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Rockaway Records of Morris County Families

by J.P. Crayon | c.1902.

Peter or John Card (authorities differ as to the name) came with Col. John Seward to Sussex County in 1751 from near Chester in Morris County, and it is probable that they came with the Seward family from Long Island, as they were untied, and five generations of the Card family have lived on the Seward estate and now own a part of the original tract (1902).

The Peter Card did service in the Revolution and many are the anecdotes handed down. He had three children now known, there may have been others. Peter, his son, was born Nov. 10, 1763, was a boy of all work in the Seward homestead and in service on special occasions. He married Nov. 12, 1792, Phebe Angle or Angel as was then written, a daughter of John Angle, who was killed in the Revolution. He died in the old Seward homestead Feb. 14, 1818. John Angle married Martha Burwell, they were among the early settlers of Newark. She died 1773 aged 101 years, and when a girl lived in one of the first three blockhouses built at Newark for the protection of the settlers against the Indians, and it is related that her father was the first to introduce English Bulldogs in the settlement.

John Angle and Martha Burwell had children: Betsey, Samuel, Abraham, Edward, John, Hannah, Sarah and Phebe, who was born Jan. 10, 1776, married Peter Card, died May 24, 1854. They were a long-lived family. Henry Card died Jan. 25 1833. Catharine married Joseph Crill, a Revolutionary soldier.

Children of Peter Card and Phebe Angle:

Martha born Oct, 15, 1795, married Frederic C, Hannson 1812, lived at Hackensack.
Sarah, born Jul 7, 1799, married David Strait, died Nov 24, 1879 (both buried M. E. Cemetery at Stockholm, for children see Strait family)
Elizabeth, born Apr 10, 1802, married (1) Thomas Allington, (2) John Edwards, lived at Paterson.
Andrew, born Apr 4, 1805, married Elizabeth Crane, daughter of John, died Nov 12, 1879.
Sylvester, born Apr 11, 1807, married Catharine Crill, daughter of Joseph on Mar 20, 1830, died Mar 1, 1881, lived at Cherry Ridge.
John, born Apr 12, 1811, married Sarah Cook, daughter of Richard, died Oct 5, 1818. She was born Sept 12, 1812 (Sarah Cook), died Oct 20, 1880, lived at Williamsville, NJ.
Emeline, born Jun 24, 1815, married John Crane, son of John Jr. on Nov 3, 1832, died Apr 24, 1894.
Julia born Mar 8, 1817, married (1) Henry Card Jr. He was born Sep 20, 1809, died Nov 10, 1870; (2) William, son of Samuel Dunn. He was born Oct 16, 1803, died Apr 24, 1885. She died Feb 20, 1896 at Stockholm, NJ.
Peter Jr, born Feb 18, 1820, married Mary E. daughter of Leonard Cole on Oct 19, 1840, had one daughter, Catharine.

Children of Andrew Card and Elizabeth Crane: William, John, Samuel F., Julia and Sarah.

Children of Sylvester Card and Catharine Crill:

Peter S. born Apr 1, 1831, married Elizabeth Mann, daughter of Thomas on Jan 16, 1855, died May 14, 1893.
Joseph, born Jun 11, 1832, died Jan 11, 1840.
Emeline, born Apr 28,1834, married William Woods.
Julia, born Aug 25, 1835, married Henry S. Utter.
William, born Oct 16, 1837, married Arminah Mann.
Hiram, born Sep 20, 1839, not married.
Martha, born Jul 23, 1841, married Ahijah Predmore, died Jan 3, 1897.
Amsy, born Aug 1, 1843, married Catharine Marshall.
Catharine, born Oct 23, 1845, married Thomas Mann Jr. Sarah Jane, born Jul 9, 1847, married Ira W. Day.
Smith, born Feb 11, 1850, single.
Lucinda, born Sep 14, 1852, died Sep 9, 1863.

Children of Henry Card Jr. and Julia Card:

Phebe Jane, born Jun 17, 1833, married John S. Strait.
Elizabeth, born Aug 10, 1835, married William Strait.
Mary, born Jun 10, 1838.
Martha, born Aug 26, 1841, married William H. Pollison.
Abby S., born Mar 9, 1845, married Benjamin Low.
David S., born May 11, 1847, married Clara Losey.
Ira R., born Aug 7, 1849, married (?) Morse.

(Contributed by Cathy DiPietro)