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ABER, Ebenezer of Sparta. 2778S – W. 1 Jun 1849; Filed: 26 Jul 1854. Wife: Hannah. Sons: James C. ABER. Daughters: Matilda GUSTIN w/o Thomas H., Mary HUNT (dec’d). Others: Grsons, Barret HUNT & Edward T. HUNT, daughters of Mary HUNT (not named); grson Obadiah S. ABER; Sally Ann ABER w/o John “Sally Ann: a girl raised in my family whose maiden name was Beers”; Susan CONDIT w/o Abner and dau/o his dec’d sis, Elizabeth or Betsy PEARSONS/PARSONS; brother, Amos; grson, Aaron FULLER; gr-grdau, Rachel HUNT d/o Barret; Harriet COYKENDALL sis/o grson Obadiah ABER; John M. KEEPERS (possible husband of one of his grandchildren or child)Executors: John BACKSTER, Martin RYERSON, David SMITH and grson, Barret HUNT. Witnesses: Dennis COCHRAN, Joseph A. OSBORN, Jr. & Walter JOHNSON.
1st Cod. 3 Jun 1850. Witnesses: Thomas P. HUNT, Thomas N. McCARTER & Walter JOHNSON.
2nd Coc. Names James C.’s wife as Lydia. Removes John BACKSTER as Executor. Witnesses: Ira B. NEWMAN, Thomas GRAY & Robert GRAY.

ABER, Joel of Sparta. 3166S – W. 18 Mar 1862; Filed: 15 Jul 1862. Wife: Caroline. Sons: Abm. & William M. Daughters: Liddy, Sarah w/o John A. THARBERG, Hannah and Minny. Executor:Wife, Caroline. Witnesses: R. R. MORRIS, John L. WHITE and John ROSS.

ABER, John of Newton. 2965S – W. 14 Jul 1858; Filed 26 Aug 1858. Wife: Margaret. Executor: Wife, Margaret ABER. Witnesses: Lyman EDWARDS and John LINN.

ABER, Philip of Newton. 2236S – Filed 1 Sep 1840. Others: Sisters, Sarah ABER and Mary DECKER; sisters son, John SAGER; nephew, Daniel W. GOBLE (a minor); nephew, Philip GOBLE; mother, Ann WARN; sister, Clarissa A. BEVANS; brother, John ABER. Executors: Brother, John ABER and Samuel DAVIS Witnesses: David W. LANTZ, Robert MILLS and Jacob LANTZ.

ACKERMAN, Conrad of Mansfield. 961S – W. 22 Aug 1803; Filed 24 Oct 1803. Wife: Elizabeth. Daughters: Eve, Susan and Elizabeth. Others: William Baldwin (rel unknown). Executors: Robert C. Thomson. Witnesses: Philip STYRES, Jacob PENCE and Samuel CORLLEN.

ACKERMAN, James A. of Wantage. 2390S – 28 Jul 1835; Cod. (no date); Filed 10 Mar 1845. Wife: Mary. Sons: Abraham and John B. Daughters: Caty VAN HOUTON w/o James, Tina PRATT w/o Thomas, Anna ADAMS and Jane HOWELL, w/o Henry. Executors: Wife, Mary, John B. ACKERMAN and James VAN HOUTON. Witnesses: Simon McCOY, Samuel BEEMER and James D. CURRAN. Cod. Ex.: Abraham ACKERMAN and James VAN HOUTON. Cod. Wit: Samuel McCOY and Samuel M. PARCELL.

ACKERMAN, Nicholas N. of Sparta. 2440S – 8 Jan 1846; 31 Jan 1846. Wife: Phebe. Sons: Peter, James M. and Alfred (all minors). Other: Brother, George ACKERMAN. Executors: Wife Phebe and George ACKERMAN. Witnesses: David SMITH, Aaron W. LITTELL and David MONROE.

ACKERSON, Aaron of Lafayette. 2881S – W. 8 Mar 1856; Filed: 11 Apr 1856. Wife: Not named. Sons: William, Edward, Cornelius & Aaron. Daughters: Agnes w/o David ACKERSON, Betsey w/o Ralph ACKERSON, Ellen w/o Abraham QUACKENBUSH, Catherine SHARP (dec’d); Ann w/o Harmon HOCKENBERRY. Others: Catherine SHARP’s ch: Sarah Ann RIBBLE, Marianna SHARP, Ackerson SHARP & Jacob SHARP. Executors: Sons, William and Aaron. Witnesses: Alpheus GUSTIN and Moses B. NORTHRUP.

ACKERSON, David of Sparta. 3874S – W. 8 Mar 1874; Filed: 16 Jan 1874. Wife: Susan Ann. Sons: John D., Cyrus & Hyram. Daughters: Catharine Ann ROSENKRANS w/o John and Mary Elisabeth CASE w/o James P. Executors: William HOWELL & son, Cyrus ACKERSON. Witnesses: Asa W. KOYT, & Thomas W. HOWELL.

ACKERSON, John D. of Lafayette. 3077S – W. 23 May 1854; Filed 15 Mar 1860. Wife: Charity. Sons: Peter, Nicholas and William. Daughters: Agnes DEMOREST w/o Peter G., Hannah w/o George SNYDER and Ellen w/o Crinus TERWILLIGER. Executors: Sons, Peter and Nicholas. Witnesses: Charity MACKERLY, David MONROE and Michael MACKERLY.

ACKERSON, Margaret of Newton. 3578S – W. 27 May 1868; Filed: 21 Jan 1869. Daughter: Anna Maria ACKERSON (a minor). Executor: Bro-in-law, Jacob ROE. Witnesses: David THOMPSON & Jacob M. GROVER.

ACKERSON, Paul of Frankford. 2237S – Filed 30 May 1840. Wife: Mary. Sons: Aaron A., James, David, John and Peter. Daughters: Margaret w/o Mahlon B. STATES/STALES, Nancy w/o Chileon STOLL, Hannah Ann, and Catherine. Executors: Wife, Mary ACKERSON, son, Aaron A. ACKERSON and Mahlon B. STALES/STALEY. Witnesses: Alpheus GUSTIN, James PETERS and Jermiah B. PETERS.

ADAMS, Evi of Wantage. 1913S – W. 17 Dec 1815; Filed 2 Oct 1828. Sons: Lewis, John E, Joseph, Elias and Evi. Daughters: Anny DECKER and Sarah BUNNEL. Others: Gr-son, John A. BRITTON (a minor). Executors: Sons, Lewis and John E. ADAMS. Witnesses: David D. CHANDLER, Evi A. SAYRE and James B. SAYRE.

ADAMS, James C. of Wantage. 3455S – W. 1 Aug 1867; 4 Sep 1867. Wife: Susan. Son: Lewis. Daughter: Havilah N. FULLER w/o Constant. Others: Grson, James Beach FULLER. Executor:Son, Lewis ADAMS. Witnesses: Simeon M. COYKENDALL & Peter V. DECKER.

ADAMS, John of Newton. 311S – W. 22 Mar 1786; Filed 10 May 1786. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Eldest son, Thomas. NOTE: Mentions ‘all my children’ (some minors). Executors: Wife Catherine ADAMS and friend, Moses MORRIS. Witnesses: Benjamin HULL, George LANCE and John RYERSON.

ADAMS, John of Wantage. 1685S – W. 10 Nov 1821; Filed 26 Feb 1822. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Levi and John. Daughters: Sarah and Caty. Other: Grandchildren, Fanny and Henry CASTERLINE and John Adams HUFFMAN. Executors: Sons Levi and John and Emanuel COYKENDAL. Witnesses: Emanuel COYKENDALL, Eliakim EVERITT, Isaer(sic) WINFIELD.

ADAMS, John E. of Wantage. 2696S – W. 4 Sep 1847; 1 Cod. 6 Apr 1848; 2 Cod. 7 Nov 1848; Filed: 16 Mar 1852. Wife: Jane. Son: James. Daughters: Hannah SCHOONOVER, Margaret WHITAKER, Zella BEEMER, Jane SMITH, Sarah Ann & Elizabeth ADAMS. Executors: James ADAMS, Abram SMITH & Jacob H. BEEMER. Witnesses: Simion McCOY, Jos. L. PERRIGO & John Bonnell. 1 Cod. Wit: Simeon McCOY & Sarah McCOY. 2 Cod. Wit: Simeon McCOY & J. A. HOPPER.

ADAMS, John L. of Wantage. 2193S – W. 8 May 1838; Filed 9 Feb 1839. Wife: Sarah. Others: Sister, Mary CROWEL w/o John; nephews, John and Warren LOOMIS s/o sister Jane LOOMIS.Executors: Wife, Sarah, John LOOMIS and Thomas TEASDALE. Witnesses: Jonathan WHITAKER, John S. REDFIELD and Benjamin N. DAVICE.

ADAMS, Obadiah. 1160S – W. 3 Nov 1808; Filed 20 Dec 1808. Wife: Mary. Sons: George, Jeriah and Givens. Daughter: Jane (a minor). Executors: Wife, Mary ADAMS and George GIVENS.Witnesses: Vantile COURSEN, Timothy GUSTIN and Jonathan DUNNING.

ADAMS, Samuel of Wantage. 2342S – W. 22 May 1844; 4 Jul 1844. Sons: Isaiah, John S., James C. and Sylvanus. Daughters: Hulda COYKENDALL wid/o Samuel D. and Phylah ADAMS.Others: James ADAMS s/o Sylvanus; Lewis ADAMS s/o James C; Samuel ADAMS s/o Isaiah; grdaus, Zella and Phylah (minors); Hulda COYKENDALL’s ch, Ellis A., Simeon M. and Adam; Renselear ADAMS (rel not stated); Phyla OWEN’s ch (not named – received land in Athens, Bradford Co., PA)Executors: Sylvanus ADAMS, James C. ADAMS and Daniel D. GOULD. Witnesses:Simeon McCOY and Phebe ADAMS.

ADAMS, Silvanus of Wantage. 1221S – 22 Dec 1809: Filed 11 Jan 1810. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: John, Crowell and Samuel. Daughters: (4) Phylah DUNN, Hila HUNT, Phebe F. RANDOLPH and Elizabeth HORTON. Executors: Sons, Samuel and Crowell ADAMS. Witnesses: Ellis ADAMS, Benjamin V. BURRA and Evi ADAMS.

ADAMS, Stophal of Hardwick. 448S – W. 15 Aug 1788; Filed 14 Oct 1788. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Jacob and ‘youngest son’, Henry. Daughters: Christiana, Hannah, Barbara and ‘youngest dau’, Catherine. Executors: George KEIN and Martin SWARSWELDER. Witnesses: Chas. RHODES, Margaret M. HARKER and Abm. SHAVER.

ADAMS, Uriah of Wantage. 1395S – W. 11 Jan 1814; Filed 3 June 1814. Sons: Zephaniah, Obadiah and Abraham. Daughters: Martha, Catherine REBLELER (sic), Anna ROSSELL, Sarah REBLELEE and Elizabeth DILLISTIN. Others: Gr-dau, Charlotte ADAMS dau/ son Abraham. Executors: S-n-l, George GIVENS, nephew Robert ADAMS and Geo. BOCKOVEN. Witnesses: Benjamin TUTTLE and John SKILLENGER.

ALBERTSON, Cornelius of Knowlton. 1338S – W. 14 Feb 1813; Filed 29 Mar 1813. Wife: Catherine. Others: Rachel ALBERTSON wid/o Uriah; gr-son, Cornelius R. ALBERTSON s/o Abrm. R.Executor: Daniel CURLIS, John ALBERTSON and Jabez GWINNUP. Witnesses: William ATEN, Abraham WINTER and Nathaniel BOGART.

ALBERTSON, John of Oxford. 1702S – W. 01 Sep 1821; Filed 14 Mar 1822. Wife: Anne. Sons: Garrett, Cornelius (dec’d) and Isaac. Daughters: Elizabeth, Levinah w/o Abraham HAZEN, Rachel w/o James VANSICKLE, Charity w/o Jacob CURLIS and Sarah SWISHER. Other: Gr-children – Isaac son of Cornelius, Jonathan Oliver (not clear if he is another son of Cornelius), Charity DRAKE, Mary DRAKE, Rachel DRAKE and John Albertson DRAKE children of Sarah SWISHER by her first husband Silvenus DRAKE. Executors: Levi HOWELL, son Isaac Albertson and James HOAGLAND. Witnesses: John S. STIFF, John HOWELL and John STALSEY.

ALBERTSON, Nicholas of Knowlton. 1626S – W. 10 Jul 1816; Filed 31 Aug 1818. Wife: Zaxrie(sic)Sons: Henry, Dirck and Elam. Daughters: (dec’d) Angleche, Weci(sic) w/o Peter ENGLE, Cathrena and Elizabeth. Others: Wife’s aunt, Cathleen ENSLEY; Nicholas ALBERTSON, s/o Garret. Executors: Nicholas ALBERTSON. Witnesses: Mary VAN CAMP, Philip MANN, James RAMSEY and Susannah ALBERTSON.

ALISON, Robert of Knowlton. 1731S – W. 14 Sep 1821; Filed 25 Mar 1823. Sons: Robert. Daughters: Charity [w/o Jacob W. ANGLE], Elleanor, w/o Matthias CUMMINS. Others: S-n-l, Jacob W. ANGLE, grandson, Robert ANGLE, grandson, John CUMMINS, grandson Alison CUMMINS, granddaughters, Sarah w/o David MANN, Mary w/o William ANGLE, Rachel w/o Jacob COWELL, Sarah w/o John ELLIS, Elisabeth w/o Andrew ADAMS, Jane, Susan and Catherine d/o Jacob Wise ANGLE, Charity w/o Andrew HAYZE and Widow Ann ANGLE (relationship not stated).Executors: S-n-l’s Jacob W. ANGLE and Matthias CUMMINS, and James RAMSEY. Witnesses: Derrick ALBERTSON, Andrew HAYES and Joseph HAY.

ALLEN, Elizabeth of Hardwick. 1491S – W. 8 Mar 1816; Filed 17 Sep 1816. Others: Elizabeth STILLWELL w/o Richard; Charlotte HOWELL w/o Abe; sister, Mary WILLETS; Mary WILLET’S gr-dau, Abida Betty ALLEN (BELCHER); Anania Collins WILLETS, brother William; black girl, Sarah and black boy, Henry. Executors: Stephen SERGEANT (Preacher at 1st Congregational Church of Hardwick) and Isaac LANNING. Witnesses: Daniel COOKE, Isaac LANNING and George ALLEN.

ALLEN, George of Hardwick. 1262S – Filed 7 Jun 1811. Sons: George, Moses, Annanias and Jeremiah. Daughters: Mary WILLETS and Elizabeth. Others: Negro boy, Henry. Executors: Dau, Elizabeth ALLEN, son Jeremiah ALLEN and Levi HOWELL. Witnesses: John HARRIS, Isaac LANNING, Jr. and Daniel HARKER.

ALLEN, Heman of Wantage. 3078S – W. 10 Sep 1855; 3 Jan 1860. Daughters: Ann Elizabeth LEACH & Lydia Ann HALSTED. Executors: Friends, Amos MUNSON & Humphry MARTIN.Witnesses: Lebius MARTIN, Nathaniel T. MARTIN and Carlos ALLEN.

ALLEN, Jeremiah of Hardwick. 1460S – W. 9 Feb 1815; Filed 25 Feb 1815. Wife: Wineford. Sons: Jeremiah ALLEN (‘youngest son’), and George. Daughters: Eldest dau (not named), second dau, Elisabeth (a minor), 2 youngest daus, Sally and Hanna, and Charlotte HOWELL. Executors: Wife, Winefred and b-n-l, Abraham NEWMAN. Witnesses: Isaac LANNING, Elzabeth ALLEN and Stephen SERGEANT.

ALLEN, John. 174S – W. 20 Nov 1768; Filed 3 Jun 1773. Wife: Jane. Others: Sister, Jane ALLEN. Executors: Hugh LYLE and Edward DUNLOP. Witnesses: Thomas HELMS, Thomas BROOKS and Edward DUNLOP.

ALLEN, Joseph of Newton. 2663S – W. 10 Apr 1848; Filed: 3 Dec 1851 Wife: Sally. Executor: Wife, Sally ALLEN. Witnesses: Jacob C. PREDMORE & David THOMPSON.

ALLEN, Mary wid/o Joshua of Newton. 2779S – W. 22 Mar 1851; Filed 22 Mar 1854. Named: Bro., Mahlon H. BARBER; Hulda FEEGLER w/o George W.; Ann Maria BARBER d/o Samuel; Mary BARBER and Allen BARBER ch/o Daniel F.; David CRON and Mary Matilda CRON ch/o John and Mary Ann CRON “now living in the state of Ohio”; Maranda BARBER wid/o Benjamin; Naomi BARBER wid/o her bro, Samuel (dec’d); Ana EAGER w/o Marcus; Elizabeth HEDDEN w/o Eleazor; Elsey DEMAREST w/o Peter, and their dau Mary DEMAREST; Mary Ann BARBER d/o John son Joseph (dec’d); Mary Ann OGDEN w/o Eleazer; Joseph BARBER, s/o bro Benj. (dec’d); Edward Stewart BARBER s/o Samuel (dec’d); Methodist Episcopal Ch. in Newton. Executor:John ILIFF. Witnesses: David DEMAREST, David ANDERSON and John QUACKENBUSH.

ALLEN, Thomas H. 3579S – W. 20 Sep 1862; Filed: 25 Aug 1869. Wife: Eliza. Executor: Wife, Eliza. Witnesses: Susan THOMPSON & David THOMPSON.

AKERMAN, John D. of Newton. 1666S – W. 13 Jan 1819; 11 Oct 1820. Wife: Hannah. Sons: John, David, Abraham,and Aaron. Daughters: Anna, Sally and Hannah. Executors: John AKERMAN, Gilliam DEMAREST. Witnesses: George BUCKLEY, Mathias OSBORN, William UTTELL(sic).

ANDERSON, Elizabeth of Newton. 3321S – W. 23 May 1860; 18 Dec 1865. Spouse: Widow of John. Named: Sister, Anna FOX; bro, George SAGER (dec’d), his 3 daus, Sarah w/o Henry VAN GELDER, Susan SAGER & Almira w/o James HENDERSHOT. Executor: John W. SMITH. Witnesses: Aaron GRIGGS & William M. SMITH.

ANDERSON, Rachel of Phillipsburg, ‘widow of John late of Greenwich’. 115S – W. 7 Jun 1765; Filed 1767. Sons: Bartholomew (‘idiot’), John and James. Executors: Alexander WHITE and David HAYS. Witnesses: John PETTIT, Gershom BARNS and Mary SHEARMAN.

ANDERSON, Thomas of Newton. 1043S – W. 29 May 1805; Filed 3 Jun 1805. Wife: Hannah. Sons: James Oakley ANDERSON. Others: Dr. David EVEN and Mrs. Jane WINANS (rel not stated).Executors: None named. Adm: Hannah ANDERSON, William T. ANDERSON and James CONOVER. Witnesses: Robert OGDEN, Job S. HALSTED and Jacob S. THOMSON.

ANDRESS, Jacob of Mansfield. 1195S – W. 14 Jun 1809; Filed 15 Aug 1809. Wife: Holly. Daughter: Sarah. (Other children mentioned, but not named – some minors.) Executors: John HANCE and John HOCKENBERRY. Witnesses: James RUSLING, Robert COMPTON and James LARASON.

ANDREWS, Jacob of Greenwich. 547S – W. 21 May 1793; Filed 2 Aug 1793. Wife: Rachel. Sons: Eldest son, Martin, 2nd son, Jacob, 3rd son, Philip, 4th son, Christian, 5th son, John and 3 youngest sons, Matt, Barned and David. Daughters: 2 oldest daus, Cathren and Aney, 3rd and 4th daus, Rachel and Hannah and 5th dau, Mary. Executors: Sons, Philip ANDREWS and wife, Rachel ANDREWS. Witnesses: Barnet ANDREWS, Elizabeth MILLER and William CREVELING.

ANGLE, John W. of Stillwater. 2441S – Filed 7 Apr 1846. Wife: Hannah. Sons: William and Charles (a minor). Executors: Son, William and John W. OBDYCKE. Witnesses: Joseph M. PIERSON, Crines BLOOM, and Mathias JOHNSON.

ANGLE, Paul Sr. of Knowlton. 1161S – W. 7 Jul 1804; Filed 8 Jul 1808. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Jacob, Paul, Isaac, Cornelius, Abraham, David and John. Daughters: Elizabeth, Catherine, Anne, Sarah and Millia. Executors: Wife Catherine and son, Jacob ANGLE. Witnesses: John FAUNA, John GREEN and Owen HUGHES.

ANTHONY, Phillip of Mansfield. 1339S – W. 9 Apr 1813; Filed 31 Jul 1813. Wife: Elisabeth. Son: Daniel. Executors: Phillip ANTHONY, Jr. and Henry MILLER son of Andrew MILLER.Witnesses: Andrew MILLER, John BROWN and Mary DOUGLAS.

ARMSTRONG, Francis of Montague. 3026S – W. 23 Mar 1859; Filed 1 Aug 1859. Named: Bro, Thomas D. ARMSTRONG; sis, Susan Eveline WESTBROOK; sis, Sally FINCH; bro, George ARMSTRONG; sis, Louisa ARMSTRONG; sis, Phebe PRICE; bro, Julius F. ARMSTRONG; bro Robert ARMSTRONG. Others: Bro-in-law, William PRICE. Executors: Bro, George ARMSTRONG. Witnesses: Simon C. KYTE & John D. EVERITT.

ARMSTRONG, Margaret ‘now of Sussex, formerly of Middlesex Co., NJ’1915S – W. 10 Aug 1826; Filed 23 Dec 1828. Others: Brother, Thomas ARMSTRONG; sister, Mary HOGLAN; William and Margaret APPLEGATE, Mary HOGLAN’s son-in-law and dau; Robert V. ARMSTRONG; Evelline BEACH; Meriah SEWARD. Executors: Brother, Thomas ARMSTRONG. Witnesses: Mary HOGLAN, Dorothy DUESENBERY and Vantile COURSEN.

ARMSTRONG, Nathan of Hardwick. 255S – W. 5 Aug 1777; Filed 18 May 1778. Wife: Effe. Sons: George, John and William. Daughters: Elizabeth w/o Archibald STINSON, Mary w/o Robert BEVERS, Jr., Hannah and Sarah. Executors: Wife, Effe ARMSTRONG and sons, George, John and William ARMSTRONG. Witnesses: Richard SHACKLETON, Stephen SHINER and Joseph REEDER.

ARMSTRONG, Thomas of Frankford. 2101S – W. 25 Sep 1828; Cod. 29 Sep 1832; Filed 30 Jan 1833. Sons: James B., Thomas M., Robert V. and William. Daughters: Elizabeth SEWARD (dec’d), Margaret HUNT w/o Theophilus, Maria WARBASSE, w/o John S., Jane G. HAGERTY w/o Uzal C., Susan Evelina BEACH w/o John B. Others: Grandchildren, Thomas A. SEWARD, Elizabeth SEWARD, Maria HILES and Jane ALWARD/WARD, all children of John SEWARD; black boys Harry and Peter, and black girl Bethy. Executors: Sons, James B., Thomas M., William and Robert V. ARMSTRONG. Witnesses: William T. ANDERSON, D. D. CHANDLER, and Azariah LEWIS. Cod. Wit.: Wm. T. ANDERSON, Julia BROWN and Stephen HEDGES.

ARMSTRONG, William of Hardwick. 1546S – W. 12 May 1818; Filed 27 May 1818. Wife: Jane. Others: Brother, David ARMSTONG.; Esseker STOLL (rel not stated). Executors: Friend, John ARMSTRONG. Witnesses: John SIMPSON, James SIMPSON and John LOCK.

ARNDS, Henry of Walpack. 466S – 1788. Sorry, this will is illegable. Could only pick out a grandson, Henry ARNTS.

ARNOLD, Jacob of Wantage. 1513S – W. 9 Aug 1817; Filed 18 Sep 1817. Wife: Widow not named. Sons: John. Daughters: Susanna, Mary, Tamzey, Phebe and Sarah (a minor). Others: Wife’s dau, Mary MANNING. Executors: John BEEMER, Jr. and Peter BEEMER, Jr.. Witnesses: Moses CORTRIGHT, Peggy RICHARDS and Jacob AYRES


ARNOT, William of Vernon. 1133S – W. July 1807; Filed 23 Oct 1807. Wife: Elizabeth. Executors: John HOLBERT and Richard EDSALL. Witnesses: William WINANS and Thomas GARLINGHOUSE.

AXEFORD, John of Oxford. 161S – W. 17 Mar 1767; Filed 1 Jan 1772. Sons: John, Abraham, Samuel and Jonathan. Others: Friends Meeting House in Hardwick. Executors: Sons, John and Abraham AXEFORD. Witnesses: Thomas VAN HORNE, Richard SHACKLETON, John JEWELL and John THOMSON.

AXFORD, Abraham of Oxford. 517S – W. 21 Jun 1792; Filed 30 Aug 1792. Wife: Sarah. Sons: John and Robert A. (a minor). Daughters: Eleasabeth AXFORD, Joanna VANSECOL, Sarah AXFORD and Anna AXFORD. Others: Negro ‘wench’, Pol; father John AXFORD,; bros, John and Samuel AXFORD; son-in-law, Samuel VANSECOL. Executors: Wife, Sarah AXFORD, bros, John and Samuel AXFORD and Samuel VANSECOL. Witnesses: Jeremiah ROLERSON, David MERRELL, Jacob LAFLER and Cornelius HALICK.

AXFORD, John of Oxford. 1196S – Filed 15 Mar 1809. Wife: Abigail. Sons: Samuel, John, Jonathan and Abraham. Daughters: Johannah, Abigail PARKS, Sarah, Nancy and Martha. Others: Gr-dau, Elizabeth Ayres McCOLLUM, d/o Abigail PARKS. Executors: Sons, Samuel and John and S-n-L, John KINNEY, Jr. Witnesses: Jacob OSBORN, Samuel SHOWERS and James McNEER.

AXFORD, Samuel, Sr. of Oxford. 1263S – W. 12 Mar 1805; Filed 23 Dec 1811. Wife: Sarah Others: Bro, Jonathan; Jonathan’s ch, (eldest son) John, Jonathan, Abraham, Joseph and Jane; Jane’s son Jonathan HOWELL; bro, John; John’s ch, Samuel, John, Jonathan, Abigail, Sally, Nancy & Martha; bro, Abraham; Abraham’s ch, Sarah , Nancy, and John; Robert AXFORD (rel not stated); bro Jonathan’s son Jonathan’s son, Samuel; s/o Samuel VAN SICKLE – Abraham and Samuel Axford VAN SICKLE; Ann HAGERMAN and Sarah DECOW, d/o Abraham DECOW; Samuel Axfor BOILES, s/o John; Sarah DECOW d/o John DECOW; Joanna PATTERSON w/o Alexander PATTERSON. Executors: Bro John’s sons, Samuel AXFORD, Jr. and John AXFORD, Jr. Witnesses: Charles KENNEDY, John FARNSWORTH and Jacob HOWEY.

AXFORD, Sarah of Oxford. 1667S – W. Mar 1819; Filed 28 Oct 1820. Others: Children of Isaac and Anna MORGAN – to wit: Sarah, Benjamin, Elizer, Abraham and Mary Ann. (Relationship to deceased not stated.) Executors: John AXFORD (trusted friend). Witnesses: Conrod PHILIPS, Dennis SNYDER and Sarah SNIDER.

AYERS/AYRES, Acelia B. of Sparta. 2928S – W. 24 Feb 1857; Filed: 6 Apr 1857. Named: Nephew, Thomas G. SINEG; niece, Nancy R. DRAKE w/o Lawrence; niece, Martha Jane SINEG w/o Thomas G.; 1st Presbyterian Church of Sparta. Executors: Zopher HALSEY of Sparta. Witnesses: David M. SAYRE and Amelia BEDELL.

AYERS/AYRES, David of Frankford. 3167S – W. ? Filed: 10 Jun 1862. Wife: Rebecco O. Sons: Munson, Melancetou, (sic) Zopher O., Orin K. & James. Daughter: Sarah Ann MUNSON. (NOTE: Some of the children are minors) Executors: Wife, Rebecca O. & bro-in-law, John NEWMAN. Witnesses: Levi SHEPHERD & Alexander LINN.

AYERS/AYRES, Edward of Wantage. 3386S – W. 11 Jul 1866; Filed: 30 Jul 1866. Wife: Elizabeth. Sons: Ezra Dayton, George W., Moses C. & Amza. Daughters: Phebe Jane DOTY w/o Aaron and Hulda Maria POTTER w/o John. Executors: Sons, Ezra Dayton & Moses C. AYRES. Witnesses: Simeon M. COYKENDALL and Gabriel HAVENS.

AYERS/AYRES, Enoch of Frankford. 2780S – W. 23 Sep 1849; Filed: 29 Aug 1854. Wife: Catherine. Sons: John, William, Squire, Enoch Jr & Jefferson. Daughters: Elizabeth COMPTON w/o Jacob, Catherine KILLGORE w/o William C., Mariah VANOA wid/o Jacob, Emily ROE (dec’d) w/o Schuyler & Hetty AGER w/o Thomas. Executors: Sons, Enoch Jr. and Jefferson. Witnesses:Moses DUNNING, John VANSICKLE and James LAIN.

AYERS/AYRES, Enoch A. of Wantage. 3456S – W. 14 Apr 1867; Filed: 6 May 1867. Wife: Julia Ann. Sons: Decker E., Selah E., Jacob E. & Judson E. Daughters: Rebecca E., Hortense E., & Mary Ann VAN AUKEN (dec’d). Others: Grdau, Caroline A. CASAD. Administrators: Julia Ann AYERS, Rebecca E. AYERS and Uz VAN AUKEN. Witnesses: Simeon M. COYKENDALL & Harrison BEEMER.

AYERS/AYRES, Euphemia of Hackettstown. 915S – W. 3 Nov 1801; Filed 29 May 1802. Husband: Ezekiel, ‘late of Independence’Sons: Archibald, Aaron LONGSTREET and Christopher LONGSTREET. Daughters: Lydia LANDON and Euphemia DRAKE. Others: Gr-dau, Sarah ANDREWS; gr-dau, Lydia LONGSTREET d/o Christopher; Gr-son, Archibald DRAKE, s/o Euphemia. Executor: Montgomery READING. Witnesses: Mary HUNT, Phebe WELMOT and William HELMS.

AYERS/AYRES, Harriet N. of Andover. 3246S – W. 24 Sep 1884; Filed 10 Sep 1893. Named: Sis, Almira VAN DEREN w/o Salmon, bro, John AYRES and Barney VAN DEREN (relationship not stated)Executors: Sis, Almira VAN DEREN and bro, John AYRES. Witnesses: ?

AYERS/AYRES, Jacob of Palmyra, Wayne Co., PA. 2571S – W. 23 Apr 1847; Pr. 30 Jul 1849. Wife: Elizabeth. Others: Nephew, Peter COLLUM of Delaware Co., OH; Jesse COLLUM , Jr., William Harrison COLLUM, Hannah H. COLLUM and Julia Ann COLLUM (rel not stated); Jacob COLLUM and Henry R. COLLUM (rel not stated). Executors: Earl WHEELER and Alpheus GUSTIN. Witnesses: James PURDY, Charity PURDY and Charles S. MINOR.

AYERS/AYRES, Levi of Beemerville. 3936S – W. 9 Jan 1873; Filed: 21 Oct 1875. Wife: Elizabeth. Daughters: Elizabeth w/o John B. PHILLIPS, Rosetta wid/o Cephas COMPTON & Mariah w/o Amza J. ROLOSON. Others: Grdau, July AYRES d/o Randolph (dec’d)
[see 2781S]

AYERS/AYRES, Mary of Frankford. 3027S – W. 11 Jun —-?; Filed: 20 Dec 1859. Sons: David B. & Jesse. Daughters: Jane B. ROSENKRANS w/o Theodore & Sarah Catherine. Executors: Sons, David B. & Jesse. Witnesses: William HAGERTY & Mose DUNNING.

AYERS/AYRES, Mathew of (Newton?) 2930S – W. 6 Jun 1857; Filed: 28 Oct 1857. Sons: William, George & Amos. Executor: Son, George. Witnesses: David THOMPSON & Thomas RYERSON.

AYERS/AYRES, Obadiah of Hardwick. 291S – W. 7 May 1779; Filed 2 Dec 1780. Wife: Deborah. Son: Ezekiel. Daughters: Catrine BLOOM and Rhode BELL. Others: Grsn, Obadiah and grsn Ezekiel TROTIN. Executors: Samuel LANDON, Samuel CHIDISTER and Richard STEPHENS. Witnesses: Isaac BELL and Edmond BOWMAN.

AYERS/AYRES, Peter of Wantage. 882S – W. 9 Dec 1797; Filed 20 Nov 1801. Wife: Catherine. Sons: Peter (dec’d), Thomas, David and Jacob. Daughters: Rachel, Hannah, Catherine, Phebe and Mary ‘deprived of her reason’. Others: Gr-dau, Catherine d/o Peter. Executors: Sons, David and Jacob AYRES and George BAXTER. Witnesses: Levi AYRES, Edward AYRES and Enoch AYRES.

AYERS/AYRES, Randolph F. Of Wantage. 2781S – W. 2 Nov 1854; Filed: 20 Nov 1854. Wife: Harriet E. Daughter: Julia E. (a minor). Executors: James LAIN & bro-in-law, Cephas COMPTON.Witnesses: Levi AYERS, Adaline GOLDSMITH & Willson AYERS.

AYERS/AYRES, William of Hardyston. 2539S – W. 10 Jul 1822; Filed 14 Mar 1848. Wife: Jain. Daughters: Acelia B., and Amelia w/o Joseph LINE. Other: Gr-daughters, Jain HINKLE and Aselia E. LINE. Executors: Nephew, Steven CONGER of Morris Co., NJ and wife Jain. Witnesses: Sarah R. HINDS, Maryann ONSTED and Alexander P. ABBOTT.