Bob Mitchell Collection

Bob Mitchell

Bob Mitchell was a reporter for the Newark Evening News.  One of the places that he covered was Sussex County.  His columns span from 1952 – 1971.  Mitchell donated his clipping file to the Sussex County Historical Society.  We have created an index to the files, which are available for use at our Research Library.

Bob Mitchell Collection Index

Subject HeadingNumber of Envelopes
Accidents, Aircraft1
Accidents, Motor Vehicle Traffic Cases 1952-197119
Accidents, Railroad1
Accidents, Others 1952-19714
Accurate Forming Corporation of Franklin1
Ackerman, Miss Marion of Newton1
Aeroflex Field2
Aeroflex Museum1
Alexander Linn Hospital of Sussex1
American Urethane Corporation of Franklin1
Anderson Murder Case1
Anderson, Thomas-Revolutionary War Home of Newton1
Andover, Borough Council1
Andover Post Office1
Andover Regional Board of Education 19661
Andover Regional School1
Andover Township, Consolidated Board of Education1
Andover Township, Township Committees1
Anken Chemical and Film Corporation1
Appointments, Elections, and Extras1
Archer, William T. Jr. of Lake Lenape1
Arnold Palmer Enterprises1
Aschenbrenner, Alice and Frances of Montague1
Ayers, R.D of Sussex-Freeholder1
Balesville Congregational Christian Church of Hampton1
Banach, Walter of Fredon-Prisoner of War1
Barbour, Mr. and Mrs. William of Newfoundland1
Barrett, William J. of Lake Lackawanna1
Barry, James M. of Sparta1
Bauer, John Frederick of Sparta-101 years1
Bay, Knud S. of Sparta-Amateur Weatherman1
Bay, Mrs. Helen I. of Sparta1
Becker, Henry & Son-Augusta Creamery1
Becker, Mr. and Mrs. Carl of Wantage-Ziegfield friend1
Behrman, Pat of Frankford1
Belcher, George N. of Newton1
Bennett, John E. of Sparta1
Bennet, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald T. of Sparta1
Bird, Richard C. of Layton-Aquanaut1
Bird, Miss Susan E. of Layton1
Bitzer, Willard F. of Newton-Sussex County 4-Club Agent1
Blakeslee, Joseph of Hampton1
Brace, Theodore of Montague1
Branchville, Borough Council/Board of Education1
Branchville Methodist Church1
Breen, Patricia and Paul of Sussex-Twins1
Brick House Hotel-231 year old Montague Landmark1
Brink, Herbert of Newton1
Brink, Horace I. of Colesville-Maple Syrup Manufacturer1
Britten, Roger G. of Stanhope1
Brookwood Musconetcong River Property Owners Assn.1
Brown Swiss Canton Show1
Buenz, Rudolph of Newton1
Buitenbos, Rev. E. G. of the Netherlands1
Bulmer, Pfc. Robert A. of Ogdensburg1
Burd, Mr. and Mrs. George W. of Andover1
Burke, Mrs. Janie K. of Sparta1
Bushkill, PA.1
Byram Township, Township Committee/Board of Education1
Camp Aldersgate1
Camp Blue Heron of Sparta1
Camp Dennis of Stillwater1
Camp Ken-Etiwa-Pec of Walpack-Orange Mountain Council1
Camp Kiamesha of Hampton1
Camp Kittatinny1
Camp Linwood1
Camp Lou Henry Hoover of Swartswood Lake1
Camp Madeline Mulford, Essex Mountain Girl Scout Council1
Camp Minisink of Stillwater1
Camp Mogisca of Sparta1
Camp Mohican of Walpack1
Camp Mt. Allamuchy1
Camp Nejeda of Stillwater1
Camp Sacajawea of Sparta1
Camp Sussex of Vernon1
Canistear Reservoir1
Capuchin Fathers Seminary of Andover1
Card, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. of Hamburg1
Carlson Arabian Horse Farm of Lafayette1
Carpenter, James W. of Montague1
Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. John F. of Hardyston1
Chapmans, Franklin Spelunkers1
Chinkchewunska Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution1
Christ Episcopal Church of Newton1
Christ Episcopal Church of Stanhope1
Christ Union Chapel of Culvers Lake1
City Gas Co. of Newton1
Clarendon Hotel of Hackettstown1
Clearwater Lake, Andover Township-Former Nazi Bund Camp1
Cochran House1
Conahay, Robert S. III of Harding1
Conant, G. Arnold of Fredon1
Concilio, Vito A.-Newton Attorney-Candidate for Congress1
Conquy, Tunis E. of Newton1
Coriell Home, Newton's Oldest1
Council-Manager Government in Newton1
Crawley, Miss Ellen of the Homestead-101 years1
Crawn, Isaac-100th-104th Birthday-Retired Blacksmith1
Crooked Swamp1
Culvers Lake1
Culvers Lake Golf Club1
Dairy Farmers-Problems1
Darlington Fabrics Corporation of Newton1
Das, Henry of Sparta1
Deblin Farms of Branchville1
Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad1
Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission1
del Russo, Mr. and Mrs. Robert of Walpack1
Denney, Miss Barbara A. of Sparta1
Depue, Allonzo-Weather Watcher1
Dermody, Miss Joyce D. of Lake Mohawk1
Dingman's Ferry Bridge1
Dobbins, James of Ogdensburg
Dolan, Frank A.-Newton Lawyer-Assemblyman Candidate1
Dorney, John W.-Pastor of Balesville Congregational Christian Church1
Ducey, Capt. Harry L. of Sparta1
Duck, Mrs. Renate of Hamburg1
Dykstra, George of Sparta1
Edison Iron Mines of Sparta1
Elsey, George B. and Family-English Immigrant1
Englebrecht, Curt E.-Photographer1
Fairclough, Mr. and Mrs. John H. of Hampton1
Farmers Union Telephone Co. of Sussex1
Fatzinger, Howard W.-Ogdensburg Police Chief1
Feher's Country Inn of Andover1
Ferry, George of Paulinskill Lake1
Fetzer, Arthur of Frankford1
Fires 1952-19715
First Baptist Church of Sussex1
First Federal Savings & Loan Assn. of Sussex County1
First Methodist Church of Newton1
First Presbyterian Church of Branchville1
First Presbyterian Church of Stillwater1
Fiumara, Pfc. Tony M. of Lake Lackawanna1
Floods 1955-561
Folkner, Mrs. Ida B. of Andover1
Foothills Freeway1
Ford, Robert of Newton-Home2
Forgett, Val of Wantage1
Foxworth, Sgt. Arthur of Newton1
Frankford Township, Township Committee/Board of Education1
Franklin Lakes Dairy of Wantage1
Fredon Township Fire Department1
Fredon Township School1
Fredon Township, Township Committee/Board of Education1
Fuller, Morris L. and James E.1
Future Farmers of America, Newton Chapter1
Gabor, Magda-Friends of Franklin's Dr. Vermes1
Gammelin, Clifford F. of Lake Mohawk1
Gaetwood, Mrs. Emma of Gallipolis, OH-Distance Hiker1
Geffken, P. George-Sparta Police Chief1
Geffken, William G.-Son of Sparta Township Police Chief1
Gingerbread Castle of Hamburg1
Given, Mrs. Marion of the Homestead-Centenarian1
Goble, Joseph L. of Sparta1
Goepel, Herbert W. of Pines Lake1
Gordon, William and Elizabeth1
Gov. Haines Restaurant of Hamburg1
Graebner, Miss Mildred of Newton1
Great Gorge Ski Resort1
Green Township, Township Committee/Board of Education1
Grist Mill Playhouse of Andover1
Gypsy Moth Spraying1
Hackley, Bert-TWA Pilot Amateur Auto Builder1
Haggerty, Cpl. Raymond Jr. of Wantage1
Haggerty, Dr. John D.-Retired after 56 Years as a Sussex Dental Surgeon1
Hall, Mrs. Jan-Theatrical Costumer1
Hamburg, Borough Council/Board of Education 1952-19702
Hamburg High School1
Hampton Township, Township Committee/Board of Education 1956-19701
Haney, Freling of Walpack-Trapper1
Hardyston National Bank of Hamburg1
Hardyston Township, Township Committee/Board of Education 1952-19702
Harmonyville Pop Festival1
Harris, Clyde J.1
Hartrim, Mrs. Isabel1
Haskins, Mr. and Mrs. Harold I. of Sandyston1
Haul, James of Glen Gardner1
Hayes, John A. of Newton2
Hendershot, James E.1
Henry, Miss Dorothy-Sussex County Librarian1
Highland Lakes1
High Point Park1
High Point Regional High School Board of Education1
Hinkley, Winfred of Ogdensburg-Government Auctioneer1
Hippie Commune1
Holiday Lake, Inc. of Montague1
Homestead, the
Hopatcong, Borough Council/Board of Education 1952-19702
Hopatcong Fire Department1
Hopatong Post Office1
Hopatcong Quarry1
Hull, W. Edward Jr.1
Ideal Farms1
IF Organization of Sparta1
Indian Relics1
Injectors Hot Rod and Custom Car Club of Branchville1
Investors Funding Corporation of New York1
Jacobi, Hubertus A. of Hopatcong-Extortion Trial1
Jaeger's Livestock Auction Market of Sussex1
Jefferson Township1
Jetport, Bearfort Site 19641
Jetport, Bowling Green Mountain Proposal 19631
Jetport, Bowling Green Site 19641
Johnson, Mrs. Beatrice of Byram1
Johnson, George L. of Newton1
Johnson, Victor A. of Byram
Jones, John E. of Sparta1
Jones, Mrs. Mary Emogene of Lafayette-100 years old1
Kelley, Mrs. Mina Jane of Hamburg-100 years old1
Kloza, Emil-Retired State Police Sergeant1
Koons, Charles of Layton-Weather Observer1
Kuperus, Charles of Sussex1
Lafayette Post Office1
Lafayette Township, Township Committee/Board of Education1
Lakeland Emergency Squad1
Lakeland State Bank, Newfoundland1
Lake Grinnell1
Lake Hopatcong-Hopatcong State Park 1953-652
Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club1
Lake Lenape and Lake Lenape Property Owners Assn. of Andover Township1
Lake Musconetcong1
Lake Neepaulin1
Lake Success1
Lake Wawayanda1
Lattimore, Harold W. of Newton1
Layton, J. George of Newton1
Leenheer, Cornelius (Casey) of Frankford1
LeFevre, Mrs. Alice Lee of Sparta1
Lehigh & Hudson River Railroad1
Lehigh and New England Railroad1
Lenape Valley Regional High School Board of Education1
Limestone Products Corporation of America1
Littel, Alfred B. of Franklin3
Litts, Pfc. Frank R. of Warwick, NY1
Lorenzo, Eugenie A. of Frankford1
Lorenzo, Michael of Frankford1
Lorenzo, Richard of Frankford1
Lozaw, Oscar of Vernon1
Luse, Aaron P.-Celebrated 99th-107th Birthday1
Madden, Cpl. Paul B. of Franklin1
Manton, Jock of Sparta1
Marron, Jules W.-State Fish and Game1
Marshall, Charles C.-Branchville Blacksmith1
Martin, Mrs. Anna Hamilton of Newton1
Masters, Vivian Arlene and Virgil, of Newton1
McAfee Volunteer Fire Department1
McKeon, Leon C.-Sussex County Road Supervisor1
McKeown, Charles F. of Culvers Lake1
McKeown, Mrs. Marian Emmons of Hampton1
McPeek, Dr. Raymond C. of Fredon1
Meeker, Mrs. Anna G.-Missing Women1
Merriam Home of Newton1
Milk Bowl of Sparta1
Miss Lake Mohawk-Miss Lake Mohawk Society1
Miss Sparta1
Missing Persons-Lost Persons 1953-19681
Mitchell, Robert1
Montague Township, Township Committee/Board of Education1
Montross, Mrs. Susan of Hardyston Township1
Morgan, Helen-Teacher1
Morris Estate1
Morris Lake Reservoir1
Mott, Mrs. Emma of Sussex-Centenarian1
National Bank of Sussex County in Branchville
National Farmers Organization1
Newark News1
Newton Fire Department1
Newton High School1
Newton Memorial Hospital1
Newton Police Department1
Newton Post Office1
Newton, Town Committee/Board of Education 1952-19552
Newton, Town Committee/Town Affairs/Board of Education 19561
Newton, Town Council/Town Affairs/Board of Education 1957-19725
Newton Trust Co., the Park Place1
Newton YMCA1
New Jersey Conference of Seventh Day Adventists1
New Jersey Herald1
New Jersey Milk Producers Cooperative Assn.1
New Jersey National Guard, Co. C of Newton1
New Jersey Police Chiefs Assn.1
New Jersey Power & Light Co.1
New Jersey State Police1
New Jersey State Troopers Fraternal Assn.1
New Jersey Zinc Co. of Ogdensburg1
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad1
Novak, Stephen J.-Franklin Assessor-Motor Vehicle Agent1
Nuclear Age Co. of Newton1
Octogenarian Club1
Odyssey House1
Ogdensburg, Borough Council/Board of Education 1952-19722
Ohberg's Mastodon-Gus Ohberg Finds 25,000 year old Bones1
Okeson, George P. of Andover-Retired Trooper1
Old Clove Church of Sussex1
Ora, Mrs. Susann R. of Franklin1
Our Lady of Fatima Church of Highland Lakes1
Passaic River1
Patrolmen's Benevolent Association Local 138 of Sussex County 1958-19692
Perona, Emil-Retired Restaurateur/Dairy Farmer1
Perona Farms Restaurant of Andover1
Peters Valley Craftsmen, Inc.1
Pitman, William of Bevans1
Playboy of Sussex, Inc.-McAfee1
Pope John High School of Sparta1
Postas, Mrs. Marie-Female Lettercarrier1
Price, Lester N.-Sussex County Freeholder1
Price's School of Vernon1
Prigge Murder in Montague Township 19531
Prout, Jack/Johnson, Victor A.
Purdom, Mrs, Ethel Hampton of Lake Mohawk1
Purdy, Jack of Franklin1
Quick, Denton J.-Sussex County Freeholder1
Raab, John W. of Newton-Sussex County Agent1
Radio Station WLVP_FM1
Rayner, Miss Lynne of Sparta1
Redeemer Lutheran Church of Newton1
Rintoul, Norman1
Risdon, Edwin H.-Horse Show King1
Robinson Murder Trial1
Rockhound Haven of Franklin1
Rodimer, Mrs. Eva M.-Newton Teacher1
Rosenkrans Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution1
Rosselli, Frank J. of Lafayette1
Round Valley Reservoir1
Rusby, Robert R. of Green1
Rutgers Dairy Research Farm of Beemerville1
Rutherfurd, Douglas of Vernon2
Rutter, Col. Joseph D. of Lake Mohawk1
Sacred Heart Novitiate of Hampton1
St. Francis de Sales Chapel, McAfee1
St. Joseph's Church of Newton1
St. Mary's Episcopal Church1
St. Monica's Church of Sussex1
St. Paul's Abbey of Newton1
St. Raphael's Monastery of Lafayette1
Salmon, Herbert K. of Stanhope-Contractor1
Sandyston Township Fire Department1
Sandyston Township, Township Committee/Board of Education 1953-19711
Sawert, Capt. Robert F. of Lake Mohawk1
Schick, John C.-Retired Sussex Police Chief1
School of the Arts of Stillwater Township1
School of Conservation of Stokes State Forest1
School of the Outdoors of Stokes State Forest1
Selected Risks Insurance Co.-Former Selected Risks Indemnity Co. and Selected Risks Fire Insurance Co.1
Shank, Miss Burndett of Lafayette1
Shaw, Robert and Madeline of Cranberry Lake-Garbage Collectors1
Shaw, Thomas E. of Newton1
Shelton, Robert C. Jr. of Ogdensburg1
Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church of Sparta1
Sheridan, Miss Mary Elizabeth of Lake Mohawk1
Sheridan, Thomas and Edward of Lake Mohawk1
Shuster, Austin of Hardwick1
Siegfried, Miss Jane of Newton1
Sigler, Franklin E. of Lake Mohawk1
Simmons, Harry-Former Newton Police Chief1
Sine, Carol Ann of Sparta1
Sisco,Spec. 4 Arthur C. Jr. of Lake Owassa1
Skok, Sgt. Franz of Franklin1
Skylands Recreation Region1
Skyline Drive1
Smith, Sanford J. of Newton-Parking Meter Officer1
Snook, P.O. 3/C Clifford of Hampton1
Socha, Miss Sophie of Sparta1
Sorensen, Emil S. Jr, of Sparta1
Space, Fred of Beemerville-Space Wild Animal Farm1
Space, Ralph of Beemerville-Mink Rancher1
Sparta Ambulance Squad1
Sparta High School1
Sparta Historical Center1
Sparta Junior High School1
Sparta Kiwanis Club1
Sparta Methodist Church1
Sparta Post Office1
Sparta Presbyterian Church1
Sparta Republican Club1
Sparta Township Chamber of Commerce1
Sparta Township Municipal Dump1
Sparta Township, Township Committee/Board of Education 1952-19603
Sparta Township, Township Council/Board of Education 1960-19725
Spawn, Mrs. Nellie of the Methodist Church Manor of Branchville1
Spurgeon, Mrs. Mary D. Mayor of Newton1
Stafford, Commander Edward P. of Lake Mohawk1
Stanhope, Borough Council/Board of Education 1952-19712
Stanhope Methodist Church1
Staniels, Miss Lucia of Lake Mohawk1
Stetson, Edward M. of Fredon1
Stickle, Mrs. Betty-Children's Program Personality1
Stimson, Miss Mattie M.-Retired Sussex Superintendent's Aide-31 years1
Stockman, Lt. Col. Hervey S. of Green1
Stokes State Forest1
Stratt, Mrs. Irene of Franklin1
Stillwater Grist Mill1
Stillwater Township, Township Committee/Board of Education1
Struble, Robin R. of Swartswood1
Suicides/Mysterious Deaths 1952-19711
Sunny Vale Farms of Andover1
Sussex, Borough Council/Board of Education 1951-19644
Sussex Christian Reformed Church1
Sussex County American Legion1
Sussex County Bar Assn.1
Sussex County Bicentennial1
Sussex County Board of Agriculture1
Sussex County, Board of Freeholders 1952-197211
Sussex County Board for Vocational Education-Vocational-Technical High School 1963-19702
Sussex County Broadcasters Drum and Bugle Corps of Newton1
Sussex County Civil Defense Center1
Sussex County College1
Sussex County Co-operative Milk Producers Association-Dairy Farming 1953-19722
Sussex County, Court Crime 1952-197120
Sussex County, Debt Free1
Sussex County, Department of Planning, Conservation & Economic Development1
Sussex County, Elections/Campaigns/Registrations/Reorganizations 1951-197220
Sussex County, Elections Extra1
Sussex County Extension Service2
Sussex County Farm & Horse Show Association 1958-197013
Sussex County Firemen's Association/Fire School1
Sussex County, General1
Sussex County Historical Society1
Sussex County History 1951-19603
Sussex County, Industry/Industrial Development1
Sussex County Jail5
Sussex County Library1
Sussex County Little Theater Group1
Sussex County Medical Society1
Sussex County Mutual Insurance Co. of Newton1
Sussex County Road Camp, Andover Road Department1
Sussex County, Schools/School Elections/School Budgets1952-197210
Sussex County, School History No. 1-33
Sussex County Symphony Orchestra1
Sussex County Tax Board/Tax Appeals/Ratables/Tax Rates 1952-19726
Sussex County Traffic Safety Council1
Sussex County Vocational-Technical High School1
Sussex County Welfare Board-the Homestead1
Sussex High School1
Sussex Hills1
Sussex Milk & Cream Co.1
Sussex Police Department1
Sussex Rural Electrification Cooperative1
Sussex Squadron, Civil Air Patrol1
Sussex Vote Registry
Sussex-Wantage Regional Board of Education1
Swain, Dr. Richard of Fredon1
Swanson, Miss Babette of Lafayette1
Swartswood Fire Department1
Swartswood Lake/Swartswood State Park1
Swayze, Miss Barbara H. of Vernon1
Sweetland Trotway of Hardyston1
Swenson, Peggy and Ruth of Sussex1
Tanis, Jacob A. Sr. of Augusta1
Taylor, Frank H. and Son, Inc. of East Orange1
Taylor, Marty of Culvers Lake1
Tennessee Gas Transmission Co./Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation1
Thoenig, Donald of Stillwater1
Thum, Theodore D, of Walpack1
Tocks Island Citizens Committee1
Tocks Island Dam, Delaware River Reservoir 1953-19719
Tocks Island Regional Advisory Council 1969-19711
Touw, Richard-Silver Lake Scale Model Building Hobbyist1
Tranquility Methodist Church of Green1
Tranquility Post Office1
Trappasso, Albert P.-Asst. U.S. Attorney1
Tri-County Asphalt Corporation of Roseland1
Tri-State Master Dairy Farmers Guild 1956-19622
Turnbull, Sgt. William-Retired State Policeman1
United Telephone Co. of New Jersey at Newton-Former Sussex Telephone Co.1
U.S. Steel Realty Corporation1
Vail, Leslie-Mayor of Hamburg1
Vander Plate, Louis of Hardyston1
Van Gorden, Mrs. Evelyn of Andover1
Van Horn, Charles H. of Hampton1
Van Syckle, Russell T. of Andover1
Vernon Rotary Club1
Vernon Township, Township Committee/Board of Education 1952-19702
Vernon Valley Ski Area1
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3560 of Newton1
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7248 of Sparta1
Von Borstel, Sumner of Saxton Falls-Lake Contractor1
Walker, Mr. and Mrs. John of Stillwater1
Walker, Miss Juliet of Sparta1
Walker, Philip of Villas1
Wallace, Ernest F. of Newton1
Wallkill Valley First Aid Squad1
Wallkill Valley Sewer Project Committee1
Walpack Township, Township Committee/Board of Education 1954-19711
Wantage Township, Township Committee/Board of Education 1952-19662
Waterloo Methodist Church1
Waterloo Music Festival 19681
Warwick Valley Telephone Co.1
Waterloo Village 1963-19712
Weather 1958-19713
Welch, Peter H. of Green-Retired as Driver after 43 years at age 931
Wervas, Sister Frances of Hampton1
Wesighan, Cpl. Lester A, of Vernon1
Wesley, Howard of Franklin1
Westbrook, Miss Ellen W. of Stillwater1
West Side Methodist Church of Hopatcong1
White, Mr. and Mrs. James of Andover1
White, Miss Karen of Lake Mohawk1
Whittaker, Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. of Andover1
Widgren, William A. of Newton1
Wilcox, Arthur L.-Retired County Clerk after 30 years1
Wilcox, Ferd of Hamburg1
Wild West City of Lake Lackawanna1
Williams, Miss Maglene of Franklin-Bicentennial Queen1
Williams, Mrs. Mary Mead of the Homestead-Centenarian1
Willis & Paul, Inc. of Branchville1
Wills, Turner H. of Stanhope1
Wood, Whitney of Newton-Rodeo Queen1
Woolfenden, Milton Jr. of Frankford1
Wray, Gillian of Doonan, Ireland1
Wurm, Mrs. Warren of Sparta1
Wyker, Mrs. Susan of Hampton-Church Figure1
Wylly, Dr. M. Dasher of Fredon1
Yanish, John-Mayor of Hamburg1
Yeaton, Miss Joanne of Hampton1
Yellow Frame Presbyterian Church of Fredon1
Yetter, Mrs. Lawrence of Hampton1
Yetter, Philip L. of Hampton1
Yetyev Lev D'Satmar-Jewish Sect1
Yucius, Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. of Lafayette1
Zazzi, Amedeo E. of Sussex1