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BODINGHAMMER, Elizabeth of Mansfield. 1732S – W. 12 Aug 1823; Proved 29 Oct 1823. Daughter: Christian. Executors: Henry N. WINTERS. Witnesses: Peter WELLER, Daniel OSMUN and Joseph WELLER.

BOLDING, Edward of Frankford. 1269S – Filed 16 May 1811. Wife: Hannah. Son: Peter Francis. Daughter: Caty. Others: Gr-son, George GARDNER (a minor); gr-son George. Executors: Jacob BOCKOVER, Jr. and Jonathan M. BOCKOVER. Witnesses: Ester BOCKOVER, John BOCKOVER and George BOCKOVER.

BONKER, Jeremiah of Frankford. 1046S – W. 16 Apr 1804; Filed 27 Dec 1805. Wife: Deborah. Sons: Nathaniel, Stephen, James, Jeremiah and John. Daughter: Hester. Executors: Wife, Deborah BONKER, John LINN and William CHARDAVOYNE. Witnesses: Anthony CHARDAVOYNE, John STEVENS and John SANDERS.

BONNELL, John of Wantage. 3582S – W. 13 Jan 1866; Cod. 22 Jun 1866; Filed 20 Jul 1869. Named: Dau, Jane EVANS; grandson, Lewis B. EVANS; Frances Mariah WILCOX (a minor) dau/o Deby; Jerusha TOWNSEND dau/o friend, John; Hannah BEEMER dau/o friend, Jacob H.; ch/o friends Christopher and Samuel SIMMONS. Executors: John TOWNSEND and Jacob H. BEEMER.Witnesses: Thomas KAYS and Franklin SMITH.

BOWERS, Jacob of Greenwich. 1514S – W. 11 Oct 1816; Filed 20 Feb 1817. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Jacob and Christopher. Daughters: Catherine w/o John SHAVER, Mary w/o Thomas McHENRY, Ann w/o Abraham HANA, Elizabeth w/o George CLINE, Sarah w/o Peter CLINE and Leah w/o Samuel BRADFORD. Executors: Sons, Jacob and Christopher BOWERS. Witnesses: Peter WINTERS, Tunis WINTERS and William KENNEDY.

BOWLBY, John Sr. of Mansfield-Woodhouse. 319S – W. 7 Dec. 1779; Filed 1781. Wife: Mary. Sons: Samuel, John and Thomas. Daughters: Hannah PALMER and Sarah COLEMAN. Others: (Gr-ch) Hannah’s ch, Phillip, Mary DALEY, Sarah and Ruhamah; Samuel’s daus, Hanah, Sarah, Mary and Anne; John’s dau, Mary; Thomas dau, Olive; and Sarah’s dau, Mary COLEMAN; Nephew, Edward BOWLBY; bro Gr ___ BOWLBY. Executors: Joseph LANNING. Witnesses: Edward LANNING, Isaac LANNING and Altje LANNING.

BOWLBY, John Sr. of Mansfield. 1629S – W. 9 Nov 1815; Filed 25 Sep 1818; Pro. 24 Nov 1818. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Robert, Thomas, John, James and Samuel. Daughters: Mary PARKER, Catherine ALLEN and Hannah BOWLBY. Others: Gr-dau, Polly, d/o Samuel and w/o Abel ERWIN. Executors: Sons, Robert and Thomas BOWLBY. Witnesses: Thomas ANDERSON, Jacob VAN HORN and Henry HANKINSON.

BOYD, Margaret (widow of John) of Monroe, Orange Co., NY. 2573S – W. 30 Mar 1843; Filed 2 May 1849. Son: John C. BOYD. Daughter: Mary C. BOYD. Others: gr-son, Willaim Crawford THOMPSON. Executors: Son John C. BOYD and S-nl, Francis M. WOODHULL. Witnesses: John Jay THOMPSON, Sarah THOMPSON and Sarah THOMPSON, Jr. all of Monroe, Orange Co., NY.

BOYD, William of Independence. 1344S – W. 7 Aug 1813; Filed 20 Oct 1813. Wife: Jane. Sons: John, William, James and Samuel (last two minors). Daughter: Elizabeth. Executors: S-n-l, John HANCE and John ROBISON/ROBERTSON. Witnesses: William HAMPTON, Joseph CAMPBELL and William LITTLE, Jr.

BRAND, Jacob of Knowlton. 1516S – W. 29 Jul 1813; Filed 29 Jan 1817. Son: Jacob. Daughter: Rachel BROWN. Executor: Barnabas SWAYZE. Witnesses: Dorothy WILDRICK, Eleanor VANSCODER and Barnabas SWAYZE.

BRANDS, Charlotte, late of Knowlton but now residing in Stillwater. 3324S – W. 16 Dec 1864; Filed 4 Mar 1865. Named: Joseph BRUSH (relationship not stated); nephew Joseph FIELDS; 5 nieces (ch/o Rebecca FIELDS) viz. Phebe M. PROBASSCO, Lydia LORD, Caroline HANKINSON w/o Joseph, Permelia SPACE and Mary FIELDS. Executor: Daniel S. ANDERSON. Witnesses: Levi D. MILLER; Sylvester H. JOHNSON and Mary JOHNSON.

BRANDS, Dorothy of Knowlton. 1832S – W. 16 Aug 1818; Filed 24 Apr 1820. Daughter: Rachel BROWN. Others: Gr-children, Dorothy MORRIS, David and Timothy MININIS, Susanna STONEMAN, Dorothy WILLIAMS(sic), Dorothy BROWN, and Dorothy SILVERTHORN. Executor: Gershom BARTOW. Witnesses: James BRANDS, Jr. and Sally SILVERTHORN.

BRANDT, Elizabeth Hoyt. 3460S – W. 19 Sep 1866; Filed 26 Mar 1867. Named: Eliza McCARTER, Ellen C. HALLOCK, Neskitt BRANDT and Elizabeth STILLWELL; bro Wm. H. BRANDT of Belleville; sis, Mary M. BROWN of Norwalk, CT. Executor: Brother, Wm. H. BRANDT. Witnesses: John McCARTER and Horace V. EDSALL.

BRASTED, William of Hardiston. 1271S – W. 13 May 1802; Cod. 13 Nov 1802; Filed 11 Jul 1811. Wife: Not named. Sons: James and William. Daughters: Christian, Anna, Rebecca, Mary and Susannah. Executor: Son, James BRASTED. Witnesses: Thomas VAN KIRK, Noah HAMMOND, Jr. and Joshua HAMMOND. Cod. Wit: Same.

BRIDGEN, Thomas B. of Knowlton. 1005S – W. Jan 1804; Filed 8 May 1804. Wife: Sarah (dau of Joseph SCOTT). Sons: Thomas, Edward and William. Daughter: Catherine ERNEST w/o Anthony. NOTE: Wife Sarah the mother of only one of his sons (probably William). His late wife was Catherine TAYLOROthers: Late wife’s dau, Eliza BLEEKER w/o John Rutger BLEEKER; Anna Maria BRIDGEN and Catherine BRIDGEN (rel not stated); Wife’s half sister, Susan DOTY. Executor: Saunders LANSING of Albany, NY. Witnesses: Henry HANKINSON, Jabez GWINNUP and Erastus LONG.

BRINK, Cornelius of Montague. 1048S – W. 2 Nov 1805; Filed 23 Nov 1805. Wife: Sarah. Executors: Wife, Sarah BRINK and Simon CORTRIGHT. Witnesses: Wilhelmus HOGHTALIN and Peter VAN AUKEN.

BRINK, Enos of Wantage. 3702S – W. 28 Jan 1868; Filed 28 Feb 1871. Wife: Nelly. Others: Grson, Lovatus WILSON; Margaret Jane WINFIELD (rel not stated); grson, Enos and Levi sons/o Levi BEEMER; grdau Fanny, Catherine & Anna daus/o Levi BEEMER. Executors: Lovatus WILSON and Isaiah DAVENPORT. Witnesses: Ira D. HUFFMANN and Horace BRINK.

BRINK, James of Sandyston. 1299S – W. 4 Mar 1812; Filed 1 Apr 1812. Wife: Aurarencha(sic). Sons: Andrew Dingman (a minor), Derick, John and Matthew. Daughters: Lydia (dec’d). Others: Gr-dau, Roanna d/o Lydia. Executors: Sons, Derick and Matthew BRINK. Witnesses: Lemmy THRALL, Samuel S. THRALL and Joe C. COX.

BRINK, James of Wantage. 2827S – W. 17 Jul 1854; Filed 15 Jun 1855. Wife: Rosanna. Sons: Horace. Daughters: (Some minors) Sarah Maria (this could be two daus, Sarah and Maria), Elizabeth, Hannah, Amanda w/o David SPACE. Executor: William J. OWEN. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD and Robert T. SHAFER.

BRINK, Maria of Wantage. 3984S – W. 1860; Filed 27 Dec 1860. Named: Sarah BRINK “my eldest daughter”; grandson, Newton BRINK. Executor: Grson, Newton BRINK. Witnesses: Oliver L. BROSS and James N. SPENCER.

BRINK, Peter of Wantage. 2490S – W. 16 Sep 1847; 9 Oct 1847. Wife: Mary. Sons: Joseph E., Chandler and William. Daughters: Sarah and Jane. Executors: Son, Chandler BRINK and Samuel WICKHAM. Witnesses: William COLE, Peter DOUGH and Smith LINTES.

BRITTON, Elizabeth of Newton. 3515S – W. 7 Feb 1868; Filed 17 Apr 1868. Son: Pemberton BRITTON. Others: Mary RAYMOND, Robert McCARTER, George R. McCARTER & Harris McCARTER; William, Louisa, Frank & Robert, the four younger ch/o of Susan I. NELDON; Charles, Elizabeth, Susan & Caroline, the four younger ch/o Charles P. RORBACK; John RORBACK and his three ch, William, Henretta & Elizabeth; Sarah MANNING and her 2 ch, Alexander & Margaret; Robert M. RORBACK and his 2 ch, Annie & John; Frank CORRY son/o Perry CORRY.Executor: Pemberton BRITTON. Witnesses: John F. CONGER and David THOMPSON.

BRODHEAD, Basheba of Newton. 2828S – W. 10 Jul 1854; Filed 23 Feb 1855. Daughters: Ann w/o Thomas M. ARMSTRONG, Catherine wid/o Asa HALL and Betsey w/o John H. HALL.Others: Lauristine ARMSTRONG d/o Thomas M. ARMSTRONG of New York City; nephew Nelson P. MOORE and his dau Jane MOORE; Bethsheba HALL d/o John H.. Executors: Daughters, Ann ARMSTRONG and Catherine HALL. Witnesses: Hannah S. LINN and Jno. LEWIS.

BROOKS, Cooper of Vernon. 1219S – Filed 6 Nov 1809. Wife: Sarah. Sons: Benjamin and Joseph. Executors: Son, Benjamin BROOKS and Joseph HOUSTON. Witnesses: Jonathan CAMPBELL, John WHARY and Sarah POWELL.

BROSS, James H. of Vernon. 2785S – W. 15 Oct 1854; Filed 17 Nov 1854. Others: Niece, Nancy w/o James CHAMBERLAIN; niece, Sarah WHITEHEAD; sister, Sarah BLOOM; niece Jane, w/o Joseph LONGWELL. Executors: James CHAMBERLAIN, Charles ARVIS and David HAIGHT. Witnesses: Sharp BACKSTER, Isaac R. VAN GELDER and Stephen SHINER.

BROWN, George of Hardwick. 1270S – W. 24 Aug 1811; Filed 27 Nov 1811. Others: (Rel not stated) George BROWN s/o Patrick; James Freeman BROWN s/o James; Alpheus BROWN 2nd s/o James; Samuel BROWN. Executors: James BROWN. Witnesses: John HANKINSON, Aaron HANKINSON, Jr. and Henry JOHNSON, Jr.

BROWN, Henry of Wantage. 405S – W. 19 Feb 1786; Filed 10 Mar 1786. Sons: Eldest son, John, Thomas and Henry, the youngest. Daughters: Pruince/Cruince(sic), and Anne. Executors: Thomas BROWN, Henry BROWN and James CUDEBAC. Witnesses: William METT and George BACKSTER.

BROWN, James of Knowlton. 551S – W. 8 Apr 1775; Filed 16 Oct 1793. Wife: Sarah. Sons: Eldest son, John, James and Daniel. Daughters: Martha w/o Henry BRUGLAR, Sarah w/o BRUGHLAR and Charity. Executors: Daniel BROWN and Charity BROWN. Witnesses: John KING, William STRINGER and William REA.

BROWN, James Sr. of Knowlton; 1640S – W. 2 Feb 1819; Filed 16 Jul 1819. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Nicholas, James, Isaac V., John, Joseph, Samuel, Ralph and Daniel. Daughters: Mary ANGEL, wife of John and Sarah FRITZ. Executors: Wife Elizabeth and son Joseph. Witnesses: Jacob PHILIPS, Jacob BECK, Robert ROSS.

BROWN, James of Stillwater. 2121S – W. 8 Mar 1834; Filed 15 Apr 1834. Wife: Elizabeth. Son: James F. Daughters: Jane Maria STITES, Desire CRATE, and Elisabeth RICE. Executors: James F. BROWN and John CRATE. Witnesses: Wm. MATTISON, Charles ROY and Joseph H. HAZEN.

BROWN, Walter Sr. of Knowlton. 163S – W. 20 Dec 1771; Filed 24 Feb 1772. Wife: Joanna. Sons: Walter, Jeremiah, Obadiah, Caleb, Samuel, Nathan, Daniel and Israel. Daughters: Joanna, Penelope, Mehitabel and Experience. Executors: Israel SWAZEY and Elijah HORTON ‘both of Morris Co.’. Witnesses: John MITCHEL, Reuben MANNING and Amos ROBBARTS.

BRYANT, John of Wantage. 257S – W. 23 Nov 1778; Filed 14 Dec 1778. Daughter: Susanna BRYANT. Executors: Phineas COX and Benjamin DEPUE. Witnesses: Mary DECKER and Johanis Rich’d WILSIN.

BUCKNER, Hannah of Newton. 1843S – W. 26 Feb 1822; Filed 7 Aug 1826. Daughter: Catherine DECOW w/o John. Others: Gr-sons Philip and John DECOW. Executors: Vancleve MOORE and Ephraim GREEN. Witnesses: Wm. T. ANDERSON, Edward H. SWAYZE and John ADAMS.

BUCKNER, John of Hardwick. 496S – W. 11 Jul 1791; Filed 11 Sep 1791. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Philip, John, Henry, Jacob, Christopher, Daniel, Frederick and Peter. Daughters: Mary and Margaret.Others: Gr-son, John s/o Philip. Executors: Sons, Philip, John and Christopher BUCKNER. Witnesses: George McEOWAN, Frederick BUCKNER and Daniel BUCKNER.

BULLMAN, Thomas of Greenwich. 1758S – W. 14 Jan 1823; Filed 30 Jul 1824. Wife: Mary. Sons: Thomas (dec’d). Daughters: Gertrude BAKER, w/o Joseph; Nancy BULLMAN; Mary KERR, w/o Jacob; Ursula SITGREAVES (dec’d). Others: Charles SITGREAVES, s/o Ursula; Thomas Pursal BULLMAN, s/o Thomas; grandsons, Thomas Bullman BAKER, Nathan BAKER, Joseph BAKER, Jr., Thomas Hampton KERR and George Washington KERR. Executors: Wife Mary, daughter Nancy and Michael ROSENBURY, Sr. Witnesses: Jack KERR, John MIXWELL and Charles SITGREAVES.

BUNNEL, Henry of Walpack. 1844S – 26 Jul 1826; Proved 23 Aug 1826. Wife: Mary. NOTE: 10 children, some minors. Sons: Gershom, David, Robert, Isaac, James, John and Henry. Daughters: Julian w/o Jesse DENMAN, Mary and Elenor. Executors: Son, Gershom and Christian SMITH. Witnesses: Richard BRODHEAD, and Nathaniel VAN AUKEN

BUNTING, Abner of Stillwater. 2697S – W. 15 Apr 1851; Filed 13 Jan 1852. Wife: Anna. Sons: John C., Levey, William Alfred, Enos H. and Theodore. Daughters: Phebe Ann LAING (Joseph C. LAING), Emily E. MATTISON and Sarah M. BUNTING. (8 children – 5 sons and 3 daus) Executors: Wife, Anna BUNTING and sons, Levey, William Alfred and Enos H. BUNTING. Witnesses:William HUNT, Henry J. HANKINSON and James I. SHOTWELL.

BURDGE, Mary of Oxford. 1628S – W. 15 Apr 1814; Filed 14 Apr 1818. Son: Samuel BURDGE. Daughters: Rachel WHITESEL, Elizabeth NEWMAN, Phebe COOK and Mary GLOVER.Executor: Son, Samuel BURDGE. Witnesses: Joseph CORYESS and George G. HOWELL.

BURKLY/BUCKLY, John of Hardyston; 1642S – W. 9 Dec 1818; Filed 7 Jun 1819. Sons: Ruben, Robert and John. Daughters: Anney. Other: George and James Burkly ( probably sons but not identified as sons). Executor: Son Ruben Burkly. Witnesses: Thomas VANKIRK, Noah HAMMOND, Patrick HARDIMAN.

BYERLY, John of Newton. 2737S – W. 27 Jun 1853; Filed 2 Aug 1853. Son: Robert L. BYERLY. Daughters: Elsey w/o David ROSE, Eveline w/o Androse ROSE (her 1st husband), and Elgah.Others: Grson, Albert W. ROSE s/o Eveline; Grson, Watson B. ROSE s/o Elsey. Executor: Son-in-law, Jacob ROSE (perhaps the 2nd husband of Eveline)Witnesses: David M. SAYRE, Mary S. LEPORT and Cyrus S. LEPORT.

BYRAM, Nicholas of Byram; 1643S – W. 10 Mar 1819; Filed 31 Mar 1819. Son: Nicholas Byram, Jr. Daughters: Six – only the two youngest are named – Phebe and Mary. Executors: Son Nicholas and Simeon DICKERSON. Witnesses: Samuel JOHNSON, John BEDELL, Abrahm LAWRENCE.