executor: ? Witnesses: Jno. L. BROWN and Angel- M. CLOUSE.