Daniel Bailey

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History of Sussex and Warren Counties, New Jersey

Compiled by James P. Snell, Assisted by Prof. W. W. Clayton and a Numerous Corps of Writers
Everts & Peck (1881)

Stephen, son of Joseph Bailey, was born in Warwick, Orange Co., NY, Jan. 11, 1765.

He married, Jan. 15, 1790, Huldah Witney, of the same place, who was born Jan. 6, 1769.They settled at what is now Glenwood, NJ, where he purchased, May 26 1794, fifty-three and forty-six one-hundredths acres for sixty-six pounds seventeen shillings current money of the State of New York, it being a part of the tract surveyed for the Earl of Perth. This was a wilderness tract of land, and he found his way to it by way of a foot-path. Here he encountered the hardships incident to pioneer life, and lived until death, which occurred May 30, 1819. His widow removed with one of the family–Thomas–to Troupsburg, NY , where she died March 27, 1852. She was a member of the Baptist Church, and was buried in “Young Hickory Cemetery” at that place.

Stephen Bailey was a man of great muscular strength, stood over six feet in height, and was a man of considerable enterprise and business ability. Prior to his death he acquired a quite large landed estate.

He had ten children,–viz., Stephen; Daniel; Esther, became the wife of Charles Mott, of Paterson, NJ; Joseph; Huldah M. became the wife of Joseph Edmundson, of Newton, NJ; Samuel L.; Phebe; Thomas Witney; William O.; and Matthew.

Daniel Bailey, son of Stephen, was born Dec. 16, 1792, and married Jan. 12, 1816, Jane, second daughter of Matthew and Mary (Phillips) Van Ostrand, of Morristown, NJ, where she was born May 15, 1795. Her father was a member of Washington’s life-guard, and was killed near Morristown.

Daniel Bailey succeeded to the homestead, partly by purchase and partly by inheritance, and added to it other land, owning at this death some two hundred acres.

He was an active and zealous member of the Methodist Church, and his home was the welcome and hospitable stopping-place for the early preachers of that denomination.

He owned a beautiful grove, where many camp meetings used to be held, and he was buried in the cemetery which he had given for a public burying ground. He died May 16, 1839, and his remains were, in 1876, removed to the Glenwood Cemetery, where a fine monument has been erected to mark the burial place of himself and wife. She died Nov. 15, 1874.

His children are one son and six daughters, –viz., Matthew; Hannah, wife of John N. Ryerson, of Goshen, NY; Mary, was the wife of John S. Van Houten, of Independence, NJ; Susan, married Zenus D. Riggs, of Denton, NY; Alzada, became the wife of William Toland, of Glenwood, NJ; Sarah J., married Joseph Simpson, of Amity, NY; and Matilda, became the wife of Amos M. Ryerson, of Denton, NY.

Matthew, son of Daniel Bailey, was born Feb. 13, 1817, and married Nov. 25, 1840, Sarah M., daughter of Joseph and Hannah J. Ferrier, of Edenville, Orange Co., NY. She was born Aug. 13, 1818.

Matthew Bailey inherited his father’s lands, and during his life made additions to it. He lived a quiet and unostentatious life as a farmer, respected and esteemed by all who knew him. He was one of the first trustees, a constituent member and clerk of the Glenwood Baptist Church, and his house was the home of the ministers of that denomination. In early life he was much interested in Military matters, and belonged to Col. Kilpatricks regiment. He died April 20, 1860, and was buried by the side of his father. His widow married for her second husband James Thompson, now deceased, and after her marriage became a member of the Presbyterian Church at Amity, of which her husband was an elder. She survives in 1881 and resides with her son.

Daniel, only son and only child of Matthew Bailey, was born at Glenwood, NJ, Nov. 25, 1841. His life has been mostly spent as a merchant and a farmer. He inherited the homestead settle by his great-grandfather, upon which he resides, and manages in connection with his store. He was commissioned by Governor Olden, June 10, 1862, lieutenant-colonel of the Fourth Regiment New Jersey militia, and Sept. 19, 1862, he was commissioned captain of Company F, Twenty-seventh Regiment New Jersey Volunteers, and served in the Army of the Potomac, in the department of Kentucky, at the draft rendezvous, and at Jeffersonville, Ind., in command of the United States arsenal. At the close of the war, he was on the staff of Gen. Brisbin.

Captain Bailey is an enterprising, thoroughgoing business man. He has added to the homestead property and now owns some seven hundred acres, and was largely interested from 1868 to 1872 in the milk and creamery business. He is a director of the State Line Railway Company, and built and owns the telegraph-line extending from Glenwood to Pine Island, now operated by Western Union. He is postmaster at Glenwood, a commissioner of deeds for Sussex County, succeeded his father as trustee of the Baptist Church there, and has been secretary of the cemetery board since its organization. In 1862 he built a parsonage for the Baptist Church of Glenwood, which the society enjoys at a small coast. In 1878, Capt. Bailey was nominated for member of Assembly, but on account of the minority of his party (Republican) he was defeated. He is a man well informed in matters of local and State legislation, and alive to the best interest of the community where he reside.

In 1879, Capt. Bailey organized the “Sussex Battery”, consisting of twenty men, and two bronze twelve-pounders, one of which was purchased from the United States government, the other from the Park Association, it being one of the one hundred donated by the government for a memorial statue to Gen. Meade. This battery was organized to celebrate the centennial of the battle of Minisink in 1879; the second service was at the Grand Army encampment at Skillman, NJ, in 1879; its third service was at the unveiling of the soldiers’ monument at Middletown, NY, the same year; the fourth at the reception of Gen. Kilpatrick at Franklin, NJ; the fifth, the Fourth-of-July salutes in 1880; the sixth, at the Grand Army encampment at Bordentown, NJ, in 1880; and the seventh was at the reception of Senator Blaine and Col. Ingersoll at Deckertown, in the fall of 1880. On all these occasions the Sussex Battery fired every salute.

Capt. Bailey’s wife, Anne Elizabeth, is an only daughter of Peter J. And Delia (Ryerson) Brown, and granddaughter of Nicholas Ryerson, of Glenwood. She was born at Paterson, NJ, April 1, 1841. Their children are Matthew Grant, Anne Delia, Sarah May and Bessie Munson.

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