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BACKOVEN, Jacob, of Wantage Twp., 1638S – W. 12 Aug 1817; Filed 6 Apr 1819. Wife: Elizabeth Sons: Goerge and Jacob. Daughters: Anna HEN, Catherine UPTEGRAVE. Other: Grandchildren, Jacob C. Bockoven, Elizabeth G. Bockoven. Executors: Sons George and Jacob Bockoven. Witnesses: James HAMIL, Peter BOCKOVEN, John BOCKOVEN.

BACKSTER, Charles of Vernon. 2978S – W. 11 Jul 1857; Filed 26 Jan 1858. Wife: Mary. Sons: Charles C., John C., William, Sharp, George “now residing in Iowa” and David “now residing in Illinois”Daughters: Jane BACKSTER and Margaret WARD w/o George. Others: Dau-in-law, Lucy ANN w/o Charles C.; grsons, John and George BASKSTER ch/o William; grdau, Lucy Ann, Caroline and Margaret ch/o William. Executors: Sons, John C. BACKSTER, Charles C. BACKSTER and Sharp BACKSTER. Witnesses: Mathew BAILEy, Charles J. BACKSTER and Nathan B. GIVIANS.

BACKSTER, George of Wantage. 1668S – W. 15 May 1818; Filed 15 Feb 1820. Wife: Jane. Sons: John, Charles and Stephen. Daughters: Sarah, Anne and Mary Jane. Other: Grandson Charles BACKSTER, George BACKSTER, George BRUSH, George McCARRICK, gr-daughter Jane McCARRICK, George SMITH and Jane SMITH. Executors: Sons Charles and John BACKSTER and Christopher HAGGERTY. Witnesses: Michael O’CONNER, Richard COURSEN and John B. SMITH.

BAILEY, Daniel of Vernon. 2195S – W. 12 May 1839; Filed 29 May 1839. Wife: Jane. Sons: Mathew. Daughters: Metilda, Nonche (sic), Mary, Susan, Alizida and Sarah Jane. Executors: Wife Jane and son Mathew. Witnesses: Gabrial HOUSTON, Susan Ann HOUSTON and William RHODES.

BAILEY, Samuel of Vernon. 2119S – W. 18 Jul 1828; Filed 4 Jan 1834. Wife: Abigail. Sons: Squire W. Bailey. Daughters: Eldest dau, Kesiah STRAWWAY, Hannah, Claresy GASPER and Clorinda. Executors: Wife, Abigail and Benjamin Brooks. Witnesses: Phinius TUTHILL, Aaron BUNN and Joseph LONGWELL.

BAILEY, Stephen of Sussex Co.; 1637S – 2 May 1819; Filed 28 Jun 1819. Wife: Hulda. Sons: Stephen, Daniel, Thomas, William and Samuel. Daughters: Hetty, wife of Charles MOTT; Tilda, wife of Joseph EDMONSON. Other: Grandaughter, Hulda MOTT. Executors: Wife Hulda Bailey, Daniel Baily and Mathew Van Norstrand. Witnesses: Francis ELLIS, Sally BURR, Charles BACKSTER.

BAKEMAN, Hannah of Walpack. 2329S – W. 28 Jul 1823; Filed 5 Jun 1843. Named: Son-in-law, Enos JOHNSON and his wife Elziabeth (received lots in Delaware Twp., Pike Co., PA and land in Montgomery, Orange Co., NY.); bro, Noah and sister Eve; dec’d sister Elizabeth; sister Sophia. (no last names given.) Executor: John F. ROSENKRANS. Witnesses: Abner HASBROUCH, Abrm. V. C. ROSENKRANS and Abram VAN CAMP.

BAKER, Thomas of Wallpack. 395S – W. 1 Mar 1788; Filed 27 May 1788. Wife: Ann. Sons: Jonathan, Henry, William, Daniel, John and Joshua. Daughters: Mary, Sarah, Ann and Jude. Executors: Nicholas DEPUE and son, Jonathan BAKER. Witnesses: Abraham VAN CAMPEN, Henry BILES and Robert LOCKERBY.

BALDWIN, Asa of Sandystone. 846S – W. 13 Nov 1799; Filed 20 Feb 1800. Wife: Hetta. Daughters: Sarah and Fanny (youngest dau – a minor). Executor: Wife, Hetta BALDWIN. Witnesses: Guisbert CARMER, Francis SMITH and Isaac KERMER.

BALDWIN, Jonathan, of Newton. 1636S – W. 16 Nov 1819; filed 8 Dec 1819. Wife: Sarah. Sons: William, Mathias Frazer (both underage) Daughter: Rachel Ann (underage). Executors: Wife Sarah and Job S. HALSTED. Witnesses: Ephraim GREEN, Jr., David RYERSON, Lewis HOWELL, Jacob TUTTLE.

BALL, Ralph R. of Hardiston. 3069S – W. 1 Sep 1863; Filed 13 Nov 1863. Wife: Catherine. Son: George (Note: refers to “my children” but George is the only one named.) Executor: Wife, Catherine BALL. Witnesses: Stephen C. BALL, Mary L. BALL and Mary L. HILER.

BANGHART, Andrew of Knowlton. 1639 S – W. 1819; Pro. 8 May 1819. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Andrew. Daughters: Barbary RIBBLE, Mary DEWITT. Other: Grandsons, George RIBBLE, Mathew and John DEWITT. Executors: Wife Catheren, son Andrew and Gershom BARTOW. Witnesses: David MANN, Jacob HUMMERS, James BAIRD.

BANGHART, Barnabas of Knowlton. 1703S – W. 24 Apr 1822; Filed 08 Jul 1822. Son: Andrew (dec’d). Others: Children of Andrew – Sary, William and John, and George Ribble, Jr. (relationship not stated. See will of Andrew Banghart). Executors: Joseph COATS. Witnesses: James VANKIRK and Daniel SHANNON.

BARBER, John of Greenwich. 277S – W. 13 Dec 1777; Filed 1778. Wife: Margaret. Sons. Phineas and Jesse. Daughters: Mary ENNIS. Executors: James DAVISON, Esq. and Col. Matthias SHIPMAN. Witnesses: Ludlum SALMON, Joseph TREAT and Matthias SHIPMAN.

BARBER, Thomas of Greenwich. 1492S – W. 20 Sep 1808; Filed 5 Dec 1816. Wife: Margaret. Sons: Samuel and John (dec’d). Daughters: Phebe STIVERS, Elizabeth NACE(sic) w/o George and Ann Perine MUCHLER. Others: S-n-l, John STIVERS; Thomas and Robert BARBER s/o dec’d son John. Executors: Wife, Margaret, dau Ann (Nancy) Perine MUCHLER and William KENNEDY.Witnesses: James McCARTER, James J. KENNEDY and William M. KENNEDY.

BARTHOLMY, John of Greenwich. 162S – 13 May 1772; Filed 27 Jul 1772. Son: John. Daughters: Margaret, Leary, Kit (this could be Leary FITE), Sarah, Mary Catren and Elizabeth. Executors: John FITE, and Lodewick CLINE. Witnesses: Michael SIFFERS, Alexander WHITE and Johann L. WORTMAN.

BARTOW, James of Hardwick. 724S – 18 Aug 1792; Pro. 11 Jul 1797. Wife: Johannah. Sons: Gershom, Levi and Simeon. Daughter: Elenor VANSICKEL. Others: Hannah LEE (rel not stated).Executors: Sons, Levi & Gershom BARTOW. Witnesses: Richard KINNEY, John DURLING and Thomas NUNN.

BARTOW, Joanna of Hardwick. 1223S – W. 5 Apr 1806; Filed 3 Apr 1810. Sons: Simeon, Levi and Gershom. Daughter: Step-dau, Nelly VAN SICKLE. Others: Simeons oldest son, James.Executors: Sons Levi & Gershom. Witnesses: N/A

BATES, Benjamin of Sparta. 2629S – W. 22 Dec 1849; Filed 28 May 1850. Wife: Eliza. Others: Catherine FORCE, dau of his wife. Executor: Wife, Eliza BATES. Witnesses: Richard R. MORIS, Thomas LAWRENCE and J. L. MORRIS, Jr.

BAYLES, Michal of Mansfield-Woodhouse. 292S – W. 22 Dec 1779; Filed 1780. Wife: Mary. Sons: Eldest, George and Michael. Daughters: Catherine. Others: Grch, Andrew YOUNG and Catherine and Elizabeth HUFFER. Executors: Sons, George and Michael BAYLES. Witnesses: ?(illegible), George ALBERT and Jacob LUNGER, Jr.

BEACH, Ira of Newton. 3390S – W. 28 Feb 1865; Filed 24 Jul 1866. Wife: Eleanor. Sons: William S. and Thomas Burt. Executors: Two sons, William S. BEACH and Thomas Burt BEACH.Witnesses: Lewis H. SMITH and John R. STUART/STEWART.

BEAMER, Joel of Wantage. 1812S – W. 9 Aug 1821; Filed 30 Nov 1825. Others: Mother, Jemima BEAMER. Executor: John S. SMITH. Witnesses: Mathias H. OGDEN, David COOK and Henry BEAMER, Jr.

BEAMER, Peter of Wantage. 1918S – W. 25 Feb 1828; Filed 31 Mar 1828. Wife: Fanna (sic). Children: Not named (all minors). Others: Father, Peter BEAMER (dec’d). Executors: Wife Fanna and Christopher CORTRIGHT. Witnesses: Abraham RICHARDS, Joel ROLOSON and Jacob AYERS.

BEARDSLEE, Charles of Hardiston. 1871S – W. 13 Jun 1827; Pr. 29 Jun 1827. Wife: Rebecky. Children: Indicated but not named. Others: Brother, Thomas BEARDSLEE. Executors: Wife Rebecky BEARDSLEE and bro, Thomas BEARDSLEE. Witnesses: Edward S. BEARDSLEE, Noadiah J. WADE and Charles WADE.

BEARDSLEE, Susanna Mipes. 2345S – W. 22 Dec 1838; Filed 3 Apr 1844. Sons: Nathaniel K (J?). and Edward S. Daughters: Sabbella LINN and Cartherine CRONE. Executors: Son, Nathaniel BEARDSLEE and “esteemed neighbor” Joseph LINN. Witnesses: Wm. H. LINN, Henrietta LINN and Luciila M. LINN.

BEAVERS, Moses H. of Mansfield. 1707S – W. 18 Jul 1822; Filed 21 Oct 1822. Others: Sister Susan and father, Robert BEAVERS. Adm: Robert BEAVERS Witnesses: Thomas P. STEWART, John WARNE, Jr. and Isaaac SCOTT.

BEAVERS, Robert of Mansfield. 1705S – W. 06 Oct 1822; Filed 21 Oct 1822. Wife: Catherine. Sons: John (dec’d). Daughters: Susan, Elizabeth STINSON, Euphemia REEDER, Mary LITTLE, Nancy SWAYZE, Elcy THOMPSON, Lydia BONNEL and Sarah HAMPTON. Others: Sarah Ann, William Hampton and John Anderson BEAVERS, children of son John. Executors: S-n-L William THOMPSON and David P. SHROPS. Witnesses: Moses BEAVERS, Thomas BOWLBY and George GAREY.

BEDELL, Abraham of Hardiston. 1044S – W. 25 Oct 1805; Filed 29 Nov 1805. Wife: Mary. Sons: Jacob, John and the two youngest, Abraham and William. Daughters: Sarah MEEKER and Catherine LITTLE. Others: S-n-l, Lewis MEEKER; Rachel CRAMPTON (rel not stated); s-n-l, John Meeker LITTLE. Executors: Wife, Mary BEDELL, son, Jacob BEDELL and s-n-l, John Meeker LITTLE. Witnesses: Richard RUSSELL, Peter SMITH and Sarah YAW.

BEDELL, Amelia of Sparta. 3391S – W. 2 May 1863; Filed 7 Mar 1866. Named: Bro, Zophar HALSEY; dec’d sister, Lydia H. EASTON; niece Amelia B. SMITH w/oSidney and d/o bro Herrick (HALSEY); Amelia’s sister, Laura; bros, Henry C. Warren and Herrick HALSEY; neice Elizabeth I. HUDSON; neices, Sarah DAVIS w/o Henry, Caroline HALSEY d/o Henry and Henrietta BLAIR; friend, Sarah A. NORMAN; Anna W. SMITH d/o Amelia B.; Mary and Ann HALSEY d/o bro Warren; Sarah Ophelia HALSEY d/o bro Zophar; Sarah Jane w/o Zophar (HALSEY); Elizabeth w/of John BOSS; Amelia BEDELL d/o Amzi; 1st Presbyterina Church of Sparta. Executor: Bro, Zophar HALSEY. Witnesses: David M. SAYRE, Jacob H. SHUMAN and Whitfield H. HURD.

BEDELL, Henry of Frankford. 764S – W. 6 Mar 1798; Filed 31 Mar 1798. Wife: Susannah. Children: “All my childen” (some minors – none named). Executors: Wife, Susannah BEDELL, John BEDELL and Jonathan BEDELL. Witnesses: George BOCKOVEN and John HOUGH.

BEDELL, John of Sandyston. 1162S – W. Aug 1808; Filed 5 Sep 1808. Wife: Deborah. Sons: Ezekiel, Stephen and Isaac. Daughters: Easter w/o Jacob CROSSMAN and Mary VAN DYKE. Others: Gr-ch, Mary and Hannah BEDELL c/o Ezekiel,and John and Garret VAN DYKE c/o dau Mary. Executors: Son, Stephen BEDELL and friend, John LAYTON. Witnesses: Simon CORTRIGHT, John LODER, and Christian HOUGH.

BEDELL, John of Byram. 3168S – W. 9 Mar 1845; Filed 13 Nov 1862. Wife: Amelia. Others named: Nephew, Alexander EASTON; bros, George and Joseph BEDELL; wife’s bro, Henry C. HALSEY; niece, Maria W. EASTON; sister, Mary EASTON; bros William and Samuel BEDELL (both dec’d); wife’s niece, Amelia B. DAVIS d/o William DAVIS (dec’d); niece Elizabeth B. w/o John ROSS. Executors: Wife, Amelia BEDELL, Henry C. HALSEY and Alexander EASTON. Witnesses: Noah CRANE, Benjamin PITNEY and Henry C. BEACH.

BEDELL, Stephen of Sandyston. 2196S – W. 14 Apr 1838; Filed 22 Jul 1839. Sons: Isaac, Jacob, Ezekiel, John and Stephen. Daughters: Elizabeth BENNET, Christian HOUGH and Mary VANAUKEN. Others: Gr-dau Phebe PROBASCO oldest child of dau Elizabeth; Deborah CORTRIGHT, w/o Ruben and their children, Peter, Isaac, Willhelmus, John, Phebe, Caty, Lucinda, Jane and Margaret. (Deborah is possibly another dau of Stephen). Executors: Friends, John LAYTON and William TUTTLE. Witnesses: Aaron CLARK, James CARMER and William CARMER.

BEEGLE, Emily E. of Newton. 3169S – W. 22 Oct 1861; Filed 28 Jan 1862. Named: Brothers, William and Lewis BEEGLE; niece, Emily d/o Samuel BEEGLE; Letitia w/o brother John S. BEEGLE; Sophia A. of Camden, NJ d/o bro Henry B. BEEGLE Executors: Henry B. BEEGLE. Witnesses: Frances M. ANDERSON and Thomas ANDERSON.

BEEMER, Jacob of Wantage. 2286S – W. 9 May, 1833; Cod. 15 Aug 1837; Filed 1 Jul 1842. Wife: Susanna. Sons: Abraham and Isaac. Daughters: Mary w/o Christopher CORTRIGHT, Sarah w/o Jonas FULLER, Fanny w/o Peter RICHARDS, Rachel w/o William VAN SICKLE and Elizabeth w/o Benjamin DUNNING. Executors: Sons, Abraham BEEMER and Isaac BEEMER. Witnesses:Martin RYERSON, Andrew L. RYERSON and Thos. C. RYERSON. Cod. Wit.: Waller RUTHERFORD, Martin RYERSON and Thos. C. RYERSON.

BEEMER, Jacob C. Jr. 3392S – W. 27 Feb 1866; Filed 3 Apr 1866. Named: Brothers & sisters, Enos, Franklin, Catherine, Ann and Levi, Jr. (last three minors)Executors: Bros, Enos BEEMER and Franklin BEEMER. Witnesses: W. H. RUTAN, Chandler AYRES and Enoch A. AYRES.

BEEMER, John of Wantage. 1814S – Filed 18 Jun 1825. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Moses. Others: Grandsons, Lastly and Alonson BEEMER, s/o Moses; 2 bound children, Rupel & Sally Landon.Executors: Wife, Catherine and VanTyle COURSEN. Witnesses: Erastus MAPES, Anna VAIL and B. WOODWARD.

BEEMER, John of Wantage (Deckertown). 3323S – W. 14 May 1864; Cod. 14 May 1864; Filed 1 Nov 1865. Wife: Effie. Sons: John. Daughters: Effie BEEMER, Catherine dec’d w/o Levi BROWER (left 2 grandsons), Melissa DAVIDSON. Others: Grson John BEEMER, Jr. s/o John; grdau Ellen d/o John; Jesy s/o John; grdau Berdine DAVIDSON; Grsons John B. CHRISTIE s/o Jonathan S.; other children of Jonathan by his present wife. Executors: Wife, Effie BEEMER, John BACKSTER and Levi SHEPHERD. Witnesses: J. A. WHITAKER and J. E. HORNBECK. Cod. Executors: Thomas KAYS and Levi SHEPHERD. Cod. Wit: George T. SMITH and I. Dawson WOODRIGHT.

BEEMER, Peter of Wantage. 962S – W. 15 Feb 1803; Filed 11 May 1803; Pr. 12 Sep 1803. Wife: (not named). Sons: Peter, John, Jacob and William. Daughters: Elizabeth, Catherine, Rebekah and Mary (dec’d?). Others: Mary’s children (not named) Executors: Sons, Peter and Jacob BEEMER and George BACKSTER. Witnesses: ?

BEEMER, Peter of Wantage. 1813S – W. 3 Nov 1825; Filed 15 Dec 1825. Wife: Mentioned but not named. Sons: Peter and David. Daughters: Probably others but only mentions Mary. Others: Grandsons Phillip and Hiram BEEMER. Executors: Sons, Peter and David and Jacob AYRES. Witnesses: John K. REED, Moses SHEPHERD and Benjamin VAN SICKLE, Jr.

BELL, Elijah of Walpack. 3513S – Filed: 29 Aug 1868. Wife: Amanda. Executors: Wife, Amanda BELL. Witnesses: Benjamin D. HANK, Robert BELL and Timothy E. SHAY.

BELL, James of ‘Upper Hardwick’. 294S – W. 29 Mar 1780; Filed 12 Oct 1780. Wife: Deborah. Children: Not named – estate divided equally among ‘my children’. Others: Father, Isaac BELL; b-n-l, Nathaniel HAZEN. Executors: Wife, Deborah BELL, Isaac BELL and Nathaniel HAZEN. Witnesses: Thomas HAZEN, Samuel GILES and Samuel HAZEN.

BELL, John of Frankford. 2884S – W. 31 Jul 1856; Filed 16 Aug 1856. Wife: Rebecca. Sons: William H. and Edward M. BELL. Daughter: Charlotte P. ALLEN. Others: Son-in-law, John L. ALLEN; Oscar H. BELL s/o Edward. Executors: Son, William H. BELL and s-n-l, John L. ALLEN. Witnesses: Peter C. OSBORN and David THOMPSON.

BELL, Leonard J. of Walpack. 3215S – W. 30 Mar 1863; Filed 20 Apr 1863. Wife: Lucinda. Sons: Elijah and Solomon (a minor)Daughters: “Youngest child” Margaret, Mary and Maria. Others:Episcopal Methodist Church in Pleasant Valley. Executors: Wife Lucinda BELL and Timothy E. SHAY. Witnesses: Isaac S. RUNDLE, Robert BELL and William VANHORN.

BELL, Peter of Stillwater. 2145S – W. 16 Sep 1834; Filed 17 Dec 1834. Sons: Robert, John (dec’d), and Jacob. Daughters: Nancy, Sarah, Esther, Rhoda and Margaret (son Robert appointed guardian of Margaret). Executors: Sons, Robert and Jacob BELL. Witnesses: Benjamin HALSEY, Jesse BELL and Jacob ARVIS.

BELL, Robert of Wallpack. 2698S – W. 22 Apr 1851; Filed 9 Sep 1852. Wife: Mary. Sons: Robert, Jesse, Leonard and Jacob. Daughters: Susan VAN AUKEN w/o Helan, Anna COLE w/o Abrm., Elizabeth STRUBLE w/o John, Margaret (dec’d?) w/o John BEVANS and Susan “now insane”Others: Grdau, Julia DIMON and grson, Leonard BELL. Executors: Sons Robert, Jesses and Leonard BELL. Witnesses: J. Allen EVERITT and John D. EVERITT.

BELLIS, Peter. 117S – W. 28 Sep 1766; Filed 7 (Feb/July?) 1767. Wife: Cristeen. Sons: Phillip and William. Executors: Wife, Cristeen and son, Phillip BELLIS. Witnesses: Antony STUTTLE, Richard LANEN and James HANNA.

BELLIS, Peter of Knowlton. 1163S – W. ?; Cod. 28 Apr 1798. Filed 21 Apr 1808. Wife: Elizabeth Catherine. Sons: Mathias, Anthony , John and Nicholas. Daughters: Anne, Christina, Elizabeth and Mary. Executors: Sons, Mathias and Anthony BELLIS. NOTE: Mathias died bef 28 Apr 1798. Witnesses: Jonah McCLELLAN, John TEEPLE and Christopher TEEPLE.

BENEDICT, Daniel of Vernon. 616S -W. 6 Jun 1795; Filed 16 Jul 1795. Wife: Hannah. Children: “Youngest child”, Rody BENEDICT (female). NOTE: No other children named. Executor: Wife, Hannah BENEDICT. Witnesses: Samuel BENJAMIN and James JACOBUS.

BENJAMIN, Nathan of Vernon. 2396S – W. 11 Sep 1842; Cod. 2 Jan 1845; Filed 24 Sep 1845. Wife: Margaret. Sons: John, David, Robert D. and Nathan. Daughters: Elizabeth GIVANS, Jemima WRIGHT, and Margaret HAMILTON w/o James. Others: Gr-son, John BENJAMIN s/o Nathan. Executors: Daniel HAINES and William BENJAMIN. Witnesses: Benjamin HAMILTON, John RICKY, and Geo. W. HAMILTON. Cod. Wit: Benjamin HAMILTON, Caroline HUFFMAN and Sarah HAMILTON.

BENJAMIN, William of Wantage. 3262S – W. 11 Dec 1863; Filed 2 Jan 1864. Wife: Susan. Son: Charles A. Daughters: Mary A., Emma C. and Caroline A. Executors: Wife, Susan BENJAMIN and friend, Levi SHEPHERD. Witnesses: Martin WILLSON and William ELSTON.

BENNET, Wilhelmis of Sandyston. 2699S – W. 1 Feb 1845; Filed 30 Jan 1852. Wife: Lydia. Sons: Aaron BENNET (dec’d) and Elijah BENNET. Daughter: Charlotte w/o John CORTRIGHT.Others: Grdau, Lydia BENNET d/o Aaron. Executors: Wife Lydia BENNET and Abraham BENNET. Witnesses: Amos VAN ETTEN and John THRALL.

BENNETT, Isaiah of Oxford. 1706S – W. 23 Sep 1822; Filed 20 Dec 1822. Wife: Abigail. Sons: James, Isaiah, Samuel, Abraham and Elizer. Daughters: Elizabeth TEETER, Sarah and Charity (both minors), Elsy, Rebeccah H, Mary, Lydia, Margaret, Levinah and Joanna. Other: Grandson, Elias TEETER s/o Elizabeth. Executors: Jonah HOWELL and Abraham NEWMAN. Witnesses: Barnabas SWAYZE, Levi HOWELL and Alexander BEIR.

BENNETT, James of Montague. 1266S – W. 7 May 1810; Filed 3 Oct 1811. Wife: Lydia. Sons: Joseph, Henry, James and Soveryne. Daughters: Sarah and Blandinah (minors). Executor: Wife, Lydia. Witnesses: Dudley STEARNS, Samuel P. WESTFALL and Joseph HORNBECK.

BERRY, Hulda of Stillwater. 3632S – W. 16 Oct 1886; Filed 21 Jan 1893. Sons: David H. RYMAN, Jr. and William S. RYMAN. Daughter: Georgiana PAUGH w/o Geo. Others: Grson, John J. ROSENKRANS (a minor – his mother dec’d)Executor: Son, David H. RYMAN, Jr. Witnesses: C. H. M. ANGLE and Fanny HANKINSON.

BERRY, Paul of Hardwick. 175S – W. 29 Mar 1772; Filed 7 Jan 1773. Sons: Daniel(David?), Samuel and John. Daughters: Cattrain w/o Dunken McCOLLOM. Executors: Dunken McCOLLUM and William NORCROSS. Witnesses: Lawrence DECKER, Jasper FILMORE and Anna SCHMUCK.

BENSCHOTEN, Elias of Wantage. 1489S – W. 10 Dec 1814; Filed 25 Jan 1815. Others: Nephew, Elias COOPER. Executors: Elias COOPER and Evi ADAMS. Witnesses: Joshua COLE and Daniel COLE.

BERSHERER, Maj. Abraham of Knowlton. 1197S – W. 5 May 1808; Filed 19 May 1809. Wife: Susannah. Sons: John. Daughters: Oldest dau, Caty CRISMAN and Rachel SWAYZE. Others: Gr-dau, Susannah SWAYZE. Executors: Gersham BARTOW, Jacob LANTERMAN and Richard SHACKLETON. Witnesses: Robert HANNA, Ebenezer APPLEGATE and Jacob KINNEY.

BERTHOLF, Agnus of Wantage. 1704S – W. 15 Oct. 1821; Cod. 05 Feb 1822; Filed 30 Oct 1822. Sons: James. Daughters: (4) Linah TERRY, Elizabeth WISNER, Dolly TOMPSON and Mary BAS–BY(?) . Other: Grandaughters, Nichie CHANDLER, Nichie TOMPSON and Sally SAYRES. Grandson Lucas TERRY. Executors: S-n-L Jesper TERRY and Moses JENNINGS, brother of her D-n-L. Cod. : Son James died before 05 Feb 1822. Cod. Executors: Jesper TERRY and Moses JENNINGS. Cod. Witnesses: Sylvester AUSTIN, Moses JENNINGS and John JENNINGS. Cod. Witnesses: Phin’s. TERRY, John JENNINGS and Evi JENNINGS.

BEVERS, Robert of Mansfield. 230S – W. 9 Nov 1774; Filed 17 Oct 1777. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Alexander, William, Robert, Moses. Daughters: Sarah w/o Abraham AXFORD, Elizabeth w/o Doctor Samuel CANNADY. Others: Gr-son, Abraham BEAVERS, oldest s/o Alexander; brother, Joseph; Joseph’s oldest son, George BEVERS. Executors: Wife, Elizabeth and two sons, Robert and Moses BEVERS. Witnesses: John MARLATT, Nathan MARLATT and Mary BEVERS.

BEVIER, Marytie of Montague. 1134S – W. 5 May 1800; Filed 26 May 1807. Others: Niece, Alchie WESTBROOK, w/o Wilhelmus; John BEVIER (rel not stated); brothers Lewis and Jesse BEVIER. Executor: Friend, Sovoyne WESTBROOK. Witnesses: Saverine HORNBECK, Severyne WESTBROOK and Thomas KYTE.

BIDLEMAN, Valentine of Greenwich. 1045S – W. 22 Nov 1804; Filed 24 Dec 1804; Pro. 14 May 1805. Wife: Barbara. Sons: Elias (now living in Bloom Twp., Northumberland Co., PA), George, Abram and Henry. Daughters: Elizabeth wid/o Christopher RYNOLD, Rossinah w/o David WAGGONER and Catherine w/o John Frederick EARNST. Others: Gr-sons George and Valentine s/o Elias; gr-ch, Catherine, Mary, Elisabeth, William and George RYNOLD. Executors: Sons, John and Abraham BIDLEMAN. Witnesses: Thomas BULLMAN, Jacob REES and Thomas STEWART.

BILES, John of Independence. 1341S – W. 17 Oct 1812; Filed 19 Feb 1813. Wife: Sarah. Sons: ‘Oldest son’, George, Abraham, John and Samuel. Daughters: ‘Youngest child’, Sarah Decow BILES (a minor). Executor: Daniel VLIET. Witnesses: Joseph CORYELL, Aaron PETTY and Derick KRAUSER.

BIRD, Isaac of Green Twp.. 2165S – W. 8 Mar 1837; Filed 21 Mar 1837. Wife: Gertrude. Sons: Isaac BIRD, Jr. (dec’d). Others: gr-son, Thomas BIRD s/o Isaac; Mary MASTERS w/o Jesse (rel not stated). Executors: Andrew SHINER. Witnesses: Elijah EVERITT, William THOMPSON and George ARMSTRONG.

BLACKMAN, George Bird of Beattystown. 1397S – W. 19 Apr 1814; Filed 16 May 1814. Wife: Jane BIRD. Daughter: Rachel (a minor). Executor: Elisha BIRD, Sr. Witnesses: Philip P. McCREA, Mathew MARTIN and John BIRD.

BLAIR, John of Oxford. 765S – 20 Dec 1797; Filed 8 Jun 1798. Wife: Mary. Sons: Eldest son, John, Robert, James, Samuel and William. Others: Gr-son, John BLAIR s/o Robert. Executors: “Trusty friends“, Robert BLAIR and Samuel BLAIR. Witnesses: Hyram VOORHEES, Rynear VANSICKEL and William HAZLETT.

BLINKO, John of Byram. 2784S – W. 12 Oct 1853; Filed 14 Mar 1854. Others: Father, Joseph BLINKO; brother, Joseph W. BLINKO; sister, Frances; Sidney M. ROOT of the Village of Medina, Medina Co., OH. Excecutors: Brother, Joseph W. BLINKO and Daniel Y. OVERTON. Witnesses: John RHODES, Hiram M. RHODES and Daniel Y. OVERTON.

BLOOM, John of Mansfield. 549S – 22 Dec 1788; Filed 2 Apr 1793. Wife: Not named. Daughters: Rachel, Febe, Marey and Patience. Others: Gr-dau, Hannor BAWL; gr-dau, Rachel BROWN.Executors: Ezekiel AYRES, Sr., Philip CUMMINS and Amos AYRES. Witnesses: Cornelius FLUMMERFELT, Samuel CHIDESTER and John FORTUNATE.

BLOOM, Richard of Hardyston. 2444S – 11 May 1846; 2 Jul 1846. Wife: Sarah. Sons: John, Crines, Lara (sic) Richard, and two younger sons, Henry and Albert. Daughters: Sarah, Jemima, Jane, Ruth, Julia and Nancy. Executor: Wife, Sarah. Witnesses: Jacob D. GOULD, David STRAIT and Daniel HAINS. (See Will of James H. Bross)