Petitions of Guardianship from Sussex Co. Probate Records.

Bond & Petitions of Guardianship

NOTE: These records are available on microfilm along with the other probate records thru the LDS Church.

Updated – Jul 2006

ALLEN, William, Amos and George, sons of William ALLEN (all under the age of 14). 959S -1802. Petitioner: Elijah ALLEN.

ANDERSON, Elizabeth, Sarah and Lucy, ch/o John ANDERSON. 516S – 23 Aug 1792. Petitioner: Francis GLOVER.

AYRES, Archibald, s/o Ezekiel AYRES. 722S – 24 Apr 1797. Petitioner: William HOLMES.

AYRES, Lydia and Michael Jr., ch/o Michael AYRES of Newton. 723S – 23 Feb 1797. Petitioners: Benjamin GRIGGS and Daniel PAUGH.

BELL, Peter Hannah & Elizabeth, ch/o George BELL. 518S – 1 Dec 1792. Petitioner: William HANKINSON of Hardwick.

BELL, James, son of George BELL. 847S – 8 Dec 1800. Petitioner: Joseph DEMUND.

CAHOON, John, ‘only son of’ Walter CAHOON of Greenwich. 141S – 29 Mar 1770. Petitioner: Andrew YOUNG

CARNES, John, son of Leonard CARNES ‘late of Morris Co.’. 674S – 17 Oct 1796. Petitioner: George HILES of Oxford.

COOK, Daniel, son of Abner COOK. 965S – 12 Sep 1803. Petitioner: George ARMSTRONG.

DECKER, Aaron s/o Daniel DECKER. 436S – 21 Feb 1787. Petitioners: Ebenezer OWEN and Duncan McNICOL ‘both of Hardyston’.

DECKER, Charity and Temperance, daus/o Daniel DECKER. 409S – 29 Nov 1786. Petitioner: Ebenezer OWEN of Hardyston.

DEMUND, Joseph s/o Edward DEMUND ‘late of Mansfield-Woodhouse’. 342S – 8 Feb 1783. Petitioner: Stephen SHINER and Peter Barnet SHAFER.

DEMUND, Peter s/o Edward DEMUND ‘of Roxbury Twp., Morris Co.’ 342S – 15 Feb 1783. Petitioners: Arther HENRY and Wm. McCLOULLOUGH, both of Greenwich.

DEPUE, Robert, Samuel and Nicholas, minor ch/o Nicholas DEPUE of Hardwick. 814S – 20 Aug 1799. Petitioners: Israel BUNTING and John ROBERTSON. Notes: Joseph LUNDY (uncle) and Henry OPDYKE (step-father).

GILES, Abraham, son of Abraham GILES. 1011S – 23 Nov 1803. Petitioner: Isaac GILES and Henry SILVERTHORN.

HAMMEL, Sarah, daughter of Patrick HAMMEL, Jr. 852S – 25 Oct 1800. Petitioner: Richard COURSEN.

HART, Mary, Nathaniel, Stephen and Amos, ch/o Amos HART. 780S – 24 May 1798. Petitioner: Andrew FREEMAN.

HENDERSHOT, Nicholas, s/o John HENDERSHOT, Sr. of Greenwich. 738S – 23 Feb 1797. Petitioner: John HENDERSHOT, Jr.

HOPKINS, Drail and Hester, ch/o Nathan. 416S – 17 Jun 1786. Petitioners: William HOPKINS of Roxbury and Joshua SWAYZE of Oxford.

HOPKINS, Drail (sic), grandson of Jonathan HOPKINS, late of Knowlton (dec’d), son of Nathan, also dec’d; Jonathan son of Thomas HOPKINS. 595S – 3 Dec 1794. Petitioner: James DAWDY.

IRWIN, James, Thomas, Abel, Eleanor, Rachel and Sarah, ch/o William IRWIN. 739S – 21 Feb 1797. Petitioners: Thomas McKEEN of Bucks Co., PA and James IRWIN.

JESOP, Eliza K. (5 years old) daughter of John JESOP. 859S – 28 Nov 1800. Petitioner: Thomas TEASDALE. Adm.: Mary JESOP.

JOBS, Elizabeth d/o Joseph JOBS. 478S – 19 Feb 1789. Petitioners: Wilhemus WESTBROOK of Montague and Abraham CHAMBERS.

JONES, Seviah d/o Samuel JONES ‘late of Middlesex; her grandfather, Daniel JONES. 293S – 25 Feb 1769. Petitioner: Matthias BRACKNEY.

LINN, Robert, son of Doctor Andrew LINN. 1019S – 11 Oct 1803. Petitioner: Joseph GASTON and Elijah EVERET.

LOCKE, Elizabeth, Francis and John, ch/o Francis LOCKE ‘late of Hunterdon’. 469S – 12 Mart 1789. Petitioner: John ARMSTRONG and Archibald STINSON, Jr.

LODER, Jane, Job, Anna and Johanna ch/o James LODER ‘late of Oxford’. 567S – 22 Aug 1793. Petitioner: William LODER of Oxford.

LUDLOW, James, Julia, Thomas and Gabriel, children of Gabriel LUDLOW. 980S – 17 Feb 1803. Petitioners: Thomas LAWRENCE and James LUDLOW.

LUSE, Aaron, son of William LUSE. 979S – 18 Aug 1803. Petitioners: William ARMSTRONG and William VAN DEREN.

KITTERA, John Lodawick, son of Lodawick KITTERA. 660S – 30 Apr 1803. Petitioner: George TITMAN.

KITTERA, John s/o Lodawick KITTERA. 801S – 23 Feb 1798. Petitioner: Abraham SWISHER.

MAXWELL, Jane and William, children of Robert MAXWELL. 867S – 18 Feb 1800. Petitioners: John BRYAN and John MAXWELL, Jr.

McMURTRIE, Abm. & Sarah, children of John McMURTRIE. 899S – 18 Feb 1801. Petitioners: Cornelius ALBERTSON and John ALBERTSON.

McMURTRIE, John Jr., s/o John McMURTRIE, Sr. 540S(?) – 21 Feb 1792. Petitioner: Abraham McMURTRIE of Oxford.

MORRIS, William son of Samuel MORRIS. 932S – 28 Feb 1802. Petitioner: Ebenezer MEAD.

PERRY, Vincent, Margaret, Sarah and Brice, children of Joseph PERRY, Jr. 986S – 26 May 1803. Petitioner: William RICKEY of Vernon, Thomas DEKAY, Jr. and Joseph SHARP.

PETTIT, Pricilla , d/o Amos PETTIT. 707S – 14 Sep 1796. Petitioner: Charles PEMBERTON of Newton.

QUICK, Benjamin, son of Benjamin QUICK. 908S – 18 Aug 1801. Petitioners: Joseph STRIKLAND and Joseph NORTHRUP.

RHODES, Phebe and Charles, children of William RHODES. 870S – 26 Nov 1800. Petitioners: Jacob KERR of Hardwick, and Anthony SQUIRE.

ROSENKRANS, Mary , d/o John ROSENKRANS. 721S – 7 Mar 1796. Petitioner: Abm. VAN CAMPEN.

SCHOONOVER, Nicholas (probably son of Hendricus). 156S – 23 Oct 1771. Petitioner: James SCHOONOVER.

SHAVER, Archibald L., Peggy and Peter B. SHAVER, children of Major Isaac SHAVER. 947S – 18 Aug 1802. Petitioners: John LINN and Abm. SHAVER.

SHAVER, Archibald Stinson, son of Major Isaac SHAVER. 990S – 18 April 1803. Petitioner: Elijah EVERET, and Joseph GUSTIN. (See 947S)

SHAVER, Jos. L., son of Isaac SHAVER. 937S – 1 May 1802. Petitioner: Stephen ROY.

SHIPPEN, Abby daughter of Joseph W. SHIPPEN. 992S – 25 Nov 1803. Petitioner: Adolph HARTMAN and Isaac ROBERDEAU.

SIMPSON, William & Henry sons/o Henry SIMPSON, Jr. ‘late of Hariston’. 267S – 26 May 1778. Petitioner: George McEOWEN of Hardwick.

SMITH, Elisabeth, Mary and Catherine. Their mother is Margaret, and father, dec’d Jacob SMITH of Knowlton. 624S – 18 Feb 1795. Petitioner: Chas. CRISSMAN.

SMITH, Isaiah and Benjamin, sons of Benjamin SMYTH, Jr. 994S – Nov 1802. Petitioner: Abraham SMITH and Thomas HAZEN.

STANSBURROUGH, John Hunnywell, s/o Rebecca HUNNEYWELL. 713S – 12 Feb 1796. Petitioner: John ROBINSON/ROBISON of Oxford.

STANSBURY, John, son of Rebecca late Rebecca HONEYWELL. 610S – Aug 1794. Petitioner: James DOWDY.

STICKLES, Zachariah, son of Henry STICKLES. 940S – 17 Aug 1802. Petitioners: David STICKLES and Isaac STICKLES

TEEL, Lodewick, Christian and Elizabeth, children of Henry TEEL of Knowlton. 661S – 27 Nov 1805. Petitioner: John TEEL.

TODD, James, son of James TODD. 951S – 10 Dec 1801. Petitioners: Jacob NORTHRUP.

VANETTA, Isaac, son of Benjamin VANETTA ‘late’ of Oxford. 1035S – 23 Nov 1803. Petitioner: Robert DAVISON and Alexander WHITE.

VAN HORN, John, Eleanor and Jane, children of Jacob VAN HORN. 662S – 1795. Petitioner: Jacob VAN HORN.

WIGGINS, John s.o Samuel WIGGINS ‘late of Hardwick’. 450S – 4 May 1788. Petitioners: Montgomery READING of Independence and Jonathan WILLIS.

WILSON, Levi (11 years old) s/o Samuel WILSON. 803S – 23 Aug 1798. Petitioner: Jonathan LUNDY.

WILSON, Levi, son of Samuel WILSON. 911S – 28 May 1801. Petitioner: Jonathan LUNDY.

WILSON, Lydia, John Jr., Sarah, James and Estell, minor ch/o James WILSON. 804S – 25 May 1798. Petitioners: Samuel WILSON and Jesse DENNIS.