The Goble Family

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Rockaway Records of Morris County, NJ Families

by J. Percy Crayon | Rockaway Publishing Company | c.1902 pp. 135-136.

The traditions of this Goble family were that they were of French Hugenots who fled to prevent religious persecutions and settled in North Carolina, and that their names originally were Enoch, Abner, Silas, Aaron and Martha. A large number of the descendants, probably not all of one family, settled in Morris county, NJ, previous to 1750. John, married Elizabeth Burwell, Dec. 22, 1748, and is mentioned in the early Rockaway records. Simeon, a probable son of Enoch, as the name of Enoch runs in the family line, married Abigail Conger Feb. 23, 1749, he died about 1755, and had children: Enoch, Abner, Sally, Martha, Luther and Calvin, perhaps others. His wife married (2) Ebenezer Stiles, May 4, 1778, as second wife, lived at Morris Plains, NJ. She was born 1732, died Dec, 7, 1810. William Goble married Sarah Conger March 3, 1757. Henry Goble married Lydia Conger Dec 11, 1765. Robert Goble, born 1700, died Mar. 29, 1783. His wife, Mary, born 1701, died Feb. 20, 1786. Aaron Goble born 1752, married Charity Lindsley Jan. 30, 1772, died Feb. 1, 1802. His wife was born 1751, died June 4, 1795. Daniel Goble married Pricilla Cook Apr. 1, 1744. Jonas Goble married Ruth Fairchild Dec. 10, 1765. Ruth Goble married Nathan Reeve Feb. 18, 1768. Rachel Goble married Isaac Southard Apr. 12, 1769. Hannah Goble married Ichabod Tompkins Dec. 24, 1746. Salome married Ebenezer Fairchild Aug. 1750. Sally married Josephus Gard June 23, 1798.

Of the children of Benjamin and Experience Conger, Simeon married Abigail Goble and Benjamin married Elizabeth Goble. This is a most singular occurrence that two brothers of the same name in one family should marry sisters of the same name in another family.

Enoch, the probable son of Simeon, married (1) Abigail (Ogden) Stiles, daughter of David Ogden, and widow of Thomas Stiles. She died soon after marriage. (2) Mary Cooper, who was born 1749, died Oct. 21, 1798. Children: Mary (twin) married Jacob, son of Uzal Tompkins. Phebe (twin) married Jedediah, son of Timothy Mills. William, born 1798, married Hannah, daughter of Uzal Tompkins, Dec. 17, 1799, died Oct. 14, 1833. She died Mar. 9, 1860. Enoch married and went to Ohio, had Isreal and Tempe, who died before 1840. Enoch married (3) Hannah Doty. Children of William and Hannah (Tompkins) Goble; Mary, born Sept. 25, 1800, married William M. Crane, of New Vernon, NJ, 1825. Lucinda, born Aug. 4, 1803, never married, died Oct. 3, 1833. Benjamin, born at Sparta, Sussex County, NJ Dec. 29, 1806. His parents removed from Sparta to New Vernon when he was nine months old, married (1) Catherine Losey, had nine children, died at New Vernon Aug. 1898. Harsey King, born at New Vernon Jan. 28, 1809, died Mar. 4 1846. Henry Tompkins, born at New Vernon July 5, 1814, died Oct. 17, 1815.

Catherine Losey was a daughter of Aaron and Alice (Simcox) Losey. Alice Simcox was born Jan. 23, 1773, died Dec. 16, 1836. Their daughter, Phebe Ann, married Joseph Jackson, son of Daniel Ayres, of Franklin, Sept. 27, 1827. Alice (Simcox) Losey married (2) Deacon John Hill, 1808, and had children: Jane, John O. and Harriet. Tradition related that she was the sister of Mary Simcox, wife of Capt. William Alger, of Rockaway. Deacon John and wife Alice were buried at Morristown Baptist Cemetery, and removed to Hill Cemetery at Franklin, NJ.

I am indebted to the late Benjamin Goble, who made a visit in July 1898, and but a few weeks before his death, for many of the connections and dates of this family and also of the Tompkins family so nearly related. “Uncle” Ben, as every one in this section called him, was then in his 93rd year and then bid fair to reach the century mark. In the early days whole communities were so nearly related by the intermarriages that all were “Uncle”, “Aunt” or “Cousins”. Very many of the Goble family were connected with the Baptist church at Morristown, NJ and buried there, and a few are on the early records of the Rockaway Church, and are probably buried in the cemetery.

This biographical sketch was contributed by Catherine Di Pietro.