Sussex County NJ Cemeteries

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Sussex County Cemetery Inscriptions Published in the GMNJ

Anabaptish Cemetery (Franklin) 6:53
Beemer Church Cemetery (Beemerville) 6:117
Clove Cemetery (Dutch Reformed) near Sussex 6:47
Coss Farm Burying Ground (Montague Township) 12:24
Decker Family Burying Gound (Montague Township) 12:24
DeKay Burying Grounds (From Two) (Vernon Township) ?:108
Drake-Huston Burying Ground (Newton) 12:22
Everitt Family Burying Ground (Montague Township) 12:23
Frankford Plains Cemetery (Frankford Township) 40:19, 59, 108
Frankford Township Private Burying Ground 12:21
Glenwood Cemetery (Vernon Township) 58:19
Hampton Township Private Burying Ground 1:71
Howell Family Burying Ground, Sussex Mills (Andover Twp) 12:22
Iliff Burying Ground (Andover Township) 12:21
Lafayette Cemetery 6:17
Layton Family Plot (Sandyston Township) 12:22
Lockwood Methodist Cemetery (Byram Township) 46:5
McKeeby Family Burying Ground (Montague Township) 12:24
Methodist Episcopal (1st) Cemetery (Wantage Township) 6:51
Minisink Church Cemetery (Montague Township) 12:23
Montague Dutch Reformed Churchyard 5:103
Montague Township Private Burying Ground 12:24
Mt. Salem Baptist Cemetery (Wantage Township) 48:111; 49:43
Myers Family Burying Ground (Walpack Township) 12:21
Papakating Cemetery (Wantage Township) 7:26, 47, 84, 106;
Perry Meeting House Burying Ground 6:20
Pleasant Valley M. E. Churchyard (Walpack Township) 59:49
Price Family Burying Ground 5:110
Sammis Family Burying Ground (Vernon Township) ?:104
Shaytown Cemetery (Sandyston Township) 55:45
Snook (Peter) Farm Burying Ground (Frankford Township) 12:22
Sparta Presbyterian Churchyard (old part) 5:65
Van Auken Family Burying Ground (Montague Township) 12:23
Van Horn Family Burying Ground (Stillwater) 12:21
Van Horn (Frank) Farm Burying Ground (Lafayette Township) 12:21
Vernon Cemetry ?:53
Waterloo Methodist Churchyard (Byram Township) 46:6
Westbrook Family Burying Ground (Montague Township) 12:24